Everything You Need To Know About Male Dyspareunia And Its Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Male Dyspareunia And Its Treatment

There can be several sexual issues, which men suffer from day to day life. The problem is not with you but several men experience the sexual difficulties like sexual pain. The pain can be in penis, pelvis area or on the testes that occurs while having sex.

Many men repeatedly face pain in their penis even at the time of ejaculating or after sex and its really terrifying. The pain in the penis is not a silly problem but it is known as dyspareunia.

So today, in this blog, we will discuss about Male dyspareunia, what are its causes and its complete treatment.

Obviously, sex is a thing that everyone wants to feel good about it without any difficulties. And when sex hurts then it totally spoil the relationship. So let us look at what can be issue behind such pain during sex and its treatment.

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What is male dyspareunia? 

Well, the term dyspareunia is linked with sexual intercourse that occurs in both men and women. It is painful that occurs in the genital or pelvic region at the time of sexual activity. This pain remains for more than three months.

This pain feels like a burning sensation at the time of ejaculation or after it. This condition can lead to embarrassment and is quite difficult to talk about the issue openly.

Even few studies have proved that if the condition is long term than it can be linked with other harmful conditions like Peyronies disease or prostatitis.

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Common causes of male dyspareunia

Well, when you will see the causes for painful sex in men then there are several. They can be psychological, medical and others.

Psychological causes: Some of the common psychological causes for dyspareunia in men include fear, anxiety, stress, depression, emotional instability, sexual trauma, guilt etc.

Medical factors– Medical factors include several of them such as:

  • Inflammations of prostate gland
  • Tears in foreskin
  • Sexually transmitted infection
  • Cancer in testicular
  • Peyronies disease but it affects men above age 55 or more
  • Tight foreskin or phimosis
  • Due to penis fracture that occurs while having sex but misses out the point due to harsh thrust

Other causes: Some other causes of painful sex in men are:

  • Pain while penetration caused by threads of intrauterine contraceptive device
  • Due to skin irritation that occurs because of allergic reaction after using a condom etc

Common symptoms for dyspareunia in men

After knowing the reasons behind the painful sex in men, now it’s time to know some of the symptoms that can help men to know about the condition.

They are:

  • Burning sensation with regular pain in penile region
  • Cannot achieve orgasm
  • Sexual desire is almost none
  • Continuous pain in the pelvic region that occurs after or during sexual activity
  • Don’t have the power to get aroused
  • Skin irritation on the penis

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How male dyspareunia is diagnosed?

To know about the condition in better way, diagnosis is important. However, when you go to your doctor to know more on the condition, then he/she further diagnose you to know about it in details.

Let us see what diagnosis include in painful sex.

Complete medical history– In this test, your doctor might ask you to about the pain, when it started, where you feel the pain exactly, how you feel when it happens, whether problem is with few sex positions or each of them and several others.

He/she would also ask you about any kind of sexual history that may occur to lead such conditions, any type of surgical history etc. If the case is with you then you should answer all these questions clearly without any embarrassment.

Because the way you answer the questions, it will give clear information about your pain and its causes to your doctor.

Pelvic test– This test is conducted so that he/she can know about the skin irritation, any kind of infection or anatomical problems. Even your doctor can apply some pressure on genital area to know about the exact location of pain.

Many women face even this problem, so for them a visual exam is conducted of vagina where an instrument called as speculum is used to separate vaginal walls. This may be painful for some women so one can stop it anytime when the pain is not bearable.

Some other tests– Apart from the above tests, there can be other tests that your doctor may advise to do just to know the real causes of painful sex.

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How male dyspareunia is treated?

Now as you have come to treatment section, here you will know some of the best treatment options that are available to cure painful sexual intercourse.

Starting from medical treatment, we already know about the causes and its time to know the treatment.

So let us go through them one by one…

Medical treatment for male dyspareunia

However, you have already come to know about the medical causes in the above section, so here are the treatments as well.

  • When the issue is related to medical condition that stops erection from penis then surgery is the only option that is mostly recommended.
  • If the condition is because of your partners intrauterine contraceptive device then the only way is to trim its thread so that it cannot further infect
  • When you feel any kind of allergic reaction on skin then it can be due to brand condom. To get rid of this issue, doctor may advise anti-allergic medication and also suggest to use different brand of condoms
  • If any kind of physical cause is not the issue then your doctor may advise you to go to sex therapist who can better guide you to get relief from such condition

Lifestyle changes

Several kinds of lifestyle changes can really give you relief from the pain you are suffering from. Both partners can minimize the painful sexual intercourse by following the below ways.

Change sex positions– When you suffer from sharp pain then trying some different sex positions can really help you to get out of the condition. Even one should try different sex positions instead of sticking the same position every time. There are several sex positions like being on top that helps to regulate deep penetration and feels good for both partners. [Read 15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try to Last Long On Bed]

Avoid rushing while sex– You should never rush in sexual activity. Be gentle and try to have longer foreplay that properly stimulate natural lubrication. Doing this can reduce the pain as delaying penetration helps in such condition.

Communicate with your partner– Don’t think having sex in hurry is the only way to get sexually satisfied but you should also interact with your partner. Both of you should talk about something that feels good, surprise your partner with some jokes or talk about some old memories that are touching. Talk everything you like and dislike and if something misses while sex, both of you can speak up to get rid of any kind of sexual issues.

Use lubricants to stay longer– If something goes missing on your sex life and if you are unable to satisfy your partner then using some lubricant can make your sexual activity comfortable. There are lots of such lubricants that can help men to enjoy their sexual intercourse without any interruption.

One such kind of lubricant is ProSolution Gel. With the help of this gel, men can get better and firmer erection with better sexual performance. This is based on natural formula that helps in boosting nitric oxide level in penis. Unlike other products, this natural gel helps to spike nitric oxide levels immediately within genitals after it is applied.

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Exercises to cure male dyspareunia

Even several exercises can help to get rid of dyspareunia. Pelvic floor muscle works effectively in treating the symptoms of painful sex. Those men suffers from prostatitis leads to weak pelvic floor muscles but to overcome this, kegel exercises is beneficial.

Even practicing yoga strengthens and removes the tight muscles that can lead to dyspareunia. Even yoga is helpful in several other conditions like reducing stress, depression, anxiety level and at the same time, increases self-confidence in men.


Male dyspareunia is a rare condition but when it happens then it is very painful. Even this condition is not removed early and continues almost three months. However, when you suffer from such kind of issues then I hope after reading this blog, you have come to know everything about the condition and its treatment.

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Everything You Need To Know About Male Dyspareunia And Its Treatment
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