15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try To Last Long On Bed

15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try to Last Long On Bed

Everyone wants to add a little spice to their sex life and when this comes in mind then satisfying your partner sexually becomes the main MOTTO.

Nobody has enough time to waste nowadays so men want to know some EXCITING and SUPERB ways to make their sexual life INTERESTING.

In this context, men always want to know how to last longer in bed?

Therefore, you should focus on your sex position that would help you to last longer in bed and at the same time, you can also satisfy your partner.

So here in this blog, I am going to guide you some hot sex positions that every guy should try for INCREDIBLE pleasure

Understand the Importance of changing sex positions

It is not that mentioning here about sex positions means you are new to it and you don’t know anything. There are many men who already try some different sex positions which are common but don’t get the sexual satisfaction still. Why?

You might never gone deep in these because you or other men wants to do sex simply just to bring out the frustration.

But that should be completely avoided. Before doing sex or trying different positions, you should know clearly about the positions. Why those positions are important, what pleasure it gives to both couple, how it works best etc.

Even important to know how to apply those positions so that you and your partner both can sexually satisfy. As it is seen nowadays that everyone wants to have sex with satisfaction. But how you can perform sex when you don’t have knowledge about it?

So here it is important to understand the reason behind trying several sex positions.

Just think that a man continuously having sex with his partner for half an hour but not get satisfied. On the other hand, another man performing sex with different sex positions and satisfied her partner in small interval makes a difference.

Here the difference is that those men who has a clear image in their mind about sex positions, they can successfully satisfy their partner easily. Know here about how to satisfy women in bed.

Here knowing and understanding the value of different sex positions is not only the final thing but it is a step that can take you to high level while having sex. Now forget all those positions which you have tried till now or doing now. Here you will get best 15 sex positions that can lead a happy and satisfying sex life.

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Best Sex Positions For Incredible Pleasure

#1- Face to Face

This is a common sex positions which many of them might tried but still important to focus. This position is perfect when you want to last longer. Nothing difficult to do in this position.

You just have to sit on the edge of your bed and then make your partner climb on your lap.

Make sure you and your partner see each other’s face.

This positions will help both partner to easily enjoy the sex. You can very easily lift and bounce from your buttocks whereas your partner can ride you up by swing her legs and knees.

#2- The Sultry Saddle

Forget those sex positions that you were using till now to satisfy your partner.

If you want something new then try out sultry saddle sex position.

In fact this is one of the best way to start your sex. Important to know how to perform this sex with your partner.

You have to lie down with your knees bent and legs spread. Then your partner need to put her body in the middle at right angles.

Your partner’s one hand should be on your chest and the other hand on your lower leg. Tell your partner to move back and forth until your partner gets that you are hitting on the right positions. Don’t miss to read Top 10 Common Sex Mistakes Men should Avoid

#3- The Spider

An effective positions and especially for those people who want to last long their intercourse but slowly is The Spider.

Begin it with your partner facing and after that make your partner lie back followed by you.

This should be done till both partners head is between each other’s leg.

After that, both should bring their knees up and hold the other’s legs. After everything is properly fixed, slowly begin the movements to make each other awakened for long time.

Though this position is not very fast but one can enjoy with this position and make each other satisfy.

#4- Hot Seat

Hot Seat is a sex position that is known as best for oral sex and if you want to make your lady to come up in mood then this position is the top choice.

Here your partner have to sit on the chair with her legs spread. After that you have to take your mouth to her main part.

Doing this position can really make your women in mood which can begin with slow build-up. Even this position can build strategic suction.

One more benefits for women in this position is that women can know how hard work their partner can do. Don’t miss to go through Best 5 Oral Sex Moves you have never tried

#5- The Scissors

This position looks very exotic but easy to perform. This position is not easy to imagine without looking someone to perform or by seeing the picture.

In this position your partner has to lie on bed and you have to face towards her.  But make sure that your partner’s one leg is on the bed and the other is on your hip.

After that tell your partner to bend her legs so that you can get a complete view of her clitoris and you can easily enter into her.

Before entering, make sure you are comfortable with the position. After that you can easily focus on entering in and out of your partner vagina. This position can really help to have a successful sex and both can enjoy a lot.

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#6- Flatiron

Positions are several and every position is different from each other providing different sexual experience.

Flatiron, which is also known as downward dog is also one of the best way for vaginal pleasure. This position is easy to do and also an attractive way to get attracted towards your partner.

This position is done by lying your partner on bed with her face down along with her knees bent slightly and hips little bit raised. Even you can put a pillow under her hips so that she can fit in the best position.

After that, you go close towards her keeping your weight off by using your arms. This can be pleasurable sex for both and will feel excellent.

#7- Butterfly

The butterfly position is very easy for girls to perform. Women don’t have to do anything except to lie on bed. This position is great for both partners as it is very easy.

This position can be performed in bed or on table. Here, everything is from men’s side as they has to do the overall thing.

Your women can rest her thighs on your chest and can place her ankles on your shoulder. But this can be changed according to the situation.

In this position, if you want to penetrate more vigorously then instead of keeping your hands under her hips, you can hold her thighs. Doing this will make you penetrate stronger and will become easier. Don’t forget to read The Best Time of the Day to Have Sex

#8- The Anvil

The Anvil sex position is almost similar to missionary position. This position requires a flexibility but you will also get deep penetration along with g-spot targeting.

In this, your women has to lie on her back and her legs wide or put them on your chest. After that you have to fix into the position between your partners legs and don’t rest on your elbow but rest on your hands.

Here you can very easily rub your pubic bone on her clitoris just to stimulate it.

You just have to perform back and forth or rub over her clitoris and clitoral head.

This can help you to penetrate deeper. Make sure you go slowly with your partner as this position if done wrong then it can create problem for both.

#9- Lazyman

Also known as Squat Thrust, Lazyman is also one of the best sex positions which can help you to put your women in control.

This is easily performed by just putting a pillow on your partners back and you have to sit on the bed with your legs out.

After that, your women straddle your waist with her feet on bed and slowly make her down on yourself just by directing in one hand.

She bends her knees to lower herself to direct to her pussy. After positioning properly, your partner can raise and down herself on your cock as fast as she can and even she can do it slowly.

This is just an enjoyable sex positions which both partners can take interest. Also know about 5 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands to Satisfy your Partner

#10- Mastery (Kneeling)

Mastery is also one of the enjoyable sex positions which many men have tried but many of them don’t know.

This position can really help you to get to the peak and you and your partner can enjoy the moment completely. Doing this position does not need any kid of physical effort.

It only requires you to sit on the side of your bed, put your feet on the floor.

After that your partner has to kneel down on your lap which will give you access to her clitoris and breasts. Your partner sits on your lap which does not require any effort of your partner.

Here either you or your partner start to lift herself up and down on you and you both can feel the strong penetration that you want to have. In between, don’t forget to kiss your partner or eye contact.

All these can really make your sex time more enjoying and successful.

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#11- Reverse cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl position is used by many guys as it very famous.

This can really attract both and can have an enjoyable sex. It offers many benefits as well for you. If you are new to this position then do note that you can get a direct view of your partners butt.

Even if your partner want then she can play with your testicles. Don’t think that everything your partner will do but you also have to put some effort to make sex more pleasurable.

This position is done by first lying on the bed with a pillow under you with your legs wide spread. After that your partner will kneed down on you facing opposite to you and straddle.

This position will give you a lovely view of your partner and also she can have the full control of penetration and pace. This can be even done by changing the angle like forward to back or vice-versa. With this, the pleasure of sex will increase.

#12- Doggy style

Doggy Style is one of the best and most loved positioned for sex. Many guys and even women love this position. This is a go to orgasm moves which is good for both couple.

This is also one of the HOTTEST position which can really have an awesome sex.

Though it has found that many women don’t love this position but one thing which is beneficial in this is that it provides a deep penetration.

Along with it gives a deep view to man. In this position, your partner has to lie down on stomach and you have to enter her from behind.

This can touch the cervix of your partner which can really pleasure your partner. Give a try to this position and have a satisfying sex that can never end. Also read Best 5 Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try

#13- Kitchen confidential

Many men don’t get enough time to spend with their partner.

However in this situation, if you get some time and want to spend it then you can give a try it on your kitchen.

Kitchen Confidential is a popular sex positions that is loved by many people as it can be performed on kitchen.

Your partner might be in kitchen doing some work and if you want to romance with her than that place will be definitely good.

In this position, you have to make your partner sit on the kitchen slab that can help you in a standing-seated combo.

With this position, you can get a deep penetration and also the hotness of taboo.

Make sure that your partner wrap her legs around your butt and thighs so that everything can come up with confident and enjoying.

#14- Aquaman’s Delight

Aquaman’s Delight is one of the difficult sex position which is not loved by everyone.

But yes, this can give a pleasure of sex and good feeling. This is also not possible for everyone because this position requires a swimming pool or a sea and this can be a difficult situation for most guys.

But as this is also a position for sex that many of them fond of, so let us know how to perform it.

This should be done by entering into the water where you both partners have to submerge till chest height with water.

After that, you can enter into her clitoris but you have to do it safely as you are in water which is quite difficult. But if you feel any difficulty in this then you can use the wall of swimming pool for extra support.

#15- The Amazon

The Amazon sex position is mostly loved by women and for guys, this is one of the beneficial thing as they don’t have to work hard to make the sex pleasurable.

But it is not that you have to not work at all. This position requires flexibility and women to offer lots of control.

However to successfully do it, you have to lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. After that your partner squats on you with your legs wrapping on her.

This will be best on bed or by sitting on chair. Ensure that your feet is touching the ground so that it can help you to bounce up and down.

Some BONUS Sex positions for you

C.A.T (Coital Alignment Technique)

This is also known as cat. Following this position create a strong clitoral stimulation and also one of the best way to achieve orgasm especially those women who don’t fail to achieve it. In this position, it looks like missionary and your body is slightly up to one side.

Here don’t think that you as well as your partner’s chest will be face to face but her chest will be near to shoulder. But your legs will bent at 45 degrees along with hips tilted up.

Mountain climber

This position also known as Pushup. This position really needs strength for you and this can be little bit challenging. Though it is difficult to do but a complete value for both couple.

Also one of the great sex position which has eye contact and you don’t have to keep your body weight. This position can help you to play openly and you both can have an enjoyable sex.

The Pillow Driver

Doing this position can really help you as it work as a powerful workout. This does not require any physical strength. Only a pillow is required which need to put underneath your partners back.

This position creates an elevated position which improves satisfaction and you can easily penetrate. Going through the position helps to get different sensations. Here your women will wrap her legs around your back and you have lean forward.


Everyone wants to try out some different sex position so that they can have a powerful and satisfying sexual intercourse leaving those that they use commonly.

But not every position is made for everyone and many of them don’t love all positions except few. So above mentioned are the best 15 sex positions that every guy should try for AMAZING sexual intercourse.

Even some bonus sex tips are given which you can give a try for some extra pleasure. All in whole, whatever position you try with your partner, make sure you both are comfortable and enjoy the moment.

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