11 Best Essential Oils For Erectile Dysfunction and Enhance Sexual Power (Updated)

11 Best Essential Oils To Cure Male Impotence and Enhance Sexual Power

Nowadays men and women both suffer from some or the other problems in their life. Though they don’t take it much serious but yes, there are some complications which always try to kick the general health of men and women.

I am talking about the health conditions that men suffer commonly and that is Impotence.

Many of them might know about such problem and many of them don’t even experience it. But as the days are passing, many problems come into existence and impotence is one among them.

In this context, using some oils for impotence can really solve the condition. So today we will discuss about how essential oil can be used to cure impotence.


About impotence (ED)

Well, impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction in which men suffer from low erection level and cannot engage in their sexual intercourse properly. However you can also call this as sexual dysfunction in general term. [Read about impotence and its home remedies]

However, though these problems occur in men but the only way to get rid of it is by treatment. But here also there is a problem because which treatment you should go for, you don’t know properly. Here you don’t have to worry, just read further…

One think you would believe or not, but oils for treatment really matters a lot. No matter how much treatments are available in market but essential oils for impotence really make the difference.

So let us know them one by one…

Reasons why oils for impotence is always good choice?

Oils are generally has many effective results and therefore even doctors also suggest to go for using some oils which are beneficial in treating any health conditions. Those men who suffer from anxiety problem or suffer from stress or depression then treating all these symptoms will be helpful after using oil.

In fact some other reasons why oils are helpful consist:

  • Helpful in boosting energy levels along with immune system
  • Oil increases penis size and increases testosterone level
  • Make a person relax, provides better sleep etc
  • Don’t have any kind of side effects and naturally provide better result that is expected
  • Have the ability to increase blood flow to penis
  • Even helpful in creating a good atmosphere for love and romance
  • Also reduce cholesterol level because low cholesterol can lead to ED

How do I improve erectile dysfunction naturally?

Well, several men suffer from ED and they want some best and fast way to get rid of naturally. Few things I am going to suggest you that should be followed:

  • First, check what you eat on your daily basis. Poor diet can really create a big issue on your sexual life and so you should be careful
  • Stop drinking alcohol or just drink in moderation
  • Try to maintain healthy weight
  • Keep a look at your testosterone level
  • Aware of high blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • Do a regular exercise of your body and don’t just depend on kegels

Which foods help you to get hard?

Now there are numerous foods that are useful and help you to get hard. You might eat those foods on regular basis but don’t know whether they are beneficial or not.

Here are few foods that help you get hard:

Green vegetables like spinach, very useful that increases blood flow to penile region as well as helps you to look better in naked. Other foods like tomatoes, ginger, bananas, pomegranate, coffee, watermelon etc are very helpful in improving sexual life.

Essential oils for Erectile Dysfunction (Male Impotence)

When you search for oils to cure ED then you can get several of them. And all of them some or the other properties such as some can improve your mood whereas some have healing properties and some have calm and soothing features.

Some oils can be for male enlargement, some for boosting libido, increasing fertility, penis growth etc. So all in whole, it means that oils have a great impact on all such health conditions and can be cured without any worry.

So let us look for some essential oils for male arousal that can really help you to get out of the situation.

#1- Cinnamon bark oil

This oil is also known as cinnamomum zeylanicum and is one of the popular oil that is used for human health and beauty. This increases the testosterone production and at the same time boosts semen quality and quantity. [Read Best Ways to Increase Semen Quantity and Quality to Boost Your Sex Life!]

Even this oil gives relief from stress and improves the mood. In fact cinnamon is also known as one of the great aphrodisiac and one of the best oil to increase libido and boost sexual pleasure.

How to use– Just take 2 drops in empty veggie capsule and it will support your immune system. In fact, don’t use it excess that can lead to skin irritation.

#2- Ylang Ylang oil

This is also one of the important oil to get rid of impotence. Apart from that, this oil is helpful in increasing libido and impact a large part on mood.

It has the power to attract between couples because it is a natural aphrodisiac. Its scent is so powerful that it enhance sexual power and energy and also improves the relationship between couples.

How to use– Take a bath with 2 drops of ylang ylang oil and 4 drops of tangerine and you will feel energetic.

#3- Nutmeg oil

This oil is highly recommended when it comes for sexuality. It has a comforting and soothing property and one of the best oil for male impotence.

Even it is known as nervous stimulant because it stimulates nerves. Its warm scent helps to give relief from pains and aches. It has the power to improve blood circulation and increases sexual performance.

How to use– Take 1 drop of nutmeg oil with 30-40 drops of orange for wonderful effect.

#4- Clary Sage oil

This oil is one of the best and single oil for treating erectile dysfunction. It is helpful in decreasing shyness and along with that, it induces the feel of excitement.

Even, helpful in balancing hormone level in men and also helpful for female reproductive system. It helps to improve sexual desire and better treatment oil for impotence.

How to use– For direct skin contact, dilute with carrier oil and also can mix with cedarwood oil and for high energy, you can blend with ylang ylang.

#5- Lavender oil

Lavender oil is useful for many health conditions. Study reveals that lavender smile along with pumpkin pie shows high effect on penis blood flow.

However, it has shown positive results and an increase in arousal. Lavender is also known for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effect. It also produces sexual pleasure and also helpful in balancing hormone.

How to use– Just add a few drops of lavender oil with diluted oil and with carrier oil to hot bath and see the results.

#6- Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is an aphrodisiac which is helpful in treating sexual problems. This oil is useful in curing anxiety, depression and stress.

Apart from these, it is also helpful for reproductive organs and enhances the feeling of sensuality and sexuality. It reduces the requirement to think extra and stimulates the penile gland.

How to use– Take 5 drops of sandalwood oil with lavender and patchouli and apply on skin before going to bed.

#7- Rose oil

Rose oil consists of dopamine that is helpful in reducing anxiety and nerves. It is beneficial for spirituality because of floral and pleasant.

It boosts the libido by increasing sexual stamina and thoughts and also acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Also increases love, happiness in between couples and sexual life becomes interesting.

How to use– Take 1 drop of rose oil with two drops of sandalwood oil and 1 oz of carrier oil and apply at night after cleansing

#8- Ginger oil

Ginger oil is very much useful for sex and romance. It is also a kind of aphrodisiac and can be used by both men and women. More importantly, male impotence is cured with the use of ginger oil. Regulates sexual function and at the same time increases libido.

Even some studies found that ginger oil is helpful in improving sperm quality and quantity. [Read How to Increase Your Semen Production Naturally]

How to use- Dilute with carrier oil and apply on skin for massage. Use it only in moderation as it can cause skin irritation.

#9- Peppermint oil

Well, this is also one of the essential oils for male impotence. It is helpful in restoring, revitalizing the senses and also known for its relieving effect in case of headaches, digestion etc. Helpful to get rid of fear of dependence and also improves sexual experience.

How to use– Mix few drops of peppermint oil with carrier oil and use it as massage on the abdominal areas.

#10- Basil oil

Basil oil to cure male impotence is the best way to overcome the condition and also increases sexual pleasure in both men and women. It has calming properties and so it cures men suffering from ED which causes due to stress or nerves problem.

How to use– Make cold or hot water compress and then apply it on abdomen or lower back.

#11- Jasmine oil

This is yet another essential for male enhancement. It helps men to get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation because it has a calm and soothing effect.

It is also a kind of aphrodisiac that helps to relax in many situations like depression, tension, anxiety, menstrual problem in women etc. In fact this oil can be used by both men and women as it enhances sensuality feeling.

How to use– You can add 3 drops to warm bath or can dilute in lotion and then apply daily to get positive result

Some other essential oils to increase libido includes:

  • Cedarwood oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Orange oil
  • Cardamom oil
  • Black pepper oil
  • Juniper oil

How to use essential oils for male enhancement?

When it comes to use oils for male impotence then an important question also arises, how to use essential oils, right?

You should know that the use of oils influence core areas in brain like the nervous system and limbic acid. The effects of oils show their effect when the molecules are either inhaled or absorbed via skin.

However, there are two ways to use essential oil:

Inhalation– When the concentration is high then it is advised to inhale the oil from container. Aromatherapy diffusers are generally used to inhale such essential oil. The other way that can help you to inhale oils is through a cotton ball and placing it nearby and then steam the inhalation.

Topical Use– Some oils are strictly advised not to apply directly on skin because of its high potency. This is because such oils are mixture of several other carrier oils like avocado, apricot kernels or almond oil.

There are several forms of this kind of usage such as spot treatment, bath, aromatherapy and compress. Nowadays, such essential oils are available on different products like soaps, shampoos and lotions.

Where to Apply Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s obvious that before applying essential for erectile dysfunction, you should know where to apply, right?

However, there are several options to apply oils and they are:

  • Applying as a massage by diluting the oil with carrier
  • Making cold or hot water combination with oil and after that, applying it to spine, kidney or lower back area
  • Using some diffuser for the oil to apply
  • Simply spraying the oil in the entire bed and feeling its aromatic benefits

What are the risk factors during using essential oils for ED?

Though you may use essential oils for male enhancement but it comes on mind sometime whether there will be any risk on using these oils?

There is no complete confirmation of the benefit you are going through. However, several researches are done. An important suggestion I would like to give you is never take essential oils orally because they can be toxic.

One best thing you should do is to contact with certified aromatherapist before you begin the process. The oils should never be applied directly on skin and before applying, it should be diffused into the air. When these oils are used correctly and safely then its obvious that you will be getting positive result and your ED will be cured.

Alternative way to cure impotence

Though the above mentioned oils are good to cure impotence or ED, but there are other ways as well to get rid of it. Yes, going for natural product can also give you relief from sexual problem you are facing.

Extenze Pill is a natural supplement that comes in the form of pill to diminish the sexual problem. It helps to maintain erection level and a complete treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is one of the best way to cure ED without using any oil for erectile dysfunction.


Impotence or ED is a common problem that many guys come across. This problem is increasing day by day so proper treatment should be followed so that it does not create problem in your sexual life. However everyone likes those remedies which don’t have any side effects.

Whatever oils I have discussed with you in this blog gives a clear impact that all these oils will work to get rid of the problem you face. Even an alternative solution is also mentioned that is a bit relief from using any oils. Try these oils and give your love life a boost so that you can have a satisfying and happy sexual life forever.

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11 Best Essential Oils For Erectile Dysfunction and Enhance Sexual Power (Updated)
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