12 Tips to Arouse Your Partner Sexually in Bed

12 Tips to Arouse Your Partner Sexually in Bed

Sex is considered as one of the important part of marriage as well as everyone’s sexual life. In fact, this is one of the best relationship that can make both couple fall in deep love and it keeps the love alive.

Even sex can maintain the bond between each other and a spiritual love connection is seen.

But in this love connection, it is important for both partners to sexually satisfy. And if you see in women then they are equally sexual as men.

Though women are equally sexual but how they get aroused is very different thing. Compared to women, men get aroused immediately but to sexually arouse your women, men have to work hard.

And if you are a man who is confused about what are the things that you have to do to arouse your partner then you don’t have to worry much.

I am here to help you out, as you will get some of the best tips to arouse your partner in bed.

Tips to arouse your partner in bed

Talk dirty

You cannot deny the fact that talking dirty to your partner can arouse her quickly. But do you know what to talk and how? Talk only those things, which she loves and be little bit expressive.

It was seen that when men were told to arouse a women by talking dirty things, then they overdo it and everything comes to end.

Always talk in the level she wants and what she thinks for you, don’t talk rubbish and don’t do things in aggressive way. Do it just simple and make her attractive towards you.

Build a new environment

If you compare women to men then, women are much more sensitive than men. Generally women loves bright lights, continue using the dirty bed sheets, loud music and more.

At this moment, creating some unexpected atmosphere can make the moment romantic such as changing the bed sheet, selecting some soft music that can feel better etc.

If you want to do more then, you can switch off all lights and light candles, serve her drink, play love songs that really enhance her to feel the same as you are feeling.

All these things are not made for everyone, some may get irritate to do all these things but I would like to tell you that doing these changes can make difference. These things can make your women feel about you and can get sexually aroused in less time.

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You might know what foreplay all about is. When you want to make your women sexually aroused then you should learn the foreplay technique.

You already know that getting aroused for you is a common thing but making your women is that much difficult.

Here men generally make a big mistake assuming that their partner is also ready for foreplay but actually, the thing is different.

If you go through the basic way then foreplay should start from genitals. Some other possible techniques you can use like kissing on her neck, cupping her face, looking to each other, moving gently to her sexually striving areas rather than simply jumping to have sex.

Improve kissing practice

Do you love kissing your partner? Obviously, you love it but do you know whether your partner loves the same?

I would like to tell you that kissing can turn on many women and they get sexually excited immediately without doing much work. But here what matters is how you are kissing your partner.

If your kissing technique is not good then nothing can go your way.

Women love kissing (not everyone) but matters on how you do it. When your women allow you to kiss her, do not do horribly otherwise she will be never expect anything good from you.

So, if you have a bad kissing habit then try to improve it. You may don’t know which method can turn her on and you both can enjoy the moment.

Play a game of truth or dare

I think all people had played this game in their school days. But this game can also use in your love life to make your partner sexually excited.

You can play it according to your wish, the original way as either it was played or you can change it to be a game of sexual truth or dare. Both can give each other a risky dares and make your girl say the truth.

You can mix up the things a little bit to make the game more exciting and focusing on her to turn on without taking much time. This can be much more fun and attractive too.

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Speak softly about sexy things

Speaking softly to your partner or whispering on her ears can arouse your women many times. This can be done any time when you are with her or even when you are in phone talking to her.

The whispering should be in the exact way as you are gently removing clothes from her body, kissing on her lips, neck and shoulders and other part of body, which you know it better.

The main thing to say is speaking softly changes many things in less time and the thing which was opposite to you starts working your way. Don’t talk dirty but something that can make her feel the same you are feeling.

Flirt her by giving a sign

Your body plays an important role in this aspect and it also says about what your body needs at that moment. It’s a great technique to make her think that you are thinking about sex.

In addition, you should also take care of not talking to her about boring topics or too much serious one. While talking to her, speak some words that make her aroused. Even you can flirt your women to make the thing going but not in deeper.

Try to speak about her good things, some enjoying moment, some happy moments that can make her feel about you. At the same time, don’t forcefully tell about your achievement in between to spoil everything.

Grind her in public place

I will not generally suggest you to do this thing but if you get such a moment then you can try this technique. You come close to your partner at home or in your private cabins, which you don’t do generally in public place.

But next time when you go out for some party or on occasion, try to grind her from behind. Though in the crowd physical intimate might work and obviously it will make her arouse completely.

Look for her fantasies

Not only you but your partner and a great number of women have sexual fantasies though. Once you come to know about her fantasies, try to encourage her or open her up and after that try to fulfill all those.

This is also one of the best ways to attract your women towards you. So whenever you don’t get anything to make your partner sexually excited, try to play a role model for her and show her what you can do to make her happy.

This type works especially for those men who are not sexually aroused for long time or for them sex has completely gone stale.

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Text her sexy messages

If you are a man who thinks a lot in talking dirty with your partner then you can go to other techniques as well. You have a phone with you, just text her sexy messages.

Generally texting helps two people come closer but don’t have physical intimacy. This is also a great way to bring each other closer.

You should keep in mind that whatever text messages you are going to write her, should be sexy and say those things, which you think, should be told and she loves to hear about.

Tongue her all way

You might know the feature of your tongue but how it works for your sexual life, you might don’t know much about. Tongue plays vital role in arousing your women.

Generally kissing on lips and tickling her is a great fun but what when you want to use your tongue but you don’t know how and where?

I would like to tell you that whatever things you don’t want to do with your tongue, you should now focus on those parts and use your tongue to make her sexually excited.

Inner thighs of your women, feet, shoulders, lower back, nape of neck etc are some of the parts that men should focus on using their tongue. Special attention should be given in these areas so that in return, you can get better result.

Your priority should be her pleasure

Having sex and playing with your partner is everything about generous. Your women always want to enjoy with you in bed, she wants to feel good only when you successfully do it.

If you are successful in giving her what she wants then you will also get the better result from her in return. It means that her priority will be to please you and continue having more sex with you.

She will feel more energetic and satisfying when you come to know what actually she likes. If you don’t know what she likes then don’t hesitate in asking her about it, try to open up and fulfill her desires.

Bonus Tip

Apart from these things, the very important thing you should know is how to spice up your sexual life. Every men and women or couple gets bored of the daily routine and to it becomes very important to get out of such routine.

It is essential to change your daily routine and do something that enhance both partner, take some steps that make things enjoying and exciting in bedroom.

I would like to add that only one thing that can give your sexual life a huge appreciation is by spicing all the things properly.

You will get plenty of such things that can help to boost your normal life and create a memorable time for both partner.

Some of the things that you should try leaving all your daily routines are:

Try some different sex positions to enhance your sexual life. Even women get bored of the same sex position so try some new that can excite both partners.

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Search some romantic place and enjoy your day with your partner. Its better to go outside than getting bored on the same bedroom for long time. Even you can find new location in your bathroom, showering both of them together making the moment sexy.


Nothing much to say about as everything is mentioned in this blog and I hope whatever technique I have discussed with you will surely help to arouse your partner sexually without any problem. Many men are confused from where to start and how to start, but now there is no need to worry.

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12 Tips to Arouse Your Partner Sexually in Bed
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