17 Andropause/Male Menopause Questionnaire You Can’t Miss

Andropause/Male Menopause Questionnaire

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What Is Andropause?

Andropause is the condition that is associated with decrease in male hormone testosterone. As men ages, their testosterone level reduces but when men suffer from Andropause then hormone level comes down below normal level.

As men ages, this drop is continued and almost 30% of men when reaches the age of 50 generally experience andropause.

What Causes Andropause?

Andropause is generally triggered by low testosterone. This happens when men ages as the body starts to make less testosterone and at the same time, another useful hormone named as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) starts to increase.

However, there are few medical conditions as well that also leads to early andropause like surgical removal of testes and testicular cancer.

According to Mayo Clinic, the level of testosterone declines on an average of 1 percent every year after men ages to 30 and above. Even some severe health conditions can cause the condition earlier ad make your T level down.

What Are The Symptoms Of Andropause?

Now there can be several signs or symptoms of Andropause that make psychological, physical and emotional changes in men. Some of them are:

  • Change in attitude and mood
  • Problem in remembering things
  • Low sex drive
  • Depression
  • Reduced motivation
  • Increase in nervousness
  • Self-confidence is reduced
  • Suffers from erectile dysfunction
  • Low energy level and fatigue
  • Low muscle mass and strength

How Long Does Andropause Last?

Andropause can last for 15 to 20 years.

Though this is not yet proved that the condition can go for such long period or not but according to some source, it can last up to 15 to 20 years.

As it is known that testosterone level drops gradually as men ages so it also vary depending on individuals. And this is also somewhere true that if the condition is not treated then it can last up to indefinitely.

The thing here is some men may not experience any kind of hormonal changes and so they are tension free but those who come across such symptoms will definitely feel discomfort.

At What Age Does Andropause Start?

Andropause generally starts at age 30.

But the condition is rare at age 30 and only few people can experience the symptoms. But when men reaches to age 40 and above then the discomfort level typically begins. In one of the study published in NCBI says that around 40 percent men were found with low testosterone who are at age 45.

Does Male Menopause Really Exist?

Many men have a question on their mind asking whether male menopause really exist?

Sometimes what happens is men see lots of changes in themselves as they age but they don’t suffers from male menopause.

According to one study by NCBI, it says that male menopause is inappropriate because in this condition, a sudden drop of sex hormone is seen. It’s not sure but can occur to middle aged men or when the testosterone production fails.

So one can consider it to be real as it exists to many men and people still face this condition as a challenge.

How Is Andropause Diagnosed?

The symptoms vary from men to men so it’s not easy always to diagnose andropause.

But yes, there are few things that your doctor will ask you to completely know about the condition. He/she may ask you about how you are feeling just to check if some symptoms match the condition or not or match with low testosterone.

After that:

  • He will perform a physical test
  • Will know about symptoms
  • Will do tests to see medical problems might contribute the condition
  • Will do blood test that can measure testosterone level

As there can be several other conditions that are linked with low testosterone level such as hypogonadism, high blood pressure etc, so your doctor will definitely tests all these to find out the possibilities before diagnosing andropause.

NOTE– Remember that some symptoms linked with andropause are also seen in normal life when men ages, so they cannot be treated.

Does Testosterone Linked With Andropause?

Yes, testosterone is directly linked with Andropause because in this condition, male hormone is reduced as men ages. When T level decreases then it leads to poor function of sex drive, muscle mass, bone density, metabolism and energy level.

When testosterone level will increase, then quality of life, sexual desire, energy level, erection strength etc will obviously increase and this will reduce the Andropause condition.

Should You Worry About Andropause?

Yes, you should worry about Andropause because it is related to low testosterone and this can be really troublesome.

The condition is hard to track as it can show long term effect and one should take it seriously. This can decline sexuality and changes in mood that totally affect the quality of life. Even men can suffer from cardiovascular disease with andropause.

Apart from these, reduced sex drive, weaker erection, low bone mass, depression, high fat accumulation etc are also linked to male menopause and its really a matter of worry.

Is Andropause An Illness?

No, Andropause is not an illness.

It’s an aging process that men face due to low testosterone level which is a sex hormone secreted by testicles. This occurs when men reaches the age of 45 and above. However, men suffer from several unwanted conditions and disorders.

But you should also know that all these changes or symptoms do not happen at once. It’s not necessary that the changes you are seeing are because of Andropause but can be due to aging or health problem.

So it’s completely wrong to say that andropause is an illness but yes, can lead to several issues or difficulties in sexual life.

What Is The Difference Between Andropasue And Male Menopause?

Generally, Andropause is called as “male menopause” but both of these two can bring lots of uncomfortable symptoms in men.

First, compared to women menopause, andropause does not means the end of male fertility. Only the quantity and quality of sperm reduces as per age but men remains fertile. Andropause reduces testosterone production slowly.

According to experts, T level drops by 1% every year and the worst part is only 30% to 50% of drop will be considered from whole. On an average, 40% to 65% of men are only affected by this condition.

Do All Men Get Andropause?

No, all men don’t suffer from Andropause.

But yes, the symptoms that are seen in people after certain age is quite similar to Andropause but you cannot say that men are suffering from it. Age related changes in hormone level happen to every man which is also defined as testosterone deficiency or androgen deficiency.

After the age of 50, men sees a drop in testosterone production but you cannot say this drop is a sign of male menopause.

After Andropause Does A Man Stop Getting Hard?

No, its not like that men don’t get hard after suffering from Andropause.

After certain age, many men suffers from erectile dysfunction but it does not means that they cannot get hard. After age 50, erection changes in men. Some happens gradually whereas some men sees it quickly.

But as men grow older, their ability to hold or raise erection drops. Men suffering from Andropause can get hard if they focus on some lifestyle changes or falling deeply in love with their partner.

What Are The Effects Of Testosterone On Men With Andropause?

Its already known that testosterone is responsible for male sex desire and erection. It also increases metabolic process like immune system, muscles, brain, bones etc. But when the level reduces then it leads to several unwanted conditions.

As per a study, Andropause is defined as the gradual decrease in male sex hormone as men ages. So its effect is also several like weakness, insomnia, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, loss of motivation etc.

So when men suffer from andropause then it’s obvious that testosterone level will drop and several issues will be seen in men. But there are ways to Combat Andropause by Boosting Libido & Testosterone.

Can Male Menopause Be Treated?

Yes, male menopause can be treated.

There are several treatments available that can help to treat male menopause. Generally it happens due to low testosterone; therefore many doctors suggest doing a testosterone replacement therapy. This cures several symptoms like fatigue, low sexual desire, depression etc.

But at the same time, there are some risk as well in this therapy. Learn more Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits

Apart from this, there are other male menopause treatments as well to improve the quality of life. Certain life style changes such as proper exercising, taking proper diet, medication etc are the best ways to overcome male menopause.

What Are The Treatment For Male Menopause?

After certain age, the testosterone level gradually reduces which is considered as normal and you don’t have to suffer. Previously, people were surrounded with one or two treatments only but nowadays, there are varieties of andropause treatments available.

As I have discussed in the above question that testosterone replacement therapy is one of the ways to cure male menopause but there are others as well.

Andropause is related to low libido so here are few ways to overcome the condition easily:

  1. Testosterone gels

Testosterone gels are considered as the safest way to treat andropause/male menopause but it should be taken with some precautions. The gel should be applied every morning on upper arms or shoulders. In addition, you should not take bath for five hours after applying the gel.

  1. Testosterone injections

You can find testosterone injections as well that are more convenient for men. This injection should be taken every three months. Its absorption rate is constant and patient doesn’t have to do anything.

  1. Skin patches

Skin patches are yet another helpful ways to receive testosterone through skin. This patch allows steady release of testosterone in blood stream. It should be applied once daily on dry area either on abdomen, thighs, back or upper arms.

  1. Lifestyle changes

Doing some lifestyle changes is yet another useful and best way to treat male menopause. Even your doctor will advise to do the following:

  • Do regular exercise
  • Reduce your stress and tension
  • Eat healthy
  • Leave smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Get a good sleep

All these lifestyle habits have already worked for men and have seen changes in positive way. Also you should consult your doctor once.

  1. Natural supplement

There are natural supplement as well that works effectively in treating Andropause.  One such supplement is Provacyl, known as hormone supplement to stimulate the body to produce more testosterone and HGH. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that boost T level without any side effects.

  • It increases sexual drive and libido
  • Improves overall health and well being
  • Increases energy and power with physical stamina
  • Lowers wrinkles and age effect
  • Increases metabolism rate

Provacyl is the best way to treat male menopause and compared to other methods, it is convenient and takes less time to cure the condition. This is the best supplement to fight against male andropause.


How To Stay In Balance During Andropause?

When you come to know that you are suffering from Andropause, then there are few things to follow that will help men to stay in balance.

They are:

  • Test your hormone levels to check whether they in proper level or not
  • Continue with a proper low diet that contains high protein and fiber
  • Boost testosterone level by doing weight bearing exercises
  • Lose your weight as required
  • Leave all things that lowers testosterone level like cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and others
  • Sleep on time and at least seven to eight hours and not less than that
  • Reduce your stress level and enjoy doing things that you want


So here I have discussed different types of questions related to Andropause and answered them so that you don’t be in any confusion. Hopefully, now all your doubts are cleared and you can deal better if you experience Andropause/male menopause.

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17 Andropause/Male Menopause Questionnaire You Can’t Miss
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