Ayurvedic treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Peyronie's disease copyDo you have peyronies disease? Have you search for any solution to get rid of such disease? Generally many people come across this disease in which the penis becomes harder. It involves the formation of hard lump known as plaque in the muscular part of penis and hence the penis becomes curved and while erection pain occurs. This lump is usually hard and it results in inconvenience while penis stretches, in size and in shape. It may interfere in sexual activities along with erection function of penis. When such types of things are observed then make sure that plaque has infected along with arteries and muscles of penis.

Such type of condition is caused because of some injury to the penis that causes fibrosis. Though this condition is not transmittable and not related to other diseases but it can be dangerous for anyone who is having.

Is Peyronie’s disease common?

Peyronies disease is common or not is difficult to say because many men would have such disease but they don’t let any other people to know or even they don’t speak to the doctors about this. They find it embarrassing and don’t describe about the symptoms. Even many men don’t know that they are suffering from such diseases until some problem occurs in their normal activities.

Common symptoms of peyronies disease

peyroniesThe common symptoms are not much sure because nobody wants to show. But some symptoms include swelling or inflammation that moves into a lump and is found above or below the penis. This condition is known to be the first one. Even if any injury occurs in the penis then it may also cause PD. Pain occurs when penis gets injured and even having such disease also includes pain.

Some other evident symptoms that are seen are mentioned below:

  • Flexibility reduces
  • Continuous pain in penis
  • Problem in maintain erection which is a common symptom
  • Penis becomes hard and flaccid after that point

What causes Peyronie’s disease?

causesCause of peyronies disease is not known till now. But in those people which this disease comes and lasts for few time and if this goes off without any treatment then the cause is trauma. It causes bleeding inside the penis. Generally it is seen that peyronies disease appears slowly and in harsh condition which require surgical treatment. However there are some other possible causes of such conditions which are:

  • Vasculitis– It is an inflammation of lymphatic vessels or blood and due to this inflammation, scar tissue formation can appear.
  • Heredity– In a study it has been proved that those men who are related to peyronies disease can develop the disease by themselves and to a great extent.
  • Disorder of connective tissue– National Institutes of Health stated that at least 30% of men suffering from such disease develop disorders which can affect connective tissue on the other parts of the body like feet and hands. Because of such condition the connective tissue becomes hard.

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Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Peyronie’s disease

herbalAyurveda which is also known to cure many difficult conditions related to health which the modern medicines are unable to recognize. This treatment can treat any health disorder that helps to bring balance in your body and that too without any side effects. This natural treatment is best for any type of diseases, it only requires patient and can cure the difficulties completely and permanently. Therefore Ayurveda is considered as holistic process to treat from every disease.

This treatment can cure peyronies disease easily and it involves all the specific herbs in high amount that can help to reduce the formation of plaque in penis. Along with these medicines, some anti-inflammatory medicines are combined in high quantity so that it can treat hard lumps and removes the plaque to the maximum level. After such medication, the hard lump becomes soft and hence the curvature also gets removed while erection that is associated with pain.

Another way to cure Peyronie’s disease

deviceThough Ayurveda treatment is good enough to cure this disease but it is time taking. In fact peyronies disease is also cured with the help of Peyronies device. This device is made especially to cure the PD and it also cure curvature of penis. It also doesn’t have any type of side effects and your bend penis can be cured.

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