Best 5 Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try

5 Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try

Men always want to perform better while having sex with their partner and they any how want to satisfy their partner as well as themselves. Men always want to have better orgasm and want a better relationship.

Because if relationship would be better then obvious that their sexual life will be better. But have you ever thought how to actually understand the deepest desires of ours?

Men always want to perform at their level best and want to satisfy their partner but many of them don’t know about the sex positions and they perform as they wish which may not satisfy their partner.

In fact doing sex anyway cannot satisfy both couple and hence trying some sex positions for better sex may help many men and their sexual life and relationship would be better.

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So today we will discuss about some of the best sex positions which can give men what they want in their sexual life and also satisfy their partner without any problem.

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Mentioned below are some of the best sex positions which men should try.

Girl on top

girl on top

This method is one of the helpful sex position in which girl has to lie on your back. Then let her climb on top with one leg on either side of torso. This position is better to focus on rocking the body back and forth instead of rubbing the bob up and down. Even men can try grinding the pelvis slowly in circling or in figure eight motion.

Sitting on top of penis is one of the most popular positions for sex and this position is helpful for many women as it gives complete control over the angle, depth, and pace along with level of stimulation. This position is for fun and in this position, your partner will last longer compared to normal and also give more time to reach to peak.

The method is to be done by turning your partner around your feet and this position is known as reverse cowgirl. It provides a different angle of view and to work with. This way the abdominal muscles will provide your partner a variety of surface and your penis will arouse all kinds of spots inside you.

Tell your partner to slightly lean back as this increase the stimulation of G-spot. By doing this your partner will reach down to stroke your clitoris or you can touch it. You should remember that women cannot orgasm through penetration alone and better would be to give a hand to it.

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Doggy Style

Doggy Style

Doggy style is also very helpful for better sex and this method works by telling your partner to get on her hands and knees. Then you kneel down behind her so that you can hold her into her hips. In this position, you can tell your partner to hip back against you or you can do the same position and your partner will stay still.

This position works because it makes a super deep stimulation and it would be beneficial for those women who able to orgasm from penetration only but in this position they can have a benefit from intensity and also from the direct G-spot stimulation.

In this position, changes are also beneficial as you can tell your partner to get down your elbows to change the angle of position of penetration. Either you can rub your partner clitoris or tell her to use one hand to run the clit.

Even you can make your partner stay on all fours on top and you can stand beside to do the job but for this, your bed should have the perfect height. Another style which you can try is telling your partner to low her belly slightly onto the bed and after that you can do the work.

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Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique

This position is also helpful in performing better sex as it requires your partner to lie on bed and you on top of her between her legs. Go towards your partners head so that your pelvis is little bit higher than her body. Now instead of thrusting in and out, try to focus on grinding her against her pelvis.

This is one of best position for many women. When your partner changes the position then her pelvis allows your pubic bone to rub against her clitoris and it delivers the exact stimulation many women want. This position works for those women also who are shy in trying those positions.

This position is very easy to use and does not require any hard work and also low stress at same time. If you want to enjoy better then tell your partner to use her hand to spread the labia apart so that your body rub against your partner’s clitoris. Even, putting a pillow while having sex on your partner’s hips will be more beneficial angle.

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Sideways Straddle

Sideways Straddle

This position is one of the complicated but it’s effective and provides better results. Generally what happen are that many women want to practice fully clothed to get a sense where their limbs go before attempting to be naked. Lay your partner on your front on both flat feet on the ground.

Then make your partner lay between your legs and after that lower her to her knees and insert your penis inside her. After that move your partner right and left and from there it will going to rock back and forth, rubbing against your upper thigh along with pubic area.

This position is for grinding action and your partner may exactly decide how much pressure it gets placed on her clitoris. Even this position is also unique and the feeling can be quite arousing. Though the position is not easy task to do but by adjusting your partner’s position of legs wider apart or closer may help. Even leaning back or forward may also be beneficial.

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The Bridge

The Bridge

Have you ever tried the position in which you are sitting on your ankles with your knees spread and you are having sex with your partner? In this position, your partner should stay on her back, putting her feet flat on bed and should arc the hips a little bit so that a low bridge position comes up. In this position, grab her hips and use them for leverage while thrusting into her.

Trying this position is helpful as it creates very deep stimulation by creating a wonderful feeling of fullness along with a nice angle of G-spot. Your partner’s clitoris is close and it will be center for you to hit directly.

In this position, you can change the angle from lower to higher. Your partner can bring her body by lowering or raising her hips or according to your instruction which you both may suit better.

On performing the position, even your partner may also help you and you may rise up on your knees and your partner may wrap her legs into your torso or you can pull her legs so that her ankles rest on your shoulders.

In these sex positions, you should also focus on engaging the same way as your partner. Because if you fail, then everything will get spoil and you will not get any enjoyment. So its better to go for VigRX Plus supplement which is a natural supplement to enhance sexual stamina.

This is one of the best ways to deal with any sort of sexual problems as well as give energy to maintain the sexual engagement. However it is in the form of pills and there is no worry of side effects.

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Every guy wants to have sex but don’t try different sex positions. Because many of them never think to fulfill their partner but they want to satisfy themselves. These positions mentioned in this blog will give both couple satisfaction and sexual pleasure. I hope whatever sex positions I have guided you, they will boost your sex life a lot.

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