An Untold Guide to Anorgasmia – Overcome Difficulties to Climax with Partner

An Untold Guide to Anorgasmia - Overcome Difficulties to Climax with Partner

Are you failing to reach the climax while having sex with your partner?

Do you know why some people fail to reach orgasm?

If your answer is ‘NO’ then stay here and read this blog completely.

Whatever problem you are facing is not the only problem for you but many others also suffer from the same condition. Generally failing while sexual intercourse or when climaxing becomes difficult with partner then it is termed as Anorgasmia.

So today, we will discuss about anorgasmia, what are the cause of it, its types and its complete treatment.

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About Anorgasmia

Well, anorgasmia is known as the deficiency of orgasm while having sex with partner. This is a pathological condition, which is found in both males and females. This is also in the form of sexual dysfunction that refers to those men who do not climax with their partners.

This condition makes men to receive less excitation in sex and stop from achieving to climax. However, this condition as mentioned earlier is also common in females, which are seen in postmenopausal.

Due to this only, anorgasmia mostly seen in women compared to men. This condition can make relationship worst and psychological distress. This condition can be due to several factors like patients sexual experience, suitability, age etc.

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Causes of Anorgasmia

Causes are several and it differs in every men and women. However, the general causes are psychological, biological and emotional. This condition is very harmful and it can cause temporary and even sometimes permanent sexual dysfunction.

Let us look at some of the causes of anorgasmia:

Psychological causes of anorgasmia

It is known that about 90% of anorgasmia is due to psychological problem, which include:

  • Do not have enough sex education
  • Depression that cause lack of sexual desire
  • Stress is also one of the factors to lead anorgasmia
  • Anxiety about sexual performance that lead to harmful condition
  • Negative thought about sex
  • Having history of sexual abuse as a child can really impact badly in sexual life and can cause anorgasmia

Biological causes of anorgasmia

  • Certain heart conditions can result in sexual dysfunction and can lead to anorgasmia
  • Patient having diabetes and diabetic neuropathy which is common in females
  • Taking antidepressant drugs can have lower sex drive as well as low libido and can suffer from low orgasm
  • Even due to hypertension and due to pelvic injuries
  • Damage in the spinal cord due to vehicle crash
  • Multiple sclerosis may lead to low sexual desire and anorgasmia

Emotional Causes of anorgasmia

Some emotional causes of anorgasmia are:

  • Sexual ignorance can lead to such harmful condition and men cannot lead to orgasm
  • Do not have enough knowledge of genital or testes
  • Don’t have better communication with sexual partner which reduces sexual desire and lead to anorgasmia
  • Men finishes before their female partner reach to orgasm or climax
  • Several misunderstanding and argument with partner can cause emotional stress, which in turn lowers sex drive and desire, and lead to anorgasmia

Some other causes of anorgasmia

  • Excess of tobacco consumption
  • Large amount of drinking alcohol
  • Extra use of antidepressants

Types of Anorgasmia

You already know that anorgasmia or problem in climaxing with partner is the condition where men suffers from inability to reach climax or experience long delay in orgasm but it is categorized in different categories. They are:

Primary anorgasmia– This is the condition in which a person never experienced an orgasm

Secondary anorgasmia– This condition is also common in many couples where they used to have orgasms but they face issue in having orgasm

Situational anorgasmia– In this condition, a person can orgasm only in certain stages like masturbation or in oral sex. However, this is common in women as they only experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

General anorgasmia– This condition is not known to everyone, in this man cannot orgasm in any situation and not with any partner.

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Figures for Anorgasmia in Men

Well, when we look for the statistics for anorgasmia then it is seen that the problem varies in men and at least 10 percent of men have suffered from such condition. It differs in every man who suffers from it so some may face inability to reach orgasm at the time of sexual activity but they have a chance to reach orgasm after prolonged and strong non-intercourse stimulation.

Anorgasmia is termed for those men who never experienced an orgasm whereas the other part of anorgasmia is for those men who have experienced orgasm in past but they are facing trouble now to reach the climax.

Treatments available for Anorgasmia

Well if you are experiencing in reaching the climax then you may visit to your doctor first. This is both for male and female patient. Every cause has different treatment so until you go to your doctor, you cannot recognize what kind of treatment you have to get.

Even going to sex therapist can help you as they completely diagnose the condition with several tests. The tests include blood sugar, hormone level and genital flow of blood.

However, anorgasmia can be treated by following the below mentioned ways:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety level
  • Doing kegel exercises
  • Life style changes and along with doing sexual practices
  • Cognitive therapy that promotes changes in ideas of a person and attitude towards sex
  • Using several devices like vibrators or vacuum pumps


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How to overcome Anorgasmia

In this context, you can also go for using natural supplements like Male Extra. Yes, you have read it right, even natural supplements have the ability to treat the condition you are suffering from. Male Extra is a male enhancer that helps men to boost their sexual health and increase sexual desire with an increased penis size.

This is a complete solution to Anorgasmia and men can maintain their erection level and helps to overcome the inability to reach orgasm and climaxing. Men suffering from sexual dysfunction can use it without any worry.


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Useful tips to get rid of Anorgasmia

If you think that you are suffering from anorgasmia or difficulty in reaching climax with your partner then the below mentioned tips are for you. Go through them properly, do those things, and lead a happy sexual life.

First, know your own body. Yes, this is advised because if you look at your body naked then you can see the difference and you can see your genitals. Many think this is the dirty part of body, even females also think the same but this part also need some rest to have a successfully sexual life.

Second, try to communicate with your partner without any hesitation. This may solve your problem to a great extent. Dare to talk about what you like and what you do not, about experiences, fantasies and tell the problem if you have any.

Third, relax yourself by practicing some useful exercises, which keeps your mind free, and relax. Get rid of anxiety that you have about your sexual performance and lead a happy life.

Fourth, self stimulate which means you have to know your body completely to have a satisfying sexual life. You should focus on that part of body, which give you extra pleasure. Try to increase stimulation power and this can help you a lot in getting orgasm or climaxing with your partner.


At last, Anorgasmia is the condition, which makes men completely disable in their sexual life. If this is not cured on time then it can also lead to infertility. However, there are several ways to cure the condition but important thing is not to take much stress, keep a good communication level with your partner and follow the other things that are mentioned in this blog.

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An Untold Guide to Anorgasmia - Overcome Difficulties to Climax with Partner
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