Everything You Need To Know About Priapism and Its Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Priapism and Its Treatment

Are you suffering from erection problem (Priapism) that you are unable to tolerate it?

Getting irritated and want to know why such things happening and how to get rid of?

If yes, then I have got your problem. This blog will give you complete details about the erection problem you are facing, many times known as Priapism.

You might know that to get erection, your penis should have a proper blood flow. [Read Increase blood flow to penis Naturally].

But the problem is where your penis don’t get proper blood flow and the condition is known as Priapism. So let us know what is it and how to get rid of such condition.

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About Priapism

Priapism is an extended erection of penis, which is very painful. This causes blood in the penis to trap and after that, it creates problem to drain through penile arteries. This is continued beyond sexual activity and has a risk of permanent tissue damage.

This condition is rare which is seen in certain age groups like 5 to 10 years or from 20 to 50 years. Generally, it occurs in young boys due to sickle cell disease.

In addition, erectile dysfunction is the cause for adult men. This is a kind of unwanted erection that is not linked to arousal or sexual stimulation. In this situation, men do not feel anything about sexual activity and it stays almost for 4 hours.

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Causes of Priapism

When normal erection occurs that means that it is due to sexual stimulation. However, when we talk about priapism then it comes via several conditions that stops the blood flow to penis. It can last for several hours, so below are some of the causes of it.

Medications– There are certain medicines, which affect your body, and nerves negatively along with your penis. When the nerves are affected, then it widens the arteries, which help to supply the penis, and this is the problem where your penis becomes erect and bloated.

Injury– If your penis is injured it can damage the penile artery which stops circulation of blood flow.

Cancers– This is a rare case but person suffering from cancer can lead to the condition. This happens when penile artery or nerve supply is hampered.

Sickle cell anemia– Person suffering from sickle cell anemia has a higher chance of being infected with priapism. The red blood cells, which are not in proper shape, can damage the penile artery and thus it can lead to such condition.

Drugs– Those men who have a habit of taking illegal drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, cannabis, ecstasy, marijuana etc have chances of getting priapism infection.

Some Other factors, which lead to Priapism, are:

  • Metabolic disorders such as amyloidosis
  • Some neurogenic ups and downs like syphilis or injury in spinal cord
  • Due to spider bit or some toxic infections

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Symptoms of Priapism

Well, after you know about the causes of the condition, you should also know its symptoms. Generally its symptoms on the type it comes. So let us look at them one by one:

Ischemic Priapism– This is also known as low flow priapism that occurs when blood gets trapped in the erectile chambers. This is a common type, which affect those men who suffer from malaria, sickle cell anemia, leukemia etc.

This is a harmful condition and its treatment is important and that too immediately. If not then it can cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

Non-Ischemic Priapism– This is also known as high flow, which is seen, in rare case and is not much painful. It occurs when blood flow to penis is not properly regulated and blood flow to penis stops due to break in artery.

In this, the erection lasts for more than four hours and the penis is erect but not completely rigid.

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How Priapism is diagnosed?

When you do not get any way to know what type of priapism you have then it is better to visit to your doctor for more details. However, this condition is diagnosed in the base of history along with physical test of genitalia.

Well some of the tests include:

Measurement of blood gas– The test includes a tiny needle that is inserted in penis just to remove blood sample. Measurement of certain gases can really confirm what type of priapism you have. If your blood is black then you have ischemic priapism. In addition, if the blood is red then it is non-ischemic.

Simple blood test- Blood test is done to measure the red blood cells and platelets present in blood. This test can identify the main reason for priapism like whether it is due to sickle cell anemia or due to other blood disorders.

Toxicology test– This includes a urine test, which shows that if the cause of priapism is due to drugs or some other issues.

Ultrasound– This test is done to measure the blood flow via blood vessels by applying the bouncing high frequency sound wave. It measures blood flow to penis that tells whether you have ischemic or non-ischemic priapism. Even this test will also tell if any unseen injury is underlying in the penis.

How Priapism is Treated?

At last, treatment is important no matter from whatever problem you suffer from. However the treatment for the condition consists of several ways but completely depends on the duration that priapism was from and blood test reports.

So some of the treatments are:

Removing blood from penis– In this treatment, blood will be drained from the area by using a 16 or 18 gauge needle and syringe just to slow down the swelling and pressure.

Artery blockage– In this, blood vessels will be blocked that is the reason priapism and this process is known as arterial embolization.

Medications– Doctor may inject a drug called as alpha-agonists to your penis. This process makes your blood vessels narrow and eases the swelling. A small needle, which is almost 29 gauge is injected into the corpora cavernosa of your penis.

Attaching the artery– If you have a crack artery and it causes priapism then in this case, your doctor will do a operation to fix it which is also known as surgical ligation. This is for those men who suffer from high-flow priapism.

Surgery– This is the last option to get rid of priapism. Here your doctor creates a passageway in the penis so that blood can drain. This is especially for low-flow priapism but can make your suffer from ED in future.

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Natural treatment for Priapism

As it is already mentioned above that, this condition can cause erectile dysfunction, so it is important to cure the condition so that you do not suffer in future. However, priapism is a rare condition that may occur to anyone.

However, as this condition can also lead to some other issues as well so to overcome such conditions like ED, you can try Male Extra supplement that is a natural product in the form of pills. This pill helps men to maintain their erection level and cure erectile dysfunction and does not contain any side effects.

Tips to overcome Priapism or reduce it

Well, there are few things which you can try to get away of the situation. There are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow.


  • Drink lots of water as much you can
  • Have a shower or warm bath
  • You can take painkiller if you really need like paracetamol
  • Do some exercises like running or squats
  • You can try to go for pee
  • Walking can help you a lot to stay away from this condition


  • Don’t do sex or masturbate because this will not make your erection away
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol


Well, priapism is a rare case to occur but it does not mean that you should not keep any information related to it. Always be aware of such conditions and try to lead a happy sexual life. However, priapism can be prevented by following the above mentioned ways.

I hope whatever I have discussed about Priapism in this blog will help you to overcome the condition and you can live happily with your partner without any issue.

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Everything You Need To Know About Priapism and Its Treatment
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