Best 5 Oral Sex Moves You Have Never Tried To Satisfy Your Partner

Though there are many sex positions which men can enjoy and make her partner enjoy but still some night can become boring while sex. But the night with your partner should not be boring especially when there are several opportunities for greatness.

So today we will discuss about some oral sex moves which many of them have never tried before. Here you will get some of the best moves that will really help you to blast at night.

In fact many men yet haven’t know about the oral sex which can really please their women. You should know that many women cannot orgasm from vaginal sex and it’s completely up to you to find some other ways to please her.

Men should try oral sex to please their women as high percentage of women orgasm from oral sex compared to vaginal sex. Therefore men should try oral sex which can be beneficial for both partners and both of them can enjoy the sexual life.

Generally oral sex is done in traditional way. As there are many sex positions to stimulate better sex, in the same way there are also oral sex positions which can really helpful to get to the tip of sex and your sex becomes more enjoyable.

So go through the below mentioned best 5 oral sex moves that you have never tried before to satisfy your partner as well as yourself.

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Best 5 Oral Sex Moves

Make it All Access

make it access

You should first try with her hands and knees and make her under you. After that you can completely spend time with her by warming in the same way as you have access to her body.

Touch her body, kiss her, touch her nipples and breast and also nibble down the inner thing area. You should wait until she gets warm and till her mood changes and she becomes heavy and hot, requesting you to go between her legs instead of going her too quickly which can spoil the entire mood.

Just wait for the exact time when she moves her body up and down or move side by side when you foreplay.

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Use Your Surroundings

use your surroundings

Take some time to spend with her on swimming pool. Make her sit on the edge with legs over your shoulders and you be on water. If swimming pool is not available then it can work even in study table, washer etc.

It does not matter where you do but your focus should be on doing the perfect thing. In this position, you can use your lips, suction, tongue and also your hands to the fullest.

Moreover, she can guide you when you are in between her legs and also can tell you about the body movement when she gets turned on.

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Sit on my face

sit my face

This is well known saying and the saying is more erotic and a sexy position as well. First you have to lie down on bed and after that she overlaps your head and lowers herself down so that the vulva is in front of you.

With this position, it allows her maximum control over intensity of your tongue and after that you have to lie back and can enjoy the view. But here you should also make sure that your partner has something comfortable under her knees so that your partner can relax and let go.

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Assisted 69

Assisted 69

Many of them has tried the 69 positions before and you may also love it but sometimes it hard to manage. In fact the 69 position is more comfortable and also easy and best of all.

In this position, you have to lie on your back on couch with your butt against the end of couch and your legs should draped over the arm of the couch.

After that your partner will overlap your head and position herself as to give you head at the same time. Doing this the couch will sustain and also should keep both of you in position.

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Add Some Entertainment

Add Some Entertainment

In a recent study, it has been seen that women has also the same interest in seeing porn as men. Therefore relying only on oral sex will not play the entire game, instead set up your position along with location so that your partner can watch porn in the same way as she enjoys when you are between her legs.

By this, not only she will be inspire by your action or moves but watching sexual images will make her boost additionally. If your partner likes the porn you make her watch then the next time she can suggest you better which can make her pleasure.

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So these are the best 5 oral sex moves which you should try to please your partner. But many times it happens that men cannot last longer compare to women and they come to climax before expected. So in this situation, you should also focus on to how to last longer while having sex or oral sex.

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Well, oral sex moves are really good for those couples who really want to enjoy the moment. Oral sex really gives you that much pleasure which you want to satisfy your partner. I hope the oral sex moves I have mentioned in this blog give you clear knowledge about how to do them with your partner. Follow those moves and make your love life happy and satisfied.

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Best 5 Oral Sex Moves You Have Never Tried To Satisfy Your Partner
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Best 5 Oral Sex Moves You Have Never Tried To Satisfy Your Partner
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