Everything You Need to Know About Morning Erections (Morning Wood)

Morning erections

There are many men who suffer from lots of sexual problems in their life but they don’t get the right people to tell about it or may be not the best time to express the feeling.

Even they are afraid of telling it to their partner as they think, this might take the love angle to some other directions where relationship problems can occur.

Therefore, what is the problem about that men think not to say it to anybody or why do they won suffer from it without curing the condition?

Well the question is tricky and many of them do the same thing.

Here problems in sexual life can happen to anyone at any time and morning erections problem is one of them.

So toady we will discuss about morning erections, how it occurs and what are the ways by which men can get out of such problem.

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About Morning Erections

Morning erections, also known as “Morning Wood” is referred as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) which is a physiological response that many men suffer from. This can be better described as the end tail of nighttime erections and is known as the last erections in series.

This can occur to men for three to five times at night and is commonly seen in both young as well as older men and it lasts for 25-35 minutes.

Many of them think that it is a sign of sexual stimulation but not the case every time.

What is the reason behind morning erections?

Do you know what controls your erections? If no then sacral nerve controls erections in your male body, which is the part of parasympathetic nervous system.

This is what makes you ready for any sexual action and it is active when you sleep at night.

Even it is responsible for everything like digestion, sexual arousal and also helpful in removing waste things. Due to its activeness at night during sleeping, erection occurs. In this, the penis becomes erect and again flaccid and it continues several times.

But it is not noticeable when you are sleeping but at morning when you wake up, you notice it and name it as morning erections.

This is not a medical problem but there are several other problems that can really lead to morning wood. They are:

Hormone shifts– In morning, your testosterone level is at high and this increases the hormone level and it can cause erections without any physical stimulation.

Physical stimulation– While sleeping, you don’t know whether you partner is touching you’re not, but many times unintentionally your body or genitals gets touched then it becomes erect, hence erection occurs.

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Is it also referred as ED when getting morning wood?

It is not necessary that every man can suffer from such morning erections. Even old men may wake up without any erections. Even there is chance that men cannot get morning erections when they don’t come out of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

And it is possible that men have REM and that too without any erection. So here, both can happen at any stage, but morning erections many times can be referred as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons behind ED and some of the common ones are:

  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Clogged blood vessels

How many times man gets erect in a day?

Well the answer is not very much sure as every man is different and every man has different capabilities to deal their sexual life. However, on an average, a man gets erect for 11 times in a day and more than 11 at night.

Not all these erections happen every time because man is sexually excited most of the time. And sometimes sexual stimulus is not seen at all, so as it is told earlier that it depends on every men.

Why men wake up with hard on?

Waking up in morning with hard penis that is ready for sexual stimulation is a common thing to happen. However it is not seen in other parts of sleep cycle. The reason for getting hard while waking up in morning is that men may often wake up from REM cycle.

In the morning, the testosterone level is at high position due to which it becomes easy to come out with erections. Even this getting hard in the morning is also a sign of better sex as it enhances sexual activity.

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Who are expected to suffer from morning erections?

Well this is an important part to know. Morning erections can happen to anyone as men of all ages can experience it. This is not seen as an unhealthy condition but many men believes to be a sign of healthy body as everything functions properly on body and around the penis.

Young boys at age 6 -8 years can expect such things whereas older people in their 60s and 70s also suffer from this, but in older people, it is seen in fewer manners because they suffer from ED problems.

No matter what you dream at night, it is common that men have erection for three to five times every night and it can last up to 30 minutes. Even it is seen in many men that this erection lasts for 2 hours of sleep.

How morning erection is related to your health?

Morning erection is considered as good for health because it indicates that your body is performing well and blood flow to penis is in good quality.

Therefore getting hard in the morning is also necessary to have a healthy body.

But apart from this, when you try to get erection during sexual activity and you fail to get hard on then it is the sign of the problem that you might have to suffer from. It is also known as psychological cause of ED, which can lead to depression or anxiety. [Read Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?]

What does lack of morning erections mean?

It is already described that all ages of men can experience this erection at morning. But what when you don’t get morning erections or don’t get hard enough while waking up?

Lack of morning erections means that your body is not functioning properly an blood flow to penis is not enough. Not getting erections at morning means there is an issue and the reasons may be several like blocked blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol etc.

Even the presence of NPT also indicates that you have the ability to maintain an erection during sexual activity.

But when men don’t get morning erections then researchers found the reason behind it. They though it is the physical cause of erectile dysfunction. And researchers also want to know that if men cannot get erection while sexual activity then whether they are getting morning erections or not.

So if morning erections does not occur due to overall erection problem then it is considered as physical cause. Even not getting hard on while waking up is also a sign of underlying medical problem.

In fact there are several other reasons that can stop your morning erections like not getting enough sleep or quality sleep.

When to visit to a doctor

Well, now its clear that morning erections are good for health and if you experience it then there is no need to worry or visit to a doctor. But when you don’t have morning wood then it is not a good sign. At that moment, you should go to your doctor.

This is because morning wood is a common thing that should occur to every men and if its not then obviously you are suffering from some medical problem.

In addition, if you also suffer from painful erections then also you should visit your doctor for help.

How to get morning wood back?

If you are not getting morning erections then you should visit to a doctor. But leaving this, there are other ways as well that can help you to get back your morning wood. They are:

Increase testosterone levels naturally– Increasing testosterone level means that you will have a good performance of your body and no problem or difficulty will occur. For that, you can lose your fat, do some useful exercises and also add vitamin D in your diet.

This is one of the best and effective way to get back your erections at morning naturally. To know more on how to increase testosterone levels naturally, read here: 7 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone & Sex Drive

Improve your sleep– Sleep is very much important for everyone and it plays important role in everyone life. Taking quality sleep is extremely important if you want to get morning erections. To have a quality sleep, you should sleep in a dark room, don’t use any gadgets in bed, eat your dinner at least one hour before you sleep.

Stop watching porn– Watching porn may be exciting but it is very harmful for sexual life. Too much porn can reduce the dopamine in your body and this is responsible to motivate sexual activity. In fact men get hard to have sex but they cannot orgasm and as a result, they fail to last longer in bed. [See Can Porn Be Directly Linked To Erectile Dysfunctioning? Unveil The Hidden Truth]

How to achieve erection while sexual activity

When you don’t achieve erections at all in the morning while waking up or while sexual activity then it is a problem for many guys. So, how to overcome the condition.

Well you may get many ways to boost your sexual desire to successfully satisfy your partner in bed. However, men suffer from low erection problem and cannot stay up for longer time. For them VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement pills that work effectively to boost sexual activity.

This is a complete solution for men suffer from erectile dysfunction, low sex drive low libido and poor stamina. It can help to achieve bigger and harder erection and can overcome all the conditions that is leading to low erection strength.

Important tips to remember

Morning erections or morning wood is considered as normal and good for health but still if you don’t want any morning erections the you should pay attention to the below tips:

  • Before going to sleep, gets engaged with your partner or masturbate. This will ejaculate the semen from testicles and the chance reduces of erection while sleeping. By this, morning erections will occur less time.
  • Adjust your sleeping position and make it comfortable. And if you are sleeping with your partner then stay away from her as your penis can gets touched and it can become aroused which can result to erection. So always, lie on bed in such position that is comfortable to you.
  • Go to bathroom and urinate before going to bed. This idea is great to prevent erections while asleep. Even this can help men to sleep comfortably without having any urinating problem at night.


Well, morning wood is a common condition and almost every guys experience it at some age. In fact experiencing morning wood is also one of the indications of good health and proper blood supply to penis.

Younger men face it more times in a week compared to older men because as men ages, their erection level reduces due to several unwanted health conditions. But not experiencing NPT is not a good sign and can be considered as a medical problem.

So never, try to judge yourself, visit to a doctor and let him know the problem. Apart from this, everything I have explained about morning erections, how it occurs and many more.

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Everything You Need to Know About Morning Erections (Morning Wood)
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Everything You Need to Know About Morning Erections (Morning Wood)
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