Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better? – Advantages of Having A Normal Penis

Why Bigger Isn't Always Better? - Advantages of Having A Normal Penis size

Have you ever noticed how big your PENIS is? Do you also think that Bigger penis can satisfy more?

Where do you stand compared to the average size?

Generally these kind of questions come in mind when you think about their penis size.

Penis size” and “Bigger is better” is a not a small topic but it is vast especially when men takes it seriously related to their sexual life.

I do also agree with the same that “size matters“.

But when it comes for sex then I do prefer average penis size than longer one. This is because bigger penis size seems to be good to hear but not comfortable for sex that many women states and also one study confirms it.

But what do you think is the NORMALpenis size and what do women think about it?

Don’t worry, here in this blog, you will get the answer of every question.

Just stay tuned and read further.

About Normal Penis Size

Penis size really needs a research as many of them have confusion about its size. It’s on the way that researchers are still finding to prove the normal penis size.

It’s a general thought for almost every men that they don’t have normal penis size. And due to this they also think that they will not be able to satisfy their partner. Know here about How to satisfy women in bed

In fact many men fear that due to small penis size, their partners may leave them. All these are ASSUMPTIONS and nothing else. In this process, only sexual life gets hampered. This fear is given the name as anxiety which troubles men many times about the small penis size.

Men worries about penis length but women are interested in width…

Almost every men want bigger penis. In fact many men have a dream of such penis size because they think they can successfully satisfy their partner and they don’t have to feel embarrassment on their sexual activity.

As per the research done among 80 men, it was found that:

  • An average size of penis is 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) when it becomes flaccid
  • When penis becomes erect then size becomes 12.9 cm (5.1 inches)

But you should also know that everyone is not born with big penis. Many ways are there by which men can get bigger penis size. You can also read Can Additional Consumption of Vitamins and Minerals Increase Your Penis Size?

We already know that when time comes to have sex then nothing matters except the feeling that both partners have. At this time even the size doesn’t matter.

Later on, one study started researching on how much the penis size can grow and found that “flaccid penis length has little importance in determining erect penile length“.

Even after that, another study published on 2014 in which 1661 men of United States were included to find out the average penis size but it did not take physical measurements, rather it left on men’s own measurement.

Reason why bigger penis size is a bit problem

Those guys who have less then 6 inches of penis can happily enjoy their sex life without any problem. But just the opposite happens when a guy have bigger penis size.

Though it’s a common thing every men thinks to have a bigger penis size but in reality, it has many disadvantages. Those who have bigger penis size, though it looks good but actually they don’t get that much satisfaction compared to normal penis size.

Bigger penis can stop the outcome and intention of sex

Here are few examples that will clearly show why bigger penis is not as successful as average penis size:

  • It stops from going on different positions like girl on top. its really painful to have sex with this position when dick size is too big.
  • Only few positions are good and couples have to stuck on them without any change because it hurts a lot to women
  • According to few women, long penis rubs the vagina very hard that is not bearable at all
  • Again large penis can make women bleed and satisfaction is too far from it

However having bigger penis size is not the only problem but here the other problem is you have to know whether your partner is ready to bear the pain of bigger dick.

This is because many women are not ready to accept the size as they think it as a challenge.

Until your partner is comfortable with your dick size, it is completely wasted to have bigger size.

So why to dream of having longer size when you are getting enjoyment and satisfaction with average penis size that almost every men have.

Myth about Penis size

Men watch porn movies and they want to perform in the same way as they have seen.

And many product marketers are taking the benefit of it.

They promise men that after using their products, they can perform as they watched on porn movies. Men really want to enjoy and they buy it without any assumption that whether the product is good or bad.

They includes penis extenders or enlargers. Men always think that their manhood is not up to level and whatever the size they have is not right. But they store a false belief in mind and they suffer in between the process.

Well some of the myths are mentioned that can completely help you to know more about penis size.

Bigger is BetterPeople believe that if men have BIGGER MANHOOD then they can satisfy their partner sexually. But this should not be the focus to increase penis size but focus on what actually your partner wants.

Even bigger penis size sometimes be painful for many women. So better focus on having normal penis size as there are several Advantages of Having A Normal Penis.

Big size means more pleasure– This is a common thought for many guys but this is also a way for painful sex. Instead of having a pleasurable sex, one can spoil the mood and in fact BIGGER PENIS SIZE needs more care.

Women has less interest in penis size than satisfaction

Ejaculate tons of semen– This misconception occurs after watching porn movies. But when compared with reality then men only ejaculate a teaspoon of semen when they orgasm.

In this, almost 200 million sperm per milliliter is ejaculated at a time and if found less than the amount then it is considered as suffering from health issue.

Erect penis is about 7 inches– A thought appears that when men’s penis becomes erect then it reaches to 7 inches. But actually an average penis size for Indian men when becomes erect is 4 inches which is very low.

Due to this, Indians comes in the second last position in world. Highest average size when it becomes erect is 6.7 inches which Venezuelan men gets. But not 7 inches.

Erect penis after sex, wants second round– This has nothing to say but a common thought that if men’s penis is erect after sex then he might go for another round.

Men cannot perform sex continuously and they have a limit. Even many things matter when men want to go for second round just after first.

They should have enough blood flow to penis, or he has taken the blue pills. No matter whatever the reason is, every men need some time to recover after having sex to go for second round.

Men should always focus on their erection level and ejaculation strength. If men is strong enough then nothing can stop them from enjoying a successful sex life. In this context, you will get many related products which can help to enhance your manhood.

Among them one is VigRx Plus which works to get BIGGER and HARDER ERECTION. This is one of the best male enhancement that is suggested by many sex experts as well. It helps men to last longer in bed

Though, whatever assumption people have with the size but there are some drawbacks and advantages of small penis and both big ones.

Bigger Penis size 

Every men wants bigger penis size but why? Do you know the advantages of a big penis?

How bigger penis helps in sexual activity and what are its drawback, let us know here by going through its pros and cons.


  • You will feel its existence
  • Helps to do penis moves such as wrist watch
  • Have more confident to satisfy partner
  • Some sex positions looks impossible which can be easily performed with long penis. Having long penis can make any sex position to perform better.


  • Having long penis sometimes does not work according to your wish and the sex may be painful
  • Has to move from one position to another because many times there is no comfortable position
  • Women are scared of such long penis as it have a chance of anal prolapse
  • Condoms don’t fit on their penis
  • Pants need special tailoring

Short Penis size

Already mentioned above what are the benefits and disadvantages of big penis and now its time to know about benefits of short penis and what are its demerits.


  • Men can easily show their innovative and excitement in bed
  • No kind of fear while having sex and one can easily perform their sex
  • If trying anal sex then it is not too much frightening
  • Women can easily take it on their mouth
  • Any kind of sex positions can easily be performed without any pain


  • Many times you have sex but your partner don’t feel it
  • Chance is there to slip from the main point
  • Difficult to reach few sex positions

Don’t just wait but keep reading to know more about your penis size, what is the actual size to successfully satisfy your partner and many more.

What is an average penis size?

Every person has different penis size and so strength also differs in every person. However, in few studies, it has found that 3.5 inches is the normal length of penis and when it becomes erect then it reaches to 5.1 inches.

In some other studies, it has stated that erect penis size is 5.6 inches and its circumference is about 4.8 inches.

Whatever the size may be, these sizes are known to be normal. Many of them think that tall men have big penis size but this is not true actually. It is already stated that every men have different penis size and even men’s height also matters in the length of penis.

There is no fact between men’s height and penis size. Even tall man can have small penis and less height men can have bigger penis.

Causes of Small Penis

Men always have confusion how to perform well in bed with their partner and a doubt whether they are able to satisfy their partner or not?

The time you started your sexual intercourse, you should better know your penis function and strength. But what to do when you feel that your penis is not growing as per the requirement or its getting shorter?

Well short of penis is known as genital retraction syndrome. When scar tissue forms then penis size gets lower and this occurs due to a disease known as Peyronies disease.

This is one of the harmful disease that occurs in almost ten percent of male population. In this condition, the size of penis decrease and it gets curve. This condition can make completely out of their sexual life.

As men always want to grow their penis size so there are several ways to do that. In market there are several pills, creams, medicines and even lots of exercises. All are helpful in growth of penis.

Even surgery is also one kind of treatment which many men opt for but do you think that this method is right for you?

Surgery is not a successful method to treat any disease, even doctors instruct not to go for surgery method. Penis enlargement surgery is available but not the correct way to grow penis size. It has many disadvantages which you can read here- The Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Surgery!

There are lots of other ways like mechanical devices, stretching by hand or by vacuum pumps. Though these methods are available but all are risky and instead of increasing the size, it may damage the internal part.

Go through the truth

When times comes to treat any health disease then you can get a wide range of products in market. They comes in the form of pills, devices, creams etc.

The products are marketed in such a way that you hardly get any difference. Finally you get confuse which one to use and at last, you have to suffer.

One fact you should always keep in mind that no fake products or ways can increase penis size. So instead of going through any false updates, go through REALITY.

Learn to use natural methods if you want better result. There are several such as exercises, losing overweight, increasing blood flow or good health habits.


Men think whether they have the perfect size or not but the truth is that maximum men are close to the normal size. Though it’s a general thought of men to have bigger size penis but men should completely focus on their sexual life.

They should focus on their health and don’t get stuck to penis size. Be happy that you have a normal penis size which can successfully lead to a satisfying sexual life. If you and your partner is happy then nothing else should worry you.

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