Bathmate Review- Best Penis Growth Pump For Sexual Pleasure

What would you do when you have a MAGIC button to press where you can make your penis size BIGGER and LONGER?

I think you would smash the button to make your penis big, Right?

This may be the case when you want a bigger penis size and you can’t achieve it.

Many men suffer from small penis size and they think to make it big so that they can have an enjoying night with their partners.

In fact, many goes for several options which promise to give them bigger and longer penis size but they don’t work.

Probably many of them look for some penis pump that can help them to gain big, long penis as well as long lasting erection.

One of them is Bathmate which is a popular penis pump that helps men to get their penis size bigger and longer with more comfortable sexual night.


What is Bathmate?


Bathmate is one of the penis enlargement devices which help men to gain bigger penis size. This method is very easy to use, comfortable and most important safe to use without any pain compared to other products.

Using this pump, help guys to add few inches to their penis so that can come out from un-comfort zone. The manufacturer claims, using this pump make penis size bigger, harder and longer after using it for 15 minutes regularly. This is the first water based penis pump which helped millions of people to achieve strong and hard erections.


Who is it for?


Before using this Bathmate penis pump, you should know whether it is for you not. Well those men who are suffering from weak erections, small penis size and having the condition of ED, for them this is the perfect product.

With the use of this pump, men can achieve bigger and longer penis size and at the same time it can also give rock-hard erections. Men suffering from several health conditions can fail to maintain erection but Bathmate penis pump can really help to overcome such situation and can be best for anyone who wants to use it.


How it helps to achieve what you are looking for?


This penis pump works effectively to give you what you actually want. 3 chambers hold the blood while erection which is called as corpora cavernosa.

When penis pump is used then these chambers expand during erection that helps to gain new cells with longer and bigger penis size. It has many other benefits which are:

Increases penis length up to 3 inches

Helps to improve self-confidence

Increases orgasm control

Cures erectile dysfunction

Improves overall power and stamina

Increases penile head

Helpful in treating peyronies disease


Does Bathmate works?


This is one of the important questions which comes in mind before you use any product. And this should be cleared out before hand so that you don’t have to suffer later on.

Obviously there is no doubt that Bathmate works effectively as this is the perfect pump for guys. It provides beneficial results after using it and it also guarantees users to gain a permanent increase in penis size without any issue.

It is always confusing to choose between several products because you may think whether the product will fit you or not. But Bathmate is among those products which give positive results to their users without any complain. So according to me, this product is very much effective and works excellently well without any question.


How Bathmate works?


Bathmate works similar to other penis pumps by creating a vacuum which expands the penis tissue. This vacuum forces blood into the penis hence by increasing the size and providing strong erection. With consistent use, the penis tissue expands permanently giving your penis longer and wider size. As more blood flows through penis and so more firm and harder erections occur.

However the size gained is temporary at the beginning which only lasts for 1-2 hours but it will become permanent after it is use continuously. It is said that temporary gains will be up to .25-.75 in length and .5-1.25 in girth. It loses the size soon after you have an erection and consistently using the penis pump you can gain permanent result. There are ways to use this penis pump.

  • First put your finger at the top vent so that water does not flow out
  • Now put the device under water and it should be hotter than your body temperature. Doing this will make you comfortable and result will be effective
  • After that push your penis in the device and pump it few times until it grips your penis completely. Now pump out water after 5-10 seconds interval and then wait for the penis to adjust.
  • Now the pump may lose a bit but don’t worry, pump it after every 5 minutes and gain strong vacuum.
  • After 15-20 minutes, free the pressure and remove the pump. You will be surprised to see the results.


Direction to use


1st Week: 1 x 10 minute sessions per day 2nd Week: 1 x 15 minute sessions per day
3rd Week: 2 x 10 minute sessions per day 4th Week: 2 x 15 minute sessions per day
5th Week: 1 x 20 minute + 1 x 15 minute sessions per day 6th Week: 2 x 20 minute sessions per day



Is there any side-effects?


Using penis pump is completely safe to use and it don’t have any side effects. You have to follow the instructions properly before use. It does not have any pain while using. Only requires releasing some pressure if created too strong vacuum. This product is 100% safe because:

It provides instant results– After use, you will get strong erections within few minutes and this will be just amazing, hence providing immediate results.

Strong erection– With the use of penis pump, you will achieve long lasting erections without any side effects. Within 5 minutes, you will see result.

Permanent result– This penis pump gives your permanent result after using it continuously.


Is Bathmate right for you?


After using the Bathmate penis pump, I have got that it is a straight forward product without any hesitation. Users can easily use it and can get better results. It is safe to use compared to other products. So those guys who don’t want any type of side effects while increasing their penis size, they should go to a reputed brand like Bathmate.

Using this will stop from any type of injury and is risk free. But one important thing that users should note is to follow the schedule properly to get perfect result. I have used this product and I have seen better results compared to other penis pump and according to me, this is the right product for guys who want to increase the size of manhood with powerful erections.


Before & After of Bathmate


You can see several images of before and after of users who have posted after using the product and they are very happy seeing the result. Many reported 0.5 -1.5 inch increase in the penis size. Though few men don’t want to show their manhood in public but they always say positive words about this product and these are enough reasons to go for using the product.

You will not get any other penis pump like Bathmate and starting from temporary result, continuously use of this product will give you permanent result to 1-3 inches. See the below images of before and after of Bathmate penis pump.



I’m a happy Bathmate owner I have been a happy Bathmate owner for the past 5 months and have been really impressed with the pump. I use the pump 3-4 times a week to add size – I started out at 5 (12,7 cm.) inch-long and 4.5 (11,43 cm.) inch girth and so far, I have gained over 0.6 (1,52 cm.) inch in length and almost 1 (2,54 cm.) inch in girth! I have not told my girlfriend about the pump but she has mentioned the size of my penis (In a positive way) several times in the last couple of months!

From– Jose Herrin Bolton, USA

Perfect erections in just 5 min! I saw Bathmate first time in a commercial 3 years ago and thought “Why not” and it has not let me down once. I used to struggle with weak erections that would become so soft that they were useless for sex. Now I use it before sex and I’m able to get and maintain a strong erection during intercourse. This pump is a clear 5-star product for me.

From– Martin Odense, Denmark

“I am what you can call a Penis Enlargement expert, and I have tried various methods of exercising my penis that simply did not work very well, or not at all. When I discovered Bathmate via an internet forum, I was immediately sold and I can never turn back, Bathmate is my preferred choice of Penis enlargement and to maintain my penis in top notch condition!”

From-Oliver Bradenton, FL.


Customer Support/Guarantee



Bathmate made it so simple to use this product that nobody can deny it. Apart from that if any user don’t get the result they wanted and want to return the product then they are free to do so. This is because Bathmate provide users with money back guarantee of 60 days. Just try it, use it and if no result, send it back within 60 days and you will get full refund without any questions asked.

For buying this product, you don’t have to fill up any form or don’t require any doctor’s prescription. You can use it without any hassle and if you are not happy, then return it to get back your money excluding the shipping charges.


Bathmate Result



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How much bigger size my penis will be?
Generally many customers after using it had gained around 2-3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. However every user is not same so results also vary from person to person. But those men who have small penis, they get better results and fast.

How long till my session last?
You should use this penis pump at least 15-20 minutes per day or for every 2 days. It will be better that you use it on regular basis to maintain penile health and better results

You say that Bathmate is especially good for immediate and permanent girth gains; can I gain length using the Bathmate?
Yes, of course you can gain length using Bathmate. I have used it as my penis size was small and I want to achieve length. I have continuously used the product and it showed me positive result.

Should I do stretching, jelqing or buy a Bathmate?
You can do all these three because doing these will give you better result. But they work little bit different from each other. Stretching is for length whereas jelqing and Bathmate both are for increasing size. But if you ask best among three then Bathmate is best because it is easy and effective to use. You have to do at least 30 minutes every day.

How often do you use it?
It is recommended to use at least for 5 minutes and once per day. And it is also advised not to use less than three times a week. You will get amazing result in the development of penis and at the same time improve your performance of sexual activity.

Are there any safety concern?
Using this product only requires following the instructions properly. Keep it away from children’s and if you have any health condition then it will be better to consult your doctor first. If you have some problems like surgery or don’t feel comfort then stop using it.

Does this product have any side effects?
No, this penis pump doesn’t have any side effects. Using it makes both couple feel pleasure and an increased sex drive. It result in bigger penis size and gives men a satisfying sexual life with intense ejaculation.

What to do if my Bathmate leaks?
If water leaks from your Bathmate product then you should know that no water should leak from it. If water leaks then the reason might be due to the spring which is inside the vent.

Is it good to have sex after using Bathmate?
Yes, after pumping the pump, having sex is good. In fact you will have satisfying sex with large penis size and you and your partner will have a pleasurable sex night. However many times the penis is bloated and the reasons for this is fluid retention. It occurs because too much fluid is pumped in the skin.


Bottom Line


Well this penis pump is everyone and as it has a brand so it don’t have any type of side effects. This is simple to use, only have to follow the steps provided. With this, men can get rock-hard erections and at the same time can get bigger and longer penis size. Also helpful for those men suffering from any health condition so at last, this is the product which can be used by anyone facing problems in their sexual life due to small penis size or less erection. Feel relax to use it without thinking much.

Bathmate Review- Best Penis Growth Pump For Sexual Pleasure
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Bathmate Review- Best Penis Growth Pump For Sexual Pleasure
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