Everything You Need to Know About Sexual Dysfunction to Improve Sex Life

Everything You Need to Know About Sexual Dysfunction to Improve Sex Life

Sexual dysfunction, is a sexual problem which stops from getting from sexual satisfaction when you are having sex with your partner. It prevents both individual and couple to reach sexual activity. This is one of the common health problems which many men suffers and as we age, it becomes common.

Generally the sexual response cycle is categorize in four stages which are orgasm, excitement, resolution and plateau. This problem is seen about 31% in men and 43% in women and this is the topic which is very rarely discussed. This problem can be caused due to physical or psychological problems.

So here in this article, you will know everything about sexual dysfunction and how to treat it. It is estimated that among 1 in 10 man face problem in their sex life and all due to sexual dysfunction. It consists of several types which are discussed below.

Types of sexual dysfunction
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Causes behind sexual dysfunction

The causes for sexual dysfunction are categorized in two types which are physical and psychological.


  • Low level of testosterone can cause low libido
  • Stroke or due to nerve damage which happens due to surgery or diabetes
  • Few drugs like blood pressure medicines or antidepressants can lead to sexual dysfunction
  • High blood pressure or blood vessels get affected due to atherosclerosis can also lead to ED
  • Smoking, kidney problems, drinking alcohol etc


  • When there is problem in between relationship can lead to the disease
  • Anxiety disorders, depression, obesity etc
  • Past sexual trauma effects
Symptoms of Sexual dysfunction

Well as it is known that it can occurs both in men and women so the symptoms also varies little bit in between both. Few are mentioned below:

In men:

  • Unable to maintain an erection or to achieve it while having sex
  • Can’t control the ejaculation time which is also known as early period of premature ejaculation
  • Late ejaculation though having enough sexual stimulation

In women

  • Not enough vaginal lubrication before and while intercourse
  • Incapability to attain orgasm
  • Don’t have the ability to relax vaginal muscles to make intercourse
How sexual dysfunction affects men?

Common issue which men experience with sexual dysfunction are common with ejaculations, don’t have ability to maintain erection and decreases in sexual desire. Some of the common things which affects men are:

Erectile dysfunction

This is also known as impotence which occurs when man don’t have the ability to keep an erection. This happens to men at some stage of their life and it is due to physical or psychological causes. It is caused by medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Even depression, stress etc are also some causes which can lead to ED. Family, relationship, work load and not getting enough erection that you required can be responsible for ED.

Premature ejaculation

This condition occurs when man want to enjoy the sex but ejaculates sooner. This can be a problem when it affects both partners. It has many causes which includes stress, depression, anxiety about sex, history of sexual trauma or some unknown issue in relationship.

Low libido (reduced sexual desire)

Low libido means decrease in sexual desire or no interest in sex. This is caused due to low level of testosterone, physical illness or many times medications side effects may lead to decrease in libido. Generally testosterone manages sperm production, bone, and sex drive but when it is low then it completely affect the entire body. Anxiety, diabetes, depression, relationship problems, high blood pressure etc are some of the causes of low libido.

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Who is affected by Sexual Dysfunction?

Though both men and women gets affected by sexual dysfunction but there is a difference between their percentages.  Women are affected more compared to men. This condition is seen in adult’s people and especially those one who may be have health problem linked with aging.

How is male sexual dysfunction diagnosed?

When you have problem of sexual dysfunction then you may get it by yourself as problem will interfere in between relationship and will stop from having sexual intercourse. Well when you tell about the problem to your doctor then he/she will do a complete physical exam. The tests may include:

  • First, blood test to check the testosterone level, cholesterol and blood sugar level
  • Check your prostate by rectal exam
  • Test your blood pressure
  • Check penis and testicles

There are some other tests done which show problems with nerve impulses or flow of blood to penis. Even your doctor can ask few other questions which can help him to identify the problem. Person’s attitude towards sex and some other factors like medications, relationship status, anxiety or drugs will help the doctor to go deep in the research. This will help to treat the problem in better way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is erectile dysfunction a disease?
Erectile dysfunction is a common issue which can affect men’s self-confidence, can cause stress and somewhere lead to relationship problems. In this man cannot maintain an erection level and man needs treatment as this can be a sign of underlying health condition.
Why causes erectile dysfunction to occur?

ED can have several causes including physical and psychological. Physical includes narrow of blood vessels going to penis which is commonly associated with high blood pressure, diabetes or some other hormonal issues.

Why men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Generally there are various conditions that can lead to ED and one main causes is the medical problem. When there is side effects of some medication then man fail to achieve an erection which is required for sexual intercourse. This condition may cause unsatisfied sex life and can have other problems as well like low-esteem.

At what age men suffer with erectile dysfunction?

In a research it has shown that ED is most common in older people. It occurs when man ages 50 or more. Because of this problem, man cannot enjoy their sex life and unable to satisfy their partners. Though it is seen in men but it is also seen in women also.

Can dehydration cause erectile dysfunction?

Dehydration which is linked with drinking can cause less blood flow and it gives rise to angiotensin which is a hormone related to erectile dysfunction. Of course for younger men who drink a lot, problem can arise for them as too much drinking can decrease the anxiety level and have problems in erection.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

If the physical or psychological problems are solved then sexual dysfunction can be easily cured. Some other treatment options are mentioned.

Medication– If sexual dysfunction is caused due to medication then changing the medication can really solve the problem. Both men and women face hormone problem and for them, there are several supplements, pills, creams. In fact there are some helpful medications for men which are Viagra, avanafil, VigRx Plus which improves the condition by increasing blood flow to penis.

Sex therapy– Those people who are experiencing problems in their sex life, for them sex therapy can help to get out of the situation. Generally therapists are good counselors. So those couples who want to enjoy their sex life from beginning, its better to consult a trained professional and it will work for you.

Psychotherapy– If you have problem with your sex life then a therapy can completely help you to treat the condition. A trained counselor can cure everything which have bad impact on your current sex life.

Mechanical treatments– Those men suffering from erectile dysfunction, for them vacuum pumps and penile implants can help to achieve erection. Even for women, vacuum device is approved which is costly. But dilators can help those women who are experiencing narrow on their vagina.

Education & communication– Education is important in almost every field and having sexual activity also education is required. This may help anyone who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. Just free to tell what you need actually to your partner and concerns and this can help many couples to have a healthy sex life.

Natural supplement to cure Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is really a huge problem as it stops from performing sexual intercourse. This can be cured when blood flow will increase towards the penis. This can be cured by using some male enhancement pills. There are many but VigRx Plus is one of the best supplement which is used to cure ED. It comes in the form of pills and is s secure product among several experts. It works by increasing bloodstream flow towards penis. Using this pill does not mean that the sexual dysfunction will cured permanently but it can provide satisfaction for partners.

How sexual dysfunction can be prevented?

Well sexual dysfunction cannot be prevented but whatever causes are seen can help to understand the situation better and how to solve the issue when it happens. Some of the preventive measures can be taken which are:

  • First, follow the treatment plan which your doctor has provided
  • If you have a habit of smoking then stop it
  • Try to communicate with your partner in open way
  • Don’t drink too much
  • If you suffer from any emotional problems like depression, anxiety or stress then get treatment soon
  • Make your sexual routine creative and re-energize
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