Learn Everything About Delayed Ejaculation – Causes, Treatments & More

delayed ejaculationYou may have come across the situation where men suffer from ejaculation problem or other certain health conditions. But have you ever heard about ‘delayed ejaculation’ problem?

How does it occur and what are the ways to get rid of it?

Well, if you don’t know then don’t put much pressure thinking of such problem. I will guide you about delayed ejaculation in this complete blog. Only thing you have to do is just go through this blog completely.

Delayed ejaculation– which is also known as “Impaired Ejaculation” is a condition where men suffer from ejaculation problem. In this condition, males are unable to ejaculate while intercourse or during manual stimulation with their partners.

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Men face problem in reaching sexual climax along with semen release from penis while ejaculating. Even some men don’t even ejaculate at all.

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This delayed ejaculation problem can be permanent problem covering the entire life or it may be a temporary. However several things gather such problem in men. And when it affects then the very first situation that it attacks is the sexual relationship.

So without thinking much, you should act immediately to the condition but before that, you should also know the causes of it.


Well, it is already discussed that several factors are responsible for the situation. And now it’s time to know them one by one.

Age– As man ages, their health also become critical especially when they don’t take care of it. So here delayed ejaculation can also be due to age. When men ages, they cannot achieve orgasm as they were used to when they were young. However this condition can be the worst condition for men especially if they are suffering from such sexual dysfunction.

Masturbation– This is done by maximum people where they get self-satisfaction but this can really hamper the sexual life. For many, masturbation gives them more satisfaction compared to vaginal intercourse.

But many studies have suggested that if masturbation is done more then men can lose their sensation in the penis. And this can make the condition more badly.

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Psychological problems- Even psychological issues can lead to suffer from such condition. And if it is the case then there are multiple other conditions that lead to delayed ejaculation. They includes anxiety, some kind of fear or relationship problems in past.

And if fear and anxiety is the problem during sexual intercourse then it can because of sexual trauma, sexual anxiety, impregnating the female or due to argument in their first sexual relationship. Know about Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?

Medications– Medication is also a big problem as there are several medications which can make men suffer from impaired ejaculation. It is a common in many people that they take antidepressants which is the worst thing and also one of the roots of such conditions. Several studies have shown that men taking antidepressants suffer from delayed orgasm and they also have high risk of low libido.

Some medications really hamper your sex life but there are also some ways through which men can easily lead their sex life happy and satisfying. You can go for some natural supplements like VigRX Plus which is one of the most recommended products for satisfying sexual life. This can help you to hold your erection, achieve it when required and easily satisfy your partner without spoiling her mood.

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Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms

Many men ejaculate after few minutes of sexual intercourse but some men take more that 30-45 minutes which is a serious health problem. However there are no specified symptoms but when men cannot ejaculate then they face some kind of frustration or stress. Even during sexual activity, they have to stop because of physical irritation or fatigue etc.

Suffering from delayed orgasm really stops men from reaching the climax or doing some other sexual activity. But there are also some men who ejaculate only when they masturbate.

However the condition is partitioned into two types which are based on symptoms and they are:

  • Lifelong vs. acquired. With lifelong delayed ejaculation, the problem is present from the time a male reaches sexual maturity. Acquired delayed ejaculation occurs after a period of normal sexual functioning.
  • Generalized vs. situational. Generalized delayed ejaculation isn’t limited to certain sex partners or certain kinds of stimulation. Situational delayed ejaculation occurs only under certain circumstances.

These categories help in diagnosing an underlying cause, and determining what might be the most effective treatment.

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Some Possible Complications

As already discussed earlier, there are many factors that can lead to the condition especially feeling of inadequacy and negativity. So if this is not treated then it can lead to other problems as well which are:

  • Marital stress
  • Ignorance of sexual contact
  • Frustration in sexual activity

In fact some other complications also occur in relationship. Just for example, your partner is trying to get pregnant but the problem is with you then sperm should be collected using other method as there is a delayed ejaculation.

Misunderstanding occurs generally like, you want to satisfy your partner and want to achieve erection but you are unable to do such thing physically or mentally. And your partner might feel that she is unable to attract you.

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Prevention for Delayed ejaculation

Well, you may have come across the line “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Here also it implies the same. It is instructed to have a healthy attitude regarding your genitals and sexuality if you really want to overcome delayed ejaculation. Never try yourself to have a sexual response forcefully because harder you try, it will become more difficult to respond.

Just enjoy every moment with your partner without any worry when you will ejaculate. This is also a responsibility of your partner to create a good atmosphere while sexual activity without forcing you to check ejaculation. Never fear of anything and try to discuss everything with your partner.

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Final Thought

Well, I think you have come to know about delayed ejaculation. Though there are several causes of it but at the same time, prevention is also there. Don’t just judge yourself rather speak up with the problem so that you can get proper treatment.

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