Boost Libido After Vasectomy- Complete Overview About Sexual Benefits After Vasectomy

Boost Libido After Vasectomy- Complete Overview About Sexual Benefits After Vasectomy

There are many men who just wonder whether vasectomy increases the sex drive or not.

I would like to tell you that Vasectomy and sex drive are two different things but men merge these both in a single term. Several people ask a common question about vasectomy, “does vasectomy reduces sex drive” or “does vasectomy increases sex drive and libido”?

I have a simple answer for this- “NO”.

You might know that vasectomy is done by several men for a thought that he will never become father again. But at the same time, the benefit that it returns to men is an increased sex.

In fact, this has been proved already in one of the study where almost 294 couples have asked the question whether they have better or more sex. Their answers were surprising as men has told about enjoying sex better than before with better sex drive and strong erections.

Even the best part was that their female partners also reported the same of increase sexual arousal. So all in whole, the researchers come to the conclusion that men don’t have any worry of absence of anxiety and the good things is that, bedroom enjoyment has increased a lot compared to before.

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What does Vasectomy do?

Simple meaning of vasectomy is to prevent from unwanted pregnancies. Or it prevents your sperm from releasing into semen while ejaculation.

So, the thing that will change after post-vasectomy is that men will not be able to become father again as no sperm will be ejaculated while orgasm. But this may lead to small reduction in ejaculate fluid volume.

But also remember that sperm makes a little portion of semen (around 2-5%) that you might even don’t notice. There are some people who have reported about small aching in testicles while sexual arousal but remember that, it only happens for few months from vasectomy and after that, everything becomes normal.

And here one of the useful saying can help you understand better- “No pain, No gain”.

Is it true that sex gets better after vasectomy?

A very important question that comes from various users.

In one of the study, it was revealed that men enjoy more and better sex after vasectomy. Now this is somewhere men can really appreciate them of getting vasectomy, right?

As per researchers, sex experience increases three times more in frequency after getting into the process. A statement was given from user’s end that after the procedure, their sex life has “Significantly improved”.

Now what can be the reason behind it?

If you go with researchers, then they found that now men don’t have any tension of getting their women pregnant and they were more relaxed compared to before. They just live their sex life happily without any tension or stress.

They also added that their sex drive has increased with better and stronger orgasm and best thing is ‘more satisfied’.

How sex life becomes after vasectomy?

Many men don’t want to go through this process because they don’t know actually whether the process will be good or bad for them. However, till now there were no such side effects seen as it only affects sperm flow via vas deferens and the level of testosterone that testicles release in bloodstream.

But some man may notice few difficulties after surgery like their sex drive becomes low. In this situation, you should contact your doctor first and you should also know few causes for drop in sex drive:

  • Due to stress
  • Excessive drug or alcohol use
  • Medications like SSRI depressants or taking drugs for high BP

Can I continue to ejaculate after vasectomy?

Generally if you see then such surgery does not interfere in your penis sensation or even with ejaculate volume. Yes, one thing that can make difference is the semen you ejaculate will not have any sperm.

Even a tiny percentage of sperm occurs that you will not notice when you ejaculate. Though this may continue for few months as some of them has reported but after that, everything will become normal.

So, men going this procedure don’t have to worry much about it.

Does having sex hurt after vasectomy?

Many users have this question in their mind and they really want to know whether sex hurts after vasectomy or not?

I have the answer for this. The person going this procedure may come across the following situations:

  • Blood in semen
  • Clotting of blood in scrotum
  • Minor pain
  • Swelling in genital area and scrotum

However, these types of symptoms can continue to for few days or few weeks. Generally sex involves several movements and while doing this, if you are coming through any issue or pain or swelling then having sexual intercourse can increase the issue.

But once everything becomes normal, you can engage in sexual activity without any problem.

Does there will be a different feel of ejaculation after vasectomy?

Well after the surgery, nothing will change much like your semen, texture and the amount. It means that the sensation of ejaculation while orgasm will not have any difference.

But some noticeable changes you can experience after few ejaculations. It will go off with time but if continues to a month then kindly visit to your doctor.

Some uncommon things can happen after vasectomy where nerve might get damage or the sperm build up in vas deferens, so this kind of issues will be solved after taking proper advice form doctor.

Does it means Vasectomy = Satisfaction?

Well, the saying Vasectomy = Satisfaction is somewhere true because going through this surgery will never reduce your sex drive and the ability to enjoy sex will be at high level. Only it prevents you from producing sperm and this is a good thing for parents because with this, unwanted pregnancies of their partner will stop.

After successful surgery, no couple should worry about their sexual life as several good things will happen. Some of the couples have reported amazing experience after vasectomy like:

  • Sex was more pleasurable
  • More intense orgasm
  • Sex was more satisfying
  • More natural

So saying that port surgery reduces sex drive is not the fact and if men are coming through such difficulties then it’s a rare case and should seek to doctor.

An alternative way to boost sex drive

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The bottom line

If you are going vasectomy then never fear of anything wrong will happen. Always think positive and the truth is in front of you. Plenty of men have gone through this surgery and they are now happy enjoying their sexual life better than ever.

Though it is also true that at beginning, some difficulties are sure to come but yes, after few days or weeks, everything becomes normal.

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Boost Libido After Vasectomy- Complete Overview About Sexual Benefits After Vasectomy
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Boost Libido After Vasectomy- Complete Overview About Sexual Benefits After Vasectomy
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