Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?

Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is known as one of the stressful for all men and this becomes very critical when men ages.  This is because women expect more from men as men can control their sexual arousal. However men should know to control the situation and also they should manage how to decrease the anxiety of premature ejaculation. Anxiety is one of the common factor which leads to premature ejaculation. This makes many guys nervous and that that time it is important to focus on two things which are:

  • Is she enjoying herself?
  • What your genitals are doing

Well both of the above situation can lead to anxiety and also to the inability to control the climax. There are several reasons behind all these. Actually when you think whether your partner is enjoying on herself then you stop focusing on yourself enjoying and this makes you weak in your ability to stay in that particular moment. Even when you focus much on what you are doing then it’s obvious that you will lose the natural abilities which you have learned from your experiences.


Anxiety is one of the biggest factor which causes premature ejaculation. During sexual intercourse, anxious is must at the time. While sex, men might have an idea of not a great performer. This can totally affect the mind and can cause to ejaculate quickly. This is all because you are concentrating on the act rather than relaxing. Even erectile dysfunction can also lead to PE. When you don’t able to maintain your erection then this may develop into a pattern and will always be in hurry to ejaculate immediately.

Anxiety messes up sex in general.

When men are very much stressed then anxiety triggers in the body and this exactly the opposite what is required for sexual arousal to continue without any interruption. Men’s arousal is in command but this can be short-circuited when the stress is triggered. This is somewhere true because the stress level can overrule the relaxation response just to keep alive for the time of danger. Therefore if the stress level is not decreased then it can really lead to difficult situation for sexual arousal. So men should have complete relax to get sexually excited.

Orgasm is controlled separately from sexual arousal.

If you have stress then it can completely acquire the body and orgasm is under control of stress and it can lead to physiological switch from one state to another in order to trigger orgasm. Though the entire process is not understood but still there are some men who switch from relaxation mode to stress mode before reaching orgasm. Even it is known that men who have premature ejaculation comes quicker than they think. But when men have anxiety then they can produce the same results in men.

Some steps are to be followed to control premature ejaculation

Start and stop– This method is one of the way to control premature ejaculation and this is also a process to decrease anxiety. You get to the moment when you are to burst and suddenly stops. Continue this process until you have complete control without any problem. This will help men to last longer in bed and this is also better as it can be used for experience. This may make men’s mind to find sex less stressful and it is also true that the more you do it, the more you will get used of the feeling. In fact men should also learn some sex exercises for their sexual intercourse.

Use hands before and after- There are chances for worry when your partner enjoys herself and this is most common causes of anxiety. The problem you are facing should be told to your partner and she should know about it and you next step should be to let her know that you will get some other ways to please her. So just try to warm her beforehand and when you are done then continue into your own hands. Doing this will ensure she is enjoying herself and at the same time your confidence level will be high.

Try to control premature ejaculationYou should know that PE can come at any stage but one thing which is good to know that when PE is caused by anxiety then it can be solved by following the above mentioned ways and try to make lovemaking experience. It requires an understanding partner but many partners understand the situation who care about it and this will completely unlock sexual powers inside you.

Supplements to cure premature ejaculation

When nothing works to cure premature ejaculation then men can go for using natural supplements which can treat premature ejaculation. Enlast is the product which is used to cure premature ejaculation. This is made for both men and women to increase the pleasure and provide enjoyable sexual experience. This is completely safe and don’t have any kind of side effects. This is water based lubricant and is very much comfortable. It is one of the best product which gives pleasure to men and women and at the same time it also treats premature ejaculation without any issue.

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