Everything You Need To Know About Anejaculation, Causes & Its Treatment

About Anejaculation, Causes & Its Treatment

If you are having trouble ejaculating then it can distressful for both you as well as your partner. And this is a serious issue that many men are fed off.

They don’t know why they are not able to ejaculate and what to do to overcome it. The condition is called anejaculation.

So if you are also in the same condition and looking for how to cure it then this blog will definitely help you. Here you will get complete information about anejaculation, its causes, how to diagnose, and its treatment.

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What Is Anejaculation?

Anejaculation, as the name suggests means there is no ejaculation and men fail to ejaculate semen. In this condition, men can produce sperm but do not comes out while ejaculation, even in normal orgasmic sensation.

This is a serious matter because it directly affects male fertility and men suffer a lot to become a father. It occurs when prostate seminal ducts fail the normal function of semen release to the urethra. Several causes can lead to this situation such as psychological and medical.

Causes For Anejaculation

There are several causes for anejaculation including drugs for any treatment, drinking alcohol, physical problems, psychological causes such as stress and anxiety. Let us go through them in details below:

Drugs related

If you are taking medicines for any disease then their side effects can interfere with sexual function. Therefore, it is advised to talk to your doctor or any medical adviser for an alternative to that particular medication. At the same time, if you have a habit of drinking alcohol then also it can destroy your sexual life.


Any type of stress or anxiety can cause psychological problems and this can further lead to no ejaculation. What men believe and views about sex is totally different when they engage in sexual activity. This is the reason for conflict and it leads to anejaculation. In addition, marital problems or some kind of fear can cause stress, and hence, the problem will occur.

Physical causes

There are several physical causes as well that can lead to ejaculation problems in men. They are:

  • Some kind of injuries to the nervous system
  • Infection in pelvic and groin region
  • Those conditions which affect the nervous systems like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes
  • Some old surgery to pelvic area likes on prostate or bladder that results in nerve damage

What Are The Categories For Anejaculation?

The condition is divided into different categories that include:

Situational anejaculation– This condition occurs when men can ejaculate in some situations and fail in others. It occurs when men take lots of stress like when men are in a fertility clinic and they are tensed because of the result of the given semen sample. In some conditions, a man can ejaculate while intercourse but unable to ejaculate while masturbation then it is known as situational.

Total ejaculation– This condition occurs when men fail to ejaculate semen anymore either by masturbation or through intercourse. This anejaculation is further distributed into other parts:

  • Orgasmic anejaculation– In this condition, a man can reach and achieve orgasm but unable to ejaculate semen. This occurs due to blocking in tubes or even damage to the nerves that generally occur due to retrograde ejaculation. Here semen goes into the bladder instead of leaving the penis through its tip.
  • Anorgasmic anejaculation– This situation occurs when men fail to achieve orgasm while awake forever but can easily reach orgasm while asleep at night. This condition is caused due to psychological factors instead of a physical one.

What Are The Treatment Options For Anejaculation?

When such a condition occurs then the first thing that comes to mind is how to cure it. Well, when the cause is a physical one then you should contact your doctor or any medical advisor for treatment. Here are a few treatment options discussed below:

Penile vibratory stimulation

In this treatment option, a vibrator is used in which vibrations move along sensory nerves to the spinal cord so that ejaculation occurs. This has proved better results in about 60% of men but men with injuries in the spinal cord may not get this technique effective.

Electroejaculation therapy

Electroejaculation is yet another treatment option that includes direct electrical stimulation of nerves and caused under general anesthetic. In this, semen is collected and then processed and analyzed for quality of sperm. When sperm quality is met, then it will be further used for artificial insemination.

Surgical sperm extraction

For those men who fail to ejaculate or have no sperm in semen due to retrograde ejaculation then for them, surgical sperm extraction is helpful. In this, sperm is collected directly from testes or testicular tissue.

Various methods include in this like local anesthetic and also with some under general anesthetic. After this, this sperm is used for the IVF technique.


Not able to ejaculate or no ejaculation has become a common condition for men to suffer from. However, there is nothing to worry about as lots of ways are there to increase orgasm intensity and distance. This blog completely describes anejaculation, its causes, what are the treatments, etc.

The best way to increase semen volume is by using Semenax, one of the best natural supplements. It is very effective and improves semen production along with orgasm intensity.

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