Everything You Need to Know About Changes in Men’s Sex Life Due to Aging and Its Cure

Everything You Need to Know About Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging and Its Cure

If you are, a healthy man and all are going good in your sexual life and suddenly you notice some changes in your love life then how would you react.

Well the reaction is just horrible because you cannot believe that you may suffer from unwanted changes in your sexual life. However, this is a common situation, which occurs to almost every men as they age.

So here in this blog, you will be going to know how changes occur to men’s sexual life as they age and how to get rid of such problem.


Common changes in men

Generally due to drop in testosterone level in men, they experience lots of changes in their sexual function as they grow older. These all changes are:

  • Erections take long time to occur
  • Less sperm are produced
  • Ejaculation speed decreases
  • Recovery time between erection increases 12 to 24 hours
  • You will not find erection as hard as it was before
  • Even sexual desire becomes less because of health problems or some emotional reasons

What are the Changes in Sexual Life of Men

Here you will know some of the common changes that lead to unwanted condition in men. They can be treated without any difficulty. So let us go through them one by one.

Decreased testosterone level

As man becomes older, the level of testosterone decreases. This decrease in testosterone comes at the age of 60. However decrease in testosterone level is the primary reason for many such conditions that are mentioned above.

Nowadays testosterone replacement therapy is very popular for aging men. [Read Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits]

Such type of hormone treatment is notorious and hence it should be handled with caution. Healthy testosterone level can be maintained by increasing muscle mass via exercise and taking proper nutrition.

High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and male sexual health

All these health conditions change how the blood flows in body. When arteries become harder and narrower then blood is unable to flow freely and this can create trouble for those men who are trying to achieve an erection because erection generally depends on ability of blood to fill the penis.

So if you want to improve sexual performance then by controlling high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases via lifestyle changes.

Pain and male sexual health

There are lots of health conditions which can come in between your sex by causing pain which can make sex uncomfortable and they are back pain, arthrites and shingles. Even these can change your mood, attitude and also sleep habits.

But if you experiment with different sexual positions and techniques then it can help you a lot. Even you can consult your doctor to manage pain.

Aging Men

Incontinence and male sexual health

Incontinence is loss of bladder control that can cause urine leakage. This is most common when man ages. This leakage occurs while doing exercise, coughing or laughing. During sex, some extra pressure is placed on your bladder.

Those men who have incontinence may be scared to have sex. But by controlling incontinence via medical approaches, the leakage chance during sex can be greatly decreased.

Diabetes and male sexual health

There are many men who have diabetes but they have normal sexual lives. However, diabetes can cause impotence which is inability to have sex. Those men who have diabetes are three times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction rather then those men who don’t have diabetes.

Therefore if you have diabetes and having issue to maintain an erection then you should consult doctor as there are many medications which can help.

Prostatectomy: Prostate surgery

Prostatectomy is a surgical process which eliminates man’s entire prostate. However this is done to cure prostate cancer or enlarged prostate. The result of this surgery can be impotence or be incontinence. So before doing such surgery, it is better that you talk to your doctor if you have issue about your sex life.

Well, if you are still not satisfied with your sexual ability then it is better that you talk to your doctor. Some changes in medication, managing your health conditions and treatment of sexual problems may help you a lot.

Medications and male sexual health

There are some medications which are prescribed to treat common age-related health conditions which can hamper with sex. In fact some antidepressants, blood pressure medicines and diabetes drugs can make more difficult for men so that it can manage erection.

All these medications can also reduce sexual desire and so you have the option to sue some medications when you come across these side effects and also can consult to a doctor.

How to overcome such unwanted condition in sexual life

Well, these changes are common to appear some or the other but you have to be careful and do not avoid all these changes. If ignored, then it can really make sex life of men horrible. Therefore, as it is known that testosterone is the main factor that is responsible for such changes, so why to wait and make the condition worse.

You should focus on boosting testosterone level with natural ways or by any other ways, which can help you. Even you can go for natural supplements like TestRX. This is one of the best way to boost testosterone level and a complete way to go ahead with better sex life.

It improves overall sexual health as well sexual function and increase T levels naturally. Those men who have low sex drive, face problem in sleeping, low muscle mass, they can take this supplement and can see better results without any worry of side effects.


Some common changes are must to occurs in every men at some time but it does not means that you stop taking any further steps in treating it. However, the main culprit is low testosterone level, which gradually reduces as man ages. So try to boost it so that you do not have to face any kind of problems in your love life.

I hope whatever I have discussed in this blog will help you to deal with the situation.

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Everything You Need to Know About Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging and Its Cure
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Everything You Need to Know About Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging and Its Cure
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