Sperm Retrieval- Advance Technique To Increase Sperm Production In Men

Sperm Retrieval- Advance Technique To Increase Sperm Production In Men

There are many discussions about female infertility and people take it very seriously. But have you ever thought of male infertility?

It is a hot topic and similar to women, men also need medical help to deal with the condition. Several studies show that 1 in every 50 men suffers from zero sperm count while they ejaculate in spite of healthy sperms are stored in testicles.

This is where the sperm retrieval technique is used so that men suffering from such problems can be cured. So in this blog, we will discuss everything about sperm retrieval, its technique to produce sperm, and also other things that can make things easier.


What Is Sperm Retrieval?


Sperm retrieval is a technique that helps to get sperm for fertility purposes. It means to say that when pregnancy is the main goal but unfortunately it’s only possible by taking the help. For men who don’t have sperm in semen or face some kind of problem in ejaculation, this sperm retrieval process is the best.

Here, sperm is collected from other reproductive tracts, and nowadays, a technique like vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

IVF is a process in which egg and sperm are combined in a lab to fertilize. This combination is called an embryo. Later on, this embryo is transferred to the uterus for development. Whereas ICSI is an IVF process in which single sperm is directly injected into an egg.


What Happens When The Conditions Is Normal?


Many men don’t know what happens in normal conditions for the sperm process. The actual thing is here.

The penis base contains 2 testicles in which sperm and testosterone are made. Here the process is called epididymis when sperm leave testicles via a coiled tube. Unless ready to use, they stay there. Note that each epididymis is connected to the prostate through a tube called vas deferens.

Now, this tube runs from the scrotum into the groin, then going through the pelvis, and after that behind the bladder. Here, every vas deferens joins the seminal vesicle and forms the ejaculatory duct.

When ejaculation occurs, that sperm passes via ejaculatory ducts so that fluid gets mixed from seminal vesicles, prostate along with other glands to form semen. After that, semen goes via the urethra and comes from the penis end.


Why It Becomes Important To Do Sperm Retrieval Process?


It is seen that almost 10% to 15% of men suffer from zero sperm during ejaculation and is known as azoospermia. In fact, 40% of the case occurs due to blockage in the reproductive tract. And the rest that is left is for sperm production.

But remember that man suffering from azoospermia can still become a father. Those men who suffer from the situation due to obstruction can have sperm retrieved using surgical techniques.

In this case, the IVF technique is used to achieve to make your partner pregnant. This is also possible for men who are suffering from sperm production problems.


What Are The Treatment Ways For Sperm Production?


When there is no sperm production and men suffer a lot then one should look for ways to increase sperm production. Here are few best treatment options you should read:

Use Natural Supplement To Increase Sperm Production

There are many natural ways to boost sperm production and among all, Semenax is one of the best. This is a natural supplement that helps to boost sperm production without any difficulty. For those men who suffer from ejaculation problems or when semen volume becomes low then this natural supplement is the best remedy.

Semenax stimulates sexual activity and helps men to ejaculate more with increased semen and sperm production. This supplement consists of natural ingredients that are clinically tested and approved to increase the cum volume.

Those men who want to increase their sperm volume can go for Semenax. This is also one of the best sperm retrieval techniques but as it is a natural sperm enhancer so there is no side effect. Simply try for 1 month and see the results that it gives you.

Some of the best features Semenax provides are:

  • A large amount of sperm volume is increased
  • Promotes healthy sperm with high motility
  • 100% natural product without any side effects
  • Men can see improvement in sexual performance


Non-Surgical Sperm Retrieval


When men suffer from retrograde ejaculation or anejaculation then in this condition, ejaculation is induced. After that, semen is collected and further divided into two methods.

Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS)

This technique is done using a special vibrator that is placed at the penis tip. And due to this, ejaculation occurs.

Electroejaculation (EEJ)

This is also an easy process in which electrical energy is induced to the seminal vesicle and prostate. It is done when men suffer from nerve injuries and there is no feeling of it. But those men with normal sensation, need general anesthesia. This is injected to avoid pain while the EEJ process is done.

Many times, both the PVS and EEJ don’t work then, sperm retrieval is done from epididymis or testicle.


Surgical Sperm Retrieval Techniques


There are even surgical procedures for sperm retrieval that can help to increase sperm production in men.

Some of them are:

MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

This is a sperm retrieval technique that is done either itself or while reconstruction surgery is done for blockage.  In this, a cut is made in scrotum skin and the testicle is exposed. After that, the surgeon checks the epididymis using an operating microscope.

Here, the fluid that comes from epididymis is tested for sperm that moves. When any kind of moving sperm is seen then instantly fluid is taken for use or also for future use as well.

TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction)

This is yet another sperm retrieval technique in which sperm is directly taken from the testicle when the epididymis has no sperm or even when men suffer from ejaculation problems. The .process need a needle that is inserted into the skin.

But also remember that this process is not healthy for men suffering from azoospermia and also not because of any kind of obstruction.

PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

This technique is done under local anesthetic instead of MESA. But the problem is it collects less sperm and so it is also less dependable. Even in this condition, sometimes due to less sperm production, there is nothing left to freeze for future use.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How long does sperm retrieval process take?

Well, sperm retrieval completely depends on several factors like:

  • Reason for azoospermia
  • What is the technique used
  • How fast sperm is found

This complete process can take one minute to hours.

What happens if sperm retrieval fails to found any sperm?

Well, this is a rare case that you will not get any sperm because of obstructive azoospermia. However, when the case is non-obstructive azoospermia, men may suffer sperm issues in almost 20% to 80% of cases. This percentage depends on the causes of non-obstructive azoospermia. Remember that the chance is always high of not getting any sperm. And it can occur either from you or from your partner. Here it is important for couples to talk with each other and consult doctors as well.


So here the blog comes to an end in which I have discussed everything in detail about sperm retrieval, how to increase sperm naturally, surgical and non-surgical treatment options, and other things. Also, take help from your doctor, and to increase sperm production, the best is to use Semenax. This is a natural supplement to enhance sperm and semen production.

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