10 Common Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid For More Intimate Sex


Common Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

ave you ever found yourself in a situation where you want something more in sex life or wish to have intimacy feeling deeper?

Remember, you are not the one in this condition but plenty of men have this desire. And it’s a common desire but at the same time, it’s not easy to deal with. Due to different habits and some kind of misconception about sex, men cannot focus on their sexual life.

In a recent survey, it was said that men think of them to be skillful lovers but actually, they are not. Men always make some severe sex mistakes that make their sexual life miserable and unfortunate.

So if you are also facing some kind of difficulty in sexual life then it can be due to some common sex mistakes you are making without knowing it.

Therefore, you should read this blog and know some sex mistakes men should avoid to lead a happy sexual life.


#Mistake 1: Silent Play


While having sex, many men stay silent in the entire act. This kind of action may be fine for you but is not good for your partner. When you are totally silent during sex, then you are making her feel that whether she is able to pleasure you or not.

It does not mean that you should shout but let her feel that you are enjoying the sexual act with her genuinely. Actual moans and groans that come up automatically are not a bad thing.


#Mistake 2: Going Too Fast


Are you excited to have sex?

Generally lots of men do have the excitement but this makes them rush into the entire act. Remember, this will make your sexual act SHORT.

What happens in sex is our body requires some time to warm up but many of them don’t understand it. Even it is for women as well who need some time to get aroused because their vagina lengthens, open, and then lubricate and all these things take time.

So if you are directly jumping to have sex then you will not get much pleasure and at the same time will end up with discomfort and pain.


#Mistake 3: Not Comfortable To Talk To Your Partner


Most men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about sex with their partner. This is true that men can easily have sex than to talk about sex with their partner.

Experts say “many couples don’t feel the shame of having sexual activity but avoid saying anything about sex, though they can speak up about it”.

Remember, for a healthy sexual life, communication is very important, and without it, sexual activity is scripted and unsatisfying. Therefore, most couple lack this conversation and somewhere suffers a lot in love life.


#Mistake 4: Having Sex Only When You Are In Mood


This is a common thing to see in many couples. But this is a wrong thought because it completely spoils the sexual life. Many men wait for something that inspires them for sex and then wonder what was wrong with libido.

Generally, men are busy, stressed, and under some kind of pressure. And in this situation, if you are having sex according to your mood then it will not give you complete satisfaction and your partner has to suffer.

Don’t force yourself in any situation, rather learn how to strengthen your and your partner’s sexual desire and stop having sex only when you are in the mood.


#Mistake 5: Always Having Sex In The Same Position


Sex is enjoyable for both couples and everyone loves to have it. But if you stick to the same position every time while sex then it’s going to spoil your love life. You should change the sex position so that you, as well as your partner, can enjoy it.

It happens many times that you want to change the sex position in bed but you feel anxious about telling her. Also, it may imply that having sex with the current position is not able to satisfy completely that is not true.

So it’s better to tell your partner that you want to try some new sex positions or even places during sex.


#Mistake 6: You Are Focused On Your Partner A Lot


When you are much worried about your partner during sex and she is too then also you are making a mistake in sexual life.

There can be several worries related to sex that can totally spoil the sexual activity and will stop the intimacy and pleasure like a barrier.

So instead of focusing on your partner, if you focus on the pleasure then it will help you to improve your love life. This will help you to enjoy yourself with your partner without any problem. And remember, this will also work when you are having oral sex.


#Mistake 7: Forget To Follow Up


If you totally focus on your sexual activity then it is also important to focus after you have sex. It happens that once sex is over, men are in a hurry to get up and do some other work or go to sleep. But if you stay a little bit after sex with your partner then it can really help you to enjoy your sex life more.

Here many men make mistakes as they don’t wait with their partner after sex. Remember, sex is an experience of strong physical bonding and if you follow up with a small conversation then the emotional bond will boost up.


#Mistake 8: Taking Partners Pleasure As En Ego


Many men have the habit of taking things in the wrong way. When you see your partner is pleasuring while having sex with you then it can make things even hotter. At the same time, it will also feel good about yourself.

But if you think it is a different way of how much your partner is enjoying then it is really dangerous. And here you should be careful because, after this, sex will only become a game of ego. And no connection will be seen on sex after this.


#Mistake 9: Men Don’t Keep Their Partner Body In Mind


Its every man aims to please their partner during sex and in this sexual activity, men only focus on one or two sensitive areas of their partner like the neck or thighs. So here many men make mistakes that go in this path only instead of focusing on other areas.

This is also a big reason for reducing sexual activity or desire even in the bedroom. So when you finish up working on the neck or thigh, you should move to her breast. Also, avoid focusing on her clitoris every time because overstimulation can be dangerous many times.


#Mistake 10: Men Forget To Use Golden Rule While Sex


One of the common sex mistakes that almost every man makes is that they want to enjoy sexual activity as they want. They never think of their partner or what they want while sex.

Just for an instance, a man whispers in his partner’s ear for foreplay because he wants his partner to do that but your partner doesn’t want it and even she doesn’t like his breath on her ear.

So here it is important to follow the golden sex rule, that is, ask her what she like and also tell her what you like. Most men don’t do it and they somewhere lack or suffer in their love life to live happily.




Sex is a wonderful enjoyment that both men and women love to have. But there are many mistakes that men do while having sex and this leads to unhealthy sex life. Men somewhere satisfy themselves but not able to satisfy their partner completely.

So this blog totally describes some common sex mistakes you should avoid living a happy sexual life. Go through them and try to avoid all those mentioned to live a happy sexual life.

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