Globozoospermia- Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments

Globozoospermia- Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments

Globozoospermia is a condition that is known as an abnormal shape of sperm head and lacks an acrosome that is useful for fertilization an egg.

In this, instead of oval shape the sperm has round head and acrosome which contains enzymes to break down outer layer of egg for penetration and fertilization misses away. And due to this, infertility occurs but at the same time represents a very small cause of male fertility.

What Happens In Globozoospermia

Many men don’t know about this condition. What happens is when men are healthy; sperm cells heads are in oval shaped in which the head is covered by acrosome (membrane bound vesicle). It consists of enzymes required to break the protective layer of egg cell.

But when men suffer from Globozoospermia then acrosome is not developed as required or is missing either. In this, the sperm cell head is in round shape along with midpiece and nuclear membrane being abnormal.

Due to this, men suffer from inability of sperm cells and hence fail to fertilize an egg. In this situation, Globozoospermia also represents another condition called as teratozoospermia in which sperm is present but with abnormal morphology.

How Many Types Of Globozoospermia Are Available?

Well, person suffering from the condition is divided into two types: Total and Partial.

In Total globozoospermia, the entire sperm has abnormal shape and it leads to infertility.  Whereas in Partial one, a part of sperm have abnormal shape and rest are in proper shape. In this, no severe condition is suffered by men but only fertility reduces.

However, this condition is rare and is estimated to affect only 1 in 65,000 men. It occurs mostly in North Africa where this is counted as 1 in 100 of male infertility cases.

How Globozoospermia Is Caused?

Well, the condition is caused due to mutation in specific DPY19L2 gene that is responsible for sperm forming. But apart from it, there are also other sources for suffering from Globozoospermia.

This gene is found in almost 70 percent of men suffering from the condition. What DPY19L2 gene does is it gives instructions for making protein that is helpful in sperm cells development. It helps in acrosome development as well as elongation of sperm head. There is a loss of DPY19L2 protein when men suffer due to mutation in DPY19L2 gene.

Hence the result is, no acrosome is present in sperm cells and due to this, they also don’t elongate. When acrosome is not present then the abnormal sperm fails to get out of outer membrane to fertilize and hence, men suffers from infertility.

Few researchers have also proved about some other factors that are responsible for abnormal sperm cells and making difficult for egg cell fertilization. But till now its not clearly known that how DPY19L2 gene is responsible for the development of those characteristics.

How Globozoospermia Is Diagnosed?

Men suffering from the condition want to know how it is diagnosed.

Well, the condition is diagnosed via semen analysis. And this is done by analyzing the fresh ejaculated sperm under a microscope. The analysis completely tells about the sperm motility, amount of sperm and also the shape of it.

According to NCBI, total globozoospermia is diagnosed with presence of 100% round headed spermatozoa that don’t have acrosome. But till now it’s not clear that those men whose ejaculation cover both normal and globozoospermia cells will suffer from same syndrome variation or not.

However, this is the fact that males suffer from low fertility or even sometimes infertility but apart from this, there is no other physical characteristics linked with this condition.

What Is The Treatment For Globozoospermia?

When it comes to cure the condition then there is no such cure for the abnormal sperm. Here I am going to give you few suggestions that will surely help to get rid of them it.


You should know it clear that there are no such methods that can really help to improve the sperm cell defect but yes, some other things can be done to reduce or stop from further damage to sperm cells.

Some of them include removing excessive stress that somewhere involves in damaging sperm cells like not having proper diet, smoking, alcohol drinking, taking drugs etc. In addition, one should always keep a habit of exercising daily, take good amount of sleep, eat good foods etc and all these things have shown positive effect on sperm cells quality and quantity as well.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) method-

As you already know that there is no cure for abnormal sperm shape but one can go for an assisted fertilization method known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

This method has made the treatment possible with those patients who are suffering from several male infertility conditions.

However, till now the fertility rate is low comparative to what it needs but till now research is going on how to improve it. In this procedure, a small needle is injected to make a hole in outer layer of egg and then a single sperm is placed inside to fertilize an egg. In addition, this entire process eliminate the sperm requirement to independently locate and do egg fertilization.

Natural Supplement To Overcome Male Infertility

Men suffering from infertility want to get rid of the condition ASAP so they look for any quick methods that can help them to deal with the condition. In this situation, you can take help of natural supplements that are always helpful in treating the condition without any side effects.

Semenax is one such supplement that comes in the form of pill to over male infertility. In fact, this male enhancement supplement is very effective and it boosts semen and sperm count naturally. It helps to stimulate sexual activity and at the same time increases semen production. It boosts volume of cum you ejaculate and also increase orgasm intensity. The supplement is 100% safe and made of natural ingredients with a combination of amino acids.


Wrap Up

Well, as you have come to know about Globozoospermia that is a rare case but yes, men can suffer from it anytime. This blog completely discuss about Globozoospermia, its causes, symptoms, types and treatment. I hope whatever is discussed will give you a clear concept of the condition.

Globozoospermia- Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments
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Globozoospermia- Causes, Symptoms, Types, Diagnosis, Treatments
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