17 Ancient Herbs To Spice Up Your Love and Increase Sex Drive

17 Ancient Herbs To Spice Up Your Love and Increase Sex Drive

There are always some predictions of sex drive in men, it may high or it may be low. Men think to have an amazing sex life with their partners but unfortunately some unwanted things occurs which men never think of.

If your sex drive is good then obviously your overall health will be better. And this is a good sign of a healthy life which is good for everyone.

However, if you are not getting enough erections while sex or suffering from low sex drive especially as you age then this can be a problem.

You cannot imagine what are the aspects of health that can really affect the sexuality of male?

You should know that when women ages or reach to their middle age, their sexual desire increases. Whereas as men ages, difficulties begin like low testosterone level, low sex drive, low erection level etc.

Even this condition is called as Andropause, which means male will suffer from low energy, mental lethargy, decrease sexual response etc.

However, low testosterone has the treatment like testosterone replacement therapy but this is not a permanent solution and also has many side effects and very costly.

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So, how to get rid of this problem and increase sex drive

Well much research has been conducted to find out the best ways to boost sex drive. Finally, the researchers has come to the solution and explained that natural herbs can increase sex drive of men.

Natural herbs for male enhancement give positive results and increase the size of penis. So today, we will discuss about 17 best sacred herbs to increase sex drive.

#1- Tongkat Ali

This is a famous natural herb, which is known as Malaysian ginseng. This is a native tree found in the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Their citizens believe that Tongkat Ali is a tree, which has medicinal qualities in every part.

This herb increases libido and supports normal hormone level. Several studies have been conducted which has proved that its root increases male sexual health.

#2- Horny goat weed

This is an ancient herb for male enhancement found in the hillsides of Korea, Japan and China. This herb is believed to be an aphrodisiac, which was used to treat sexual issues like impotence or premature ejaculation.

Especially in China, this herb is used from ancient times as it is a natural remedy and so it is as Chinese herbs for Male performance.

Used to overcome erectile dysfunction, low sex drives etc. Even later on, found that this herb contains a compound known as epimedium, which blocks the enzyme effect that stops the blood flow to penis. Hence, horny goat weed improves strength, sex duration and erectile issues.

#3- Butea Superba

You might be new to this herb but it is actually a natural herb found in Thailand for male enhancement. It has the ability to bring back the sexual power and men can perform their sex without any worry.

It works by boosting sexual potency, helps men to stay longer in bed by achieving longer and stronger erections and improves libido with endurance.

#4- Momoridica

This is also another powerful natural male enhancement herb, which has the ability to give men the power to stay longer in bed. Although it has the power of antiviral and antibacterial properties so it is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine but useful ingredient is boosting sexual desire.

Momoridica improves immunity and also increases the body function which is damaged by diabetes or other conditions.

#5- Korean ginseng

Korean ginseng is a natural ingredient, which helps blood to flow through penis. It promotes sperm volume by increasing sperm and boost testosterone level if it is taken for long time.

This powerful herb is very good in boosting sexual life and sex drive and with that, it has the power to overcome erectile dysfunction, penis thickness, and low erection and at last gives a sexual satisfaction to men.

#6- L-Arginine

It is an amino acid, which is important for body to make proteins.  After it goes in the body, it converts into nitric oxide, which is helpful in relaxing blood vessels to have a good blood flow.

L-arginine is used to cure erectile dysfunction along with male fertility and improves sex drive in men. However, apart from it, this herb also treats high blood pressure, kidney function and used for chest pain.

So men suffering from ED or low sex drive can take L-arginine to boost sexual function and overall performance.

#7- Bladder wrack

This ingredient is found in Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, iodine and calcium. This herb is useful in curing high cholesterol level, thyroid disorders, obesity and fatigue.

Moreover, it has antibacterial properties. However, some studies have proved that if this herb is consumed orally then it is helpful in producing sex hormones. In addition, this will obviously improve erections and overall sexual performance.

#8- Zinc

Many of them might know about zinc, which is essential mineral and most potent antioxidant. Zinc helps to produce healthy sperm and also good for prostate gland.

Zinc is must to have in body otherwise it can have several harmful effects like people can suffer from prostatitis and this can even lead to impotence and premature ejaculation. One can eat oysters or pumpkin seeds as these are best know sources of zinc.

#9- Rhodiola rosea

This ancient herb comes from Siberia and Tian Shan mountains range found in Northwestern China. Its root is the main part, which is important. In the past, athletes used it to increase energy, endurance and stamina.

But later on found that this root is also helpful in boosting sexual power and energy. This was proved after a complete study of men suffering from ED or PE. Maximum of them have experienced an improved sexual pleasure after 12 weeks of taking Rhodiola roseo.

#10- Ashwagandha Root

This natural herb is found in India and North America. The local doctors use its roots from centuries and they named it as an ancient Kama Sutra (sex booster).

This natural herb increases the power of sexual health and improves the overall sexual performance in men. Taking 500 mg pill of ashwagandha root can show effect within hours, so just think how much powerful it is.

#11- Pine pollen

Pine pollen is a natural herb, which has powerful vitality enhancing properties. The seed of it when mixed with water, soil, sun and air becomes a huge hundred-foot tree. But the main thing is that this tree has some positive effect on sexual life.

If increases libido and hormone system. It has the power to bring back the sexual confidence as it has unbelievable aphrodisiac effect.

#12- Curculigo

This herb is found in India especially in the Himalayas. It has powerful aphrodisiac and boosting properties, which is helpful in curing any kind of sexual disorders. It has positive effect on sexual performance where men can achieve what they want in their love life.

It was found that when curculigo was used regularly then it works to improve weak erection along with its quality and enhances libido.

#13- Cordyceps

A small plant found in Tibet is a mushroom like structure which has aphrodisiac properties and helps to overcome any sexual illness. Its extract is useful in treating ED and enhances male libido.

Moreover, this herb increases testosterone level and this in turn boost blood circulation. Sperm motility is improved by using codyceps so this powerful herb is one of the best natural male enhancements to give men the power to enjoy their sexual life.

#14- Kava

Kava is found in Polynesian Island and it was found after a long research because it has the power to calm the nerves and reduces stress level in men and women.

Those people who take stress or tension in their life, they obviously will suffer from low libido and unsatisfied sex with their partners. But by taking kava in this condition will overcome all the difficulties in sexual life and hence provide the power to stay longer and have a successful love life.

So you can say that this is a natural herbs of male enhancement that proves quality sexual drive for men.

#15- Yohimbe

In Western Africa, a long evergreen tree has a bark known, as Yohimbe is one of the natural aphrodisiac, which was used from centuries in the treatment of sexual power. This powerful bark is not only useful in curing impotence but it also helps men to reduce body fat.

Moreover, this is a herbal medicine for sex power and its extract was used as a drug to cure ED and to improve overall sexual performance.

#16- Reishi Mushrooms

This is yet another natural herb used in cooking by mainland Chinese. It is known as the herb of spiritual potency that is helpful in improving sexual function, increasing sexual libido and fertility.

In addition, this herb was found in giving amazing effect in kidney which are the main root of sexual potency and power, so it is known as magic kidney mushroom.

#17- Muira Puama

Muira Puama a famous herb found in Amazonian tribe is used in curing fatigue and erectile dysfunction. This was proved in a study where those men who were suffering from low sexual drive now having blast at night because of taking muira puama.

This herb should be taken daily at least for one month and you can see the difference in sexual life. It is a natural herb for sex drive and men can notice the result after taking it.

Therefore, all these are the best natural herbs for male enhancement, which works to improve sex drive in men.

Alternative solution to Increase sex drive                                        

Well many men do not want to go through all these natural herbs and they want some simple method to boost sex drive. This can only happen by using natural supplement.

Yes, there are several supplements, which are used to boost sexual desire, and they include natural ingredients among the above mentioned.

So, one of the best supplements is ProSolution Pills. Yes, this natural male enhancement pill works effectively in giving rise to your sexual drive and enhances overall performance in bed. It improves the blood flow to penis and stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide in natural way.

So try ProSolution Pill and boost your sex drive naturally.


Finally, I have concluded some of the best herbs for you. I would like to say that all these are the best natural herbs that have a positive effect on sex drive for men. Giving a try to these ancient herbs and overcoming some of the sexual problems can really make your love life better and successful.

I hope after reading this blog, you have come to know some more natural herbs that works to increase sex drive naturally.

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