Random Erection In Men- About, Causes, Treatment And More

Random Erections And Its Treatment

Generally many men suffer from erection problem and this is also called as boner and it occurs without physical or psychological stimulation.

Those men, who are taking it light, just note that this is really a big problem for men and it’s a feel of embarrassment.

At the same time, many men has also reported about random erections and this is really a topic to highlight. May be you are not aware of this condition but people who are experiencing it, for them the time is really difficult to handle.

So if you are experiencing some kind of erection problem then just wait, maybe it’s a random erection that you dot know about it. Therefore, you should read this blog as here I am going to give you a complete guide on random erection, its causes, what are the treatments and many more.

So let’s read further…

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About Random Erections

It’s an erection that occurs without any sexual stimulation. However, this condition is normal in young adults or teenagers. Even adult people can come across this condition. Some men face this issue in the morning hours and this is a common for every age people.

However, this is very much true that men face erection problem quite often and this is not a big concern. But if you notice severe changes in erection frequency then it can be a sign of erectile dysfunction and this is really a stressful condition.

Generally an erection occurs when man becomes sexually aroused. In this, there are different types of erections like:

Psychogenic– It occurs when a person thinks about sex or fantasies

Reflexogenic– It happens when there is a touch

Nocturnal– It occurs when man is sleeping. Man experiences five of these things in a night and all last for almost 30 minutes.

What Is The Link Between Testosterone And Erections?

Everyone knows that testosterone plays an important role in sexual function and this is also proved by 2016 review Trusted Source.

In fact, another study also reveals the same thing about testosterone that it is helpful and plays an important part in erection and there is a connection between both.

However, its not clear till know that what testosterone plays in random erection and there is also a doubt about what triggers for random erection.

May be there is a connection between both so testosterone may cause random erection but it also happens only once in a body. However, this is already known that when men become sexually aroused then erection occurs.

And its result, all nerves, hormones, blood vessels, muscles and other parts of body work together for erection to occur. Once nerve signals from brain stimulate penis to relax, that time erection occurs and allows blood flow to penis.

After the arousal, veins in the penis reopen and allow the blood to leave and in some part, random erection is considered as normal and also a sign of good health.

What Are The Causes Of Random Erections?

Well, there can be several reasons behind random erections and every men knows that when man becomes aroused by anything then an erection occurs. Your brains send signals to arteries connected to penis and hence blood enters into it.

But many times, erection occurs without any sexual stimulation and its because of several causes.

Many of them are familiar about morning wood also called as nocturnal penile tumescence, is caused due to hormonal changes during night or from any kind of physical contact in bed.

You might don’t know but a healthy man experience 3 to 5 erections during asleep and lasts for almost 25 to 30 minutes. Even the cause of random erection is due to hormone level that always fluctuate in day time especially testosterone.

When You Should Visit To Your Doctor?

Now suffering from random erections is not a severe condition but still, many men are concerned about it. So many men ask when to go to doctor for the treatment.

Well, I would like to say that if you see some different frequency in your erections then you should visit to your doctor. Even if you feel any kind of pain in your penis while sex or after an erection then talk to your erection.

In fact, when any erection occurs more than 45 hours then it’s time to visit emergency room. However, if there is a random erection then there is no need for medical help as they are considered normal.

What Is Way To Treat Random Erection?

There are several ways that can help you to cure random erections. Here are some natural ways:

Quit smoking– If you have habit of smoking then immediately stop it as smoking can really affect a lot in erection. Generally people smoking suffer from ED and this is very serious issue. In a study found that those men who stopped smoking, they have seen 25 percent changes in erection after 12 months.

Kegel exercise– Kegel exercises is also another useful exercise to regain erection strength.  This strengthens pelvic floor muscle and helpful in curing erectile dysfunction. This is easy to perform and it provides stronger erection and greater ejaculation control.

Weight loss– Well, if a man is overweight then also erection problem can occur. Therefore it is suggested that if you are overweight then immediately lose weight to avoid any kind of erection problem. Few scientists also found that 1/3 of men who improved their diet, exercised well, reduced calories and lose weight have gain a random erection.

Controlling sugar level– Those men who has high blood sugar level suffers from erection problem. Controlling this level is very important because glucose reduces nitric oxide production and also damages the blood vessels to penis.

Use natural supplement– There are several natural supplements that works effectively to increase erection level and cures random erection. VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement supplement that comes in the form of pills to cure ED. With the use of this pill, you can get longer and harder erection without any side effects. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and all are approved by FDA.

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How To Manage Random Erections

When random erection occurs then there is not possible to avoid it. But yes, if you really concerned about the erection then talk to your doctor.

However, if you still think of the situation then here are few things that needs to follow to manage it:

  • Don’t stimulate your erection as further stimulation can turn random erection into normal and this may take time to go away
  • You can try to keep your hand in pocket as this can help you to reposition the erection so that its close to your body. Doing this will hide your erection while you are standing
  • Try to think about something else which is not related to your current topic. Leave the topic of erection or sexual thought and this is a way of distracting yourself from erection to occur
  • Change your position while sitting as this can really manage to keep your erections away
  • Don’t forget that this condition is considered as normal and random erections is a sign of healthy sexual function and it’s a normal experience for men


Well, random erections are a not a severe condition as almost every men experience it at certain time in their life. You cannot say them as harmful because you it is not linked with any health condition.

However, the situation can become different and if you see some changes then you should immediately talk to your doctor. Apart from this, I have discussed everything about random erections and its treatment.

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