Can Hormonal Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunctions- The Truth Reveals!

treat erectile dysfunction

You may have heard about that many people suffer from erectile dysfunction. But do you know what this problem is actually and how it occurs?

Men often face some or other problem in their sexual life which creates a big difference between both couple. The problem which occurs not only bad for health but also create a gap between partners which is more terrible and harmful situation. The situation is erectile dysfunction. So let us know what it is and how to get rid of it?


About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotence is the condition where men cannot able to keep their erection for long time. Due to this, they cannot satisfy their partner as blood flow to penis is required. The blood flow should stay in the penis until orgasm otherwise men can suffer from unwanted conditions.

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Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Well this is such a horrible situation that everyone would like to know the reason behind it. So the common problem which is linked to Ed is health problem.

It completely affect the blood flow to penis along with blood vessels. Even disorder health problems can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. So the condition can be a sign of heart disease or may be some other health problems.

However hormone is a big factor for successful sexual activities. So, you need to produce hormones in order to make testosterone to produce bigger and stronger erection. If the testes produce less testosterone than the required level, as a result this affects the sexual life very deeply like lack of ability to produce the erection, disinterest in sex and many more.

It can arise at any stage which can be emotional or physical. But, if your body is able to produce more hormones, then you can get back the sexual energy as well as bigger erection. So, you can solve your problem by taking the hormonal therapy which can be a solution for you.

How are hormone therapy and erectile function related?

Well hormone therapy and erectile function has link between because therapy decreases testosterone production in man. Though may know the normal level of testosterone which should be between 240 ng/ml and 900 ng/ml. but when you go for hormone therapy then the T level decreases to 100 ng/ml which is the level to have erectile dysfunction with low libido. Due to this, bad impact goes on erectile tissue.

Hormone therapy combines of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone which is LH-RH. However when you take LH-RH agonists then its obvious that testosterone level will stop. Due to this, you will not be able to get an erection until you take medication. Though you stop the medication, it will take three to one year or more than that to achieve erection.

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Can Hormone Therapy help to Cure ED?

treatmentThis is the main question as men wants to get out of the situation as soon as possible. So you should know whether the treatment you are going to use will be successful or not. So let us find out:

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Hormone Replacement Therapy consists of taking the actual hormones, namely Testosterone, either natural or synthetic, orally as capsules, creams, patches or injections. All forms of hormones require an Rx prescription except some creams. It can definitely help to produce more hormones and testosterone for better erection and sexual activities.

Some other treatment includes:

Dopamine: Dopamin is a type of neurotransmitter located in the brain that is directly related to the sex drive. Though it is in the form of the amino acid, L-dopa, it has become an Rx prescription drug. However, Fava Beans have as much L-dopa in a 16-oz which can be used as an injectible dose and it does not require an Rx prescription. Dopamine can be a cause of your enjoyable sex life.

Amino acids: Amino acids can be an alternative way of getting hormones, such as certain amino acids, that stimulate and promote the glands to secrete more of the hormones. L-deprenyl maintains and increases dopamine levels in the brain. L-argenine increases the nitrogen levels which directly influence the erection. All amino acids except L-dopa do not require Rx prescriptions. This solution can also provide a bigger erection.

Go for natural pills– Well you try various ways to get rid of ED but many times you fail and you get fed of using various methods. Don’t worry, take Extenze Pills. This is also one of the best ways to treat ED without any side effects. Taking the pills will give harder and longer erection and at the same time you will get relaxed as your sexual life problem will be solved.



Well, proper health is very important so that you can enjoy your life and can successfully take part in every activity you come across. Sexual life needs energy and power so that you don’t fail in any field. If your health will be good then your testosterone production will be good and you will not suffer from any critical health issues. Your sex life will become happy and enjoyable and your partners too.

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Can Hormonal Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunctions- The Truth Reveals!
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Can Hormonal Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunctions- The Truth Reveals!
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