17 Reasons You Should Have Sex Everyday – 5th One Made Me Go Bananas

Have Sex Everyday

Are you stressed with your sex life?

Facing difficulty in properly maintaining your sex life with your spouse?

If yes then you are not alone in this field. Many men suffer from critical situation when time comes to sex. And in fact their health also declines. But if you go in reality then whatever problem you face with your sex life, the only way to solve the problem is performing sex properly.

But you don’t have to worry about anything. Just Read Further

This is the only thing which can give you healthy life, longevity and at the same time you will get happiness. But if you think that sex can only give you pleasure and nothing else then you are completely wrong.

You should know that love making does not have any kind of loss but it is always good. And if you add your love regularly then it is even better.

Regularly having sex can have numerous benefits but everyone is not aware of it. In a research, it was found that if men have sex everyday with their spouse then their relationship becomes stronger and health also improves. Read Healthy Reasons Why Sex is Important for Life

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How Many People Do Have Sex Every day?

This is not easy to assume but there are few reports that gives you the number. Daily sex is a rare condition and one of the survey from YouGov survey in 2017 found that 4% adults say that they have sex once in the entire day.

Other people also said about sex in which 14% of men said that they have sex few time in a weak, around 8% once in a week and 14% said few times a month.

But after they were asked how often they would love to have sex then there were some surprising results. Almost 13% of people said that will be happy to do sex everyday whereas 26% of said that few times in a week will be enough.

So now you can better understand the average of how much people love to have sex every day.

Is It Good To Do Sex Every day?

Now it’s a tricky question because everyone will have different view on this topic. You might know that doing sex has several benefits like promotes bonding, reducing stress level etc. There is also no side effect of having daily sex.

And you will be surprised there is no shortage of any kind of articles or books that challenge people to have sex every day for week, month or year. It’s been said that having daily sex improves relationship between couples.

Now many people ask is having sex everyday healthy?

Listen, whatever amount of sex you do or want to have with your partner, everything is fine. But at the same time, you should think of your partner and see if she loves to do daily sex. Many female partners don’t love it daily but some want to go on your way.

Is Having Sex Everyday Good- Let’s Check

Let us know how sex is beneficial for everyone if performed daily. Here you will get some of the best reasons why you should have sex everyday with your partner on regular basis.

#1- Sex is like an Exercise

Many of them don’t love the word ‘workout’ because they don’t like to go out for some exercise. But if you talk about sex in its place then they will immediately wake up. So why not to use sex as an exercise. You might don’t know that sex is also an important exercise that play an important role in sex life.

While performing sex, our bodies experience many psychological changes which are almost same as an exercise. In this process, breathing rates increases that helps to burn calories.

It completely means that if you have sex everyday or three times a week then you can burn 7,500 calories a year. And this figure is almost similar to 75 miles of running. You should also know 5 Best Exercises For Better Sex that Everyone Should Try

#2- Sex helps to Decrease Blood Pressure

You believe it or not but doing sex everyday lowers your blood pressure. There are many studies conducted to find whether this is true. This is a good news for many guys who suffer from high blood pressure.

In a study it was found that sex decreases diastolic blood pressure which is one of the beneficial thing to keep men healthier. Many men take medicines to control high blood pressure but performing sex daily with your partner can really help you to improve your blood pressure.

#3- Keeps your Heart Healthy

If you want a healthy heart then you should do sex regularly. Know here 8 Ways How Sex Can Improve Your Health? Sexual activity keeps the hormones up to level such as estrogen and testosterone. But when these hormones don’t work well then several types of unwanted condition occurs.

But when time comes to protect your heart then nothing is better than sex. Many studies have conducted which proved that having sex regularly helps 50% people to get relief from heart attack or strokes compared to those people who don’t do sex every day.

#4- Sex helps to Increase your Life

Many people ask what the secret of living longer is. Sex is the only thing that have the power to increase your life. Though many of them don’t believe it but this is true.

In a study it was found that those men who had orgasm daily, they death rates decreases compared to those men who don’t perform sex daily.

However there is no such side effects if you have sex everyday but yes, you can enjoy your life more. There is always a positive effect on health on having sex as it can add few more years to your life. So why to think much and put your health down? Just enjoy it with your partner and live a happy love life.

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#5- Keeps you look Young and Confident

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. But this is not possible in every case. All people are not same but they can try some ways which can help them to look young. Why you don’t try having sex?

Sex plays an important role in your life and helps you to look younger.

Now stop using anti-aging creams to look young but go forward and have sex everyday with your partner. Not only you will look younger but you will also get more confident.

As release of testosterone and estrogen is stimulated while sex, the hormones helps to keep young and provides and attractive look. In fact study reveals that those couples who had sex daily or 4-5 times a week, they look 7-12 years younger compared to what actually they are.

#6- Provides strong Pelvic Muscles

Having sex not only provides you pleasures and young look but also strength your pelvic muscles. During sex, there are several muscles which comes in contact and hence it helps the pelvic muscles to develop stronger.

However not only pelvic muscles but also strengthens some other muscles which involves in sex. They includes upper back, quads etc. Even helpful in maintaining strong bladder and bowel function with everyday sex.

#7- Prevent from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst condition that occurs to men as they age. In fact it is not far from affecting young men. In this men cannot able to perform sex as they ejaculate before climax. This situation is really frustrating but men can handle the situation in better way.

Sex is the powerful thing that can help you to aid from any harmful condition. If you have better erection strength then it is a sign of blood flowing easily through your penile arteries. In fact doctors also help in this situation and if you train more to increase the blood flow to penis then you will be more capable to perform sex confidently.

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#8- Decreases Stress Level

You might have seen many times that lots of people take more pressure on their work and they are in stress. But how you can reduce it?

You should stop it completely from affecting your health. If you don’t take stress in any work, you can have a healthier life and your sex life will improve.

Sex helps to decrease stress level. While having sex, a hormone is produced by your body called as dopamine which fights against stress hormones, oxytocin and endorphins. All in whole sex reduces stress level and helps to improve in the bedroom activities that you both couple can have an enjoying sex.

#9- Increase your Libido

Want to boost your libido? One of the best way is having sex. This is a complete solution that helps you to increase your libido. Sex actually give a boost to desire and those women who have vaginal dryness to have sex then sexual activity can really solve the problems.

Sex is beneficial for both couple, so it increases blood flow to your partner vagina along with elasticity of tissues and all in whole, your sex will be more pleasurable and of course libido will increase. Go through Top Foods that Boost your Libido for Better Sex

#10- Makes Sleep Better

Want a better sleep every day?

Don’t worry, sex is a medicine that can treat your poor sleep. There are several things which can help people to have a good sleep. Actually while sex, an orgasm stimulates release of hormones known as prolactin and this is a natural sleep medicine. This prolactin induces the feeling of sleepiness and a kind of relaxation.

That is why after having sex, you fall asleep in very less time. However if you are already tired and you perform sex then your sleep will be better.

Also when men ejaculate then they become sluggish, hence sleep is must to come. So sex is all in one medicine for every health problem. Read Lesser Sleep Lowers Testosterone Level in Men – Truth or Myth!

#11- Immune System is Increased

People have sex without knowing what effect it puts on health. During sex, body produces hormones and antibodies. Among them, Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an antigen that is produced responsible for immune system to grow strong.

When it is released then the level of hormone is increased and also sexual activity also boost up. Even studies had proved that those who had sex regularly, they had 30% higher IgA compared to others who had less sex.

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#12- Decreases any kind of Pain

Do you suffer from body pain?

Sexual pleasure can give you relief from such pain. Having sex reduces pain so if you have any kind of pain then sex can help to get rid of it. Both sexual stimulation and orgasm help to keep any pain away.

However orgasm releases hormones which help to block pain signals. So if you have a headache or some other pain, then have sex everyday with your partner. This can give relief to both couple.

#13- Improves Understanding level and Relationships

You might don’t know but one of the best thing which sex can help you is it improves the relationship between both couple. You should know that while sex, a hormone is released known as oxytocin that helps people to come closer.

This is called as ‘love hormone’ that builds love and trust in between both. Even in a study, it has proved that if women hug their husbands more then their oxytocin level increases. This time, the hormone inspires love feeling and kindness.

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#14- Helps to Achieve Healthier Semen

Well sex is a wonderful thing that everyone loves especially when time is to conceive. Regularly having sex increases the level of semen. The important thing that it does is doing sex regularly replaces old sperms from testicles.

#15- Improves Cardiovascular Health

If you want to get closer to your partner always then you should have your cardiovascular health better. Its health will get better when you do sex daily. Many men have a fear that physical exertion from sex can lead to stroke but after doing a research, it was found that regular sex don’t increase the risk of stroke. In fact sex protects from any type of fatal attacks.

#16- Protects Prostate Problem

Prostate gland helps to ejaculate the fluid part. When it is stopped then fluid stays in the gland that causes several problems like swelling. But if you regularly ejaculate then all your fluids will wash away and your prostate will be in good condition till your old age.

#17- Improves your Well-being

Connection is one of the important thing that can really help you to come in contact with others. Social connection with your friends and family members will increase your overall health and well-being.

But at the same time, if you involve in connection with your partner then you can be healthier and happier compared to those who are less connected. And the connection should be sex because this can have a deep impact on both of you.


All in whole, sex plays a vital role in everyone’s life. But the only thing that men of them don’t know is its benefit. It don’t have any such kind of side effects but yes, you can make your love life stronger. The blog clears you everything how sex is beneficial for your health.

So don’t worry of anything and have a good time with your partner. If you want to increase your strength and want to last longer in bed then you can go for best supplements like VigRx Plus which helps you to get erection strength and also helps to perform well in bed.

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17 Reasons You Should Have Sex Everyday - 5th One Made Me Go Bananas
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