Perineum Orgasm- The Best Way To Produce Powerful Orgasm In Men

Perineum Orgasm

For men and women, when it comes to pleasure then we generally focus on those body parts that give more pleasure. Penis for men and clitoris for women are known as main nerve endings and in between this, stimulation to those brings orgasm.

Some of the body parts are still ignored that give the most pleasure in sexual activity but when they massaged then it brings stronger erections with higher ejaculations and pleasure.

One such pleasurable part of the body is Male Perineum. This is the male p-spot similar to women’s g-spot. And I am pretty sure that most of them men dont know about it.

So today in this blog, I will guide you about perineum orgasm, where it is located, and what are the benefits of it.

About Perineum

Perineum is present in both men and women. It is supplied by the pudendal nerve along with other nerve endings. When touched this part then it gives pleasure to some people. In fact, this part is also known as an erogenous zone.

In men, the perineal area is two times compared to women and is referred to as P spot or even male G spot. Those men who want to achieve better and stronger orgasm, they should do perineum stimulation or male perineum massage.

Where is the Perineum Located?

Those who don’t know about perineum, they also don’t know where it is actually located. It is located between the external genitalia and anus in men. Whereas in women, the perineum is situated between the anus and opening of the vagina. It’s between the anus and scrotum.

If you see it in the medical definition of the perineum, it is referred to as a diamond-shaped area that is divided into two triangles. They both are the urogenital triangle and the anal triangle.

The left around the area is the anus and is the same for both genders. However, the urogenital triangle consists of the urethra, clitoris, and vaginal opening in women and in men, penis, and scrotum.

Basically, the perineum’s anatomical function supports pelvic organs like the uterus, intestines, and bladder.

What Is Perineum Orgasm?

You might don’t know but the nervous system of everyone is different. And the same implies to the perineum as nerves in this area vary from person to person. In fact, some people have perineum orgasm along by doing perineum stimulation.

For many people, the perineum is more than an edging accessory for orgasmic pleasure. In addition, many people believe that perineum stroked that leads to orgasm especially when they are engaged in edging intensifies orgasm sensation.

It’s not necessary that you have be manual for perineum stimulation. You can add sex toys so that you can get more precise pleasure from that. Some suggest using Hitachi magic wand between legs for some extra and intense perineum stimulation.

This is somewhere true because many men and women reported about increase in the intensity of their orgasm after that get perineum stimulation during climaxing. So all in whole, it will be awesome and valuable if you play around a little bit and get the perineum orgasm to enjoy your sexual life in a better way.

How To Stimulate the Perineum?

Well, when the time comes to stimulate the perineum then every man has a different experience, and it’s obvious too. According to most people, they said that when the part was rubbed in pressure, the excitement was double.

Therefore, you should practice it doing in various places as given below.

Exploring perineum in the shower

If you really interested in orgasm via perineum then you must explore your entire body. You can do it when you are in your shower as your warm hands can give you the feel of that place.

What you should do is, take your index and middle finger and start applying pressure, then slightly lift it up to feel fingers dig into the perineum. Then continue to apply pressure when you reach your anus. If you can then do squat as well to reach your spot easily.

Even your pelvic and rectum muscles can help you by pushing in or out when you apply pressure to keep your prostate in a better position in the inner walls of the perineum.

Achieve it through missionary position

Many men might don’t know but the missionary position can help access this neural rub that you easily reach between legs. As soon you realize that you are at the finish line, gently press the spot using index finger. This is a very sensitive area and best is to use knuckle to avoid accidentally scratch him.

You can also mix it with direction and pleasure amount. Continuously touching one area, the nerve endings become exhausted and there is no sense of pleasure present. Therefore, one should go in clockwise circles and then move to counterclockwise, after that massage up and down etc.

What to Do When You Found the Right Area?

After you find the right area, what you need to do is to rub that part. Here, don’t just simply rub it but use some of your personal preferences or some new experiments and see which things enjoy you the

most. It differs in every man, some like stroking whereas some love circular motion whereas some people look for more pressure and tension. You can take some massaging ideas and then try out those in that area for more enjoyment.

What When You Get Little Bit Wet?

When you find a male G-spot and also found a way to enjoy then after some time, you will see a little leakage. This will be milk-colored and runny that is almost the same as thinner ejaculation. It is the pee that you might know.

Generally, the male prostate stores such types of liquids a lot naturally for the time when you need them while ejaculation. When you massage your prostate, all these liquids will clear out that also eradicate all types of bacteria that might stay with them. In fact, it can be more so whenever you come through it, you must have towels or tissues to clean it later on.

What To Do Next?

Once you find your male G-spot and experience the enjoyment, many men don’t know what to do next? Well, you might don’t know but after having a successful perineum massage, men find it as a whole world of pleasure. It can sometimes be difficult to achieve via external massage.

Well, every men achievement is different and unique so you should remember how you did it for next time. If you really enjoyed then don’t just let it go but make sure you do all those things to enjoy that you did for the first time.


Perineum orgasm is not known by lots of men but it can really give lots of enjoyment. Though it’s difficult to find but once you know where it is, you can achieve more pleasure. This blog describes perineum orgasm and how to stimulate it to achieve sexual pleasure.

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