Everything to Know About Weak Erection, It’s Causes and Treatment!

Causes and Treatment for Weak Erection

Men always come across several issues in their love life and the common things that affect are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These both disorders can occur to men at any time at any age.

Generally when men become aroused sexually, then muscles, hormones, blood vessels and nerves all work with one another to create an erection.

Though this is very much true that every men want to successfully satisfy their partner in bed without any problem but at some point, they face problem in maintaining or achieving an erection.

Generally, erection problem occurs when men fails to maintain erection, which is, firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Therefore, it is necessary to notice whether your erections are better or they are getting weaker. If they are becoming weaker then it’s a cause of concern. So today, in this blog, I will discuss about weak erection, what the causes of it are and ways to cure Weak Erection?


About Weak erection

Weak erection also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction is not a disease but it is considered as a secondary condition, which is brought by other primary causes. This can be defined as inability to keep an erection strong enough so to continue sex during lovemaking.

Versatile factors such as nerve pulses in brain, spinal cord and veins near corpora play a significant role in maintaining the ability of erection in men. This all are sensitive part of the body which should be kept in good conditions so that it allow full erection penis to take place and appear when any of these activities get disturbed.

This weak erection should be cured in early stages otherwise; it may give rise to many issues related to relationship, which in result can break the bond between couples. There are many people who are suffering from such disease and they are ashamed of telling and also get embarrassed.

But before going to any treatment, let us see some of the common causes which can lead to poor erection.

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Causes of Weak Erections:

There are many weak erection causes but the biggest reasons are due to having diabetes, neurological or cardiovascular disease, and multiple sclerosis.

  • Imbalance of hormone is the main cause of weak erection.
  • Low levels of testosterone play a main role in the body as it reduces the production of semen and give rise to this type of disease.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression are some of the emotional causes for weaker erection.
  • If you smoke a lot and drink heavily then the impulses regulated by nervous system could be stopped because the signal, which goes from your brain to your penis, is not functioning correctly.
  • Presence of diabetes mellitus, increasing age and prostate cancer are some other causes.

When men reach to the age of 40, then their body starts to change and you cannot do anything because it is of Mother Nature. Even there are some emotional causes, which include:

  • Worrying about not able to achieve an erection
  • Conflicts in relationship
  • Some economic, social or professional issues

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Symptoms of Weak erections:

There are many men who take stimulants for direct actions when they have their sexual intercourse and at that time, they don’t have any symptoms of weakness in erection but practice of this method for a long time may cause weak erection. Now, there are various types of test available, which identify erectile problem.

However some of the symptoms, which men can notice in weak erection, are:

  • Low intensity of semen volume in ejaculation
  • Taking time in achieving erection
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pain in testicular region while lovemaking
  • Problem in penetration due to flaccid male organ

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Diagnosis of weak erection

After suffering from weak erection, you have to visit to your doctor for further assistance. He/she will diagnose you to know the exact cause of erection problem. Even there may be several tests like:

  • Hormone profile that completely measures sex hormones level (including testosterone and prolactin)
  • Complete blood count (CBC), a set of blood tests that checks low red blood cell count
  • Urinalysis that measures testosterone and protein levels in urine
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) that measures erection function while sleep
  • Duplex ultrasound is used to take pictures of body’s tissues with high-frequency sound waves

All these are some of the tests, which your doctor may do to identify the exact reason behind weak erection. After this only, your treatment will be proceeded.

Treatment for weak erection

Treatment for erection problem is not a glass of water that you have to drink and your problem will be solved. After your doctor diagnose you and after knowing the exact reason, then only the treatment is possible.

This is also a good news because diagnosing will clearly about which category you fall and the treatment will be easier. However, some options are included in the treatment. They are:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Natural Supplements

There are few medications, which are injected in the penis. Apart from that, surgery is a part of treatment but actually, this is not recommended to everyone. Because it has, many side effects and even doctors also don’t recommend it.

There are now clinically tested and proven products available in the market, which guarantees to end your weak erection. Some of these products have even referred to as “natural remedies” and is named as Extenze.

The natural cure helps in improving the blood circulation and strengthens male reproductive organs. This is in the form of pill, which cures weak erection by giving men bigger, harder erections. This is the safe and effective male enhancement pill, that increases blood flow to penis naturally and men can have more firm erections to last longer in bed.


Some alternative remedy for weak erections

Men suffering from this type of problems are advised to follow healthy life style with nutritive diet and regular exercise. They are also advised to stop smoking and sleep at least for 8 hours a day.

Reducing stress by practicing relaxation or by doing exercises techniques like yoga and meditation are some of the other cures, which are recommended for weak erection.

How to avoid erection problems

Do you wish to know what are the things which preventing can help men to maintain or achieve erection? If yes then obviously I would like to tell you that there are few things that can easy to avoid to get out of the weak erection. They are:

  • Always keep a balanced body with fit and strong. Don’t take medicines without doctors consult and prevent yourself from chronic diseases like heart or diabetes.
  • Have a healthy diet and avoid those foods which contains excess sugar, fats and high salt count
  • Do exercises regularly like swimming, running, walking biking, aerobics etc. Doing these exercises will increase blood flow to penis and if it lacks then it can lead to ED.


When you come to know about the problem then immediately, visit to your doctor and stop judging yourself. Whatever I have mentioned in this blog would help you to overcome weak erection and can lead a better sexual life without any problem.

In fact, I have mentioned some of the preventive tips that can help to avoid certain health conditions to occur.

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