Everything You Need to Know About Retrograde Ejaculation & Its Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About Retrograde Ejaculation & Its Treatments

In this world of male sexual health, there are several topics, which are not easy to cover up. It means many conditions that men suffer from are not spread to people and people are unaware of the fact.

One of the conditions is of Retrograde Ejaculation, which don’t gets much attention because people don’t know about it.

But it is important to have knowledge about the conditions because nobody knows what make them suffer from.

So today, we will discuss about retrograde ejaculation, how it occurs and what are the treatments available.

About retrograde ejaculation

If you are a male then you would better know that urine and ejaculate, both passes via urethra. There is a muscle or sphincter just beside the neck of bladder that holds urine until you are ready to urinate.

And at the time of orgasm, this same muscle contracts to keep the ejaculate from entering bladder. After that, it allows to flow via urethra and from the tip of penis.

 But when male suffers from retrograde ejaculation then this muscle don’t work and it stops to contract. As it keep relaxed, the ejaculate end up in bladder and this is called as dry orgasm.

Though it looks like less ejaculate, still it feels as a normal orgasm and it don’t affect much in sexual life.

Keep in mind that this is not a disease or any serious issue but you should know enough about it so that you don’t have to suffer further.


Causes of retrograde ejaculation

There are several reasons behind retrograde ejaculation. See the below causes:

Damage in the bladder muscles from surgery can lead to several complications. Some of them include:

  • Prostate surgery people have a chance of 10-15% of suffering from retrograde ejaculation. Even the person who has a surgery of entire prostate gland known as prostatectomy has a higher chance to suffer from such condition.
  • Pelvic surgery used to eliminate cancer of prostate, colon, testicles or rectum
  • Surgery in the bladder parts
  • Surgery in lower abdomen or in the pelvis for treating cancer

Side effects of medications– Some of the medications can also lead to retrograde ejaculation. You should know some of them, which includes:

  • Prostate enlargement includes terazosin or tassulosin
  • Psychosis like thioridazine, chlorpromazine and risperidone
  • Depression like sertraline, fluoxetine and many others.

Due to damage in nerve caused by medical illness– This one is a common thing for men who suffers from multiple sclerosis or when they suffer from long term diabetes that is badly controlled.

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Symptoms of retrograde ejaculation

Basically retrograde ejaculation don’t cause much harm to your sexual life and getting an erection but there are some signs which you can feel at the time of orgasms. Even you can notice such differences like:

  • Very little or no semen while you ejaculate or simply dry orgasm
  • Men face the problem of infertility
  • Semen get mixed with urine and produces a cloudy urine after having sex

How retrograde ejaculation affect fertility

When men suffers from such problem then infertility does not matches with each other but you cannot say it that such ejaculation can cause infertility. If you see the amount then only 0.3 to 2 percent of infertility problems are related to retrograde ejaculation.

You should never get confused of the infertility problem because suffering from such condition does not means that sperms are not workable. Rather, infertility is seen because your sperm is not able to make it with your partner.

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How to diagnose retrograde ejaculation

When you come across dry orgasm situation then its better to consult your doctor. You should know that retrograde ejaculation does no harm to health. May be some other factors are responsible for your dry orgasm. So going to a doctor can tell you the underlying causes.

Though, your doctor will do a complete checkup and he/she may write few tests to know the signs and symptoms of the particular disease. The tests may include:

  • Infertility
  • Less ejaculation during orgasm
  • Cloudy urine

Also some of the points need to remember as your doctor can ask few questions related to the condition. He/she may ask:

  • From how long and how often you are suffering from dry orgasm
  • The symptoms that you have noticed or come across
  • Any type of medications you are taking
  • If ever you have been treated for cancer then what were the treatments
  • Whether you are aware of any pre-existing disease or injuries

Even a urine test is also conducted which is a good way to know about retrograde ejaculation. In this, you might be asked to masturbate before you give urine sample. If sperm is found on your urine then it is a retrograde ejaculation.

But if there is no semen present in your urine after post-orgasm then there can several other problems. In this situation, you can go to a infertility specialist for further testing.

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Treatment for retrograde ejaculation

As you have known about several causes that can lead to such conditions, so its better to treat the condition by reason wise. Whatever reasons can lead to such condition, you should first treat those to get rid of the problem.

It means that when the problem is not related to infertility then the treatment depends on the particular cause.


If you are a diabetes patient and you suffer from retrograde ejaculation then the best way to improve the condition is by controlling blood sugar levels. This can really help diabetic male to get rid of the problem.


You already have read in the above paragraphs that surgery can also lead to such problem. But is seen that mostly the surgery part is not cured because this is the thing that does not cures rapidly compared to other conditions. Surgery can even make some conditions worse.


Whatever drugs leading to such condition can also be cured using medications like imipramine, pseudoephedrine that helps the bladder neck muscle closed while ejaculation.

In fact, some blood pressure medicines are also prescribed. Also recommended not to take those medications which are causing the problem.


When the problem is of infertility then you might need help of a doctor. Because big damage to nerves or muscles can make you suffer and your wife will face problem in getting pregnant.

In this situation, fertility specialist collects sperm from urine and the wash those sperms to insert into your partner. This complete process is called as intrauterine insemination. In this, the small catheter suggests the washed sperm inside partner’s uterus at the time of ovulation.

So these are the treatment of retrograde ejaculation especially when men suffers due to several unwanted conditions.

However, if infertility is the problem and if men wants to increase the fertility chance without any issue then there are other ways as well.

They can take the help of any natural supplements that can boost their sperm and semen count naturally and they don’t have to deal with any lack of semen or sperm count.

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Best way to boost sperm and semen count

Those men who lack in sperm count, for them Semenax is the best-recommended solution. This is a natural supplement used to increase semen volume.

This can be used by any men who thinks they lack in semen volume or sperm count. It is the best way to increase your orgasm for longer and amazing ejaculations.

It is made of natural ingredients that are 100% safe and not only it increases the volume of cum but also cures low motility, low orgasm and increases confidence level.



Retrograde ejaculation is not a common condition but yes, men should have a clear image about it. Some men may suffer from the problem, which they can ignore easily. But knowing about it can help men to react immediately and he can seek medical help instantly.

I hope whatever I have discussed in this blog about retrograde ejaculation will help you to know completely about it and whenever you face it, you can eliminate it with ease.

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