8 Ways How Sex Can Improve Your Health?

8 Ways How Sex Can Improve Your Health?

Do you know that Sex helps in improving your health? Are you still not aware of health benefits of sex?

If yes then this might be very surprising because sex is not only for enjoying but also has several advantages.

So today we will discuss about some benefits of having Sex.

However benefits includes a lot from burning calories to preventing cancer, this love life can go beyond what you think. Even sex makes the bonding between partner with love and happy. Even sex helps to remove anxiety and hence improves the overall sexual performance.

So let us look at some of the best 8 ways how sex can improve men’s health.

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#1- Sex helps in reducing Stress:

A research was conducted in University of Zurich, where a group of couples was given a dose of oxytocin, it is a hormone generally known as love hormone and are produced in the brain.

And then it showed positive results, like when discussing any stressful topics of conflict in their relationships, they listened, confirmed and even laughed. This is the positive sign as it improves the communication between partners, and as a result the stress factor in their relationship gets reduced.

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#2- Sex Increases Longevity

According to the research report of British Medical Journal it has been stated that men aging between 45 to 59 and are having orgasm more than twice in a week, their mortality rate is 50% lower than those men who hardly have orgasms in a month.

Though it is not mentioned that why lower death rate is related to increase in frequency of orgasms but it has been mentioned that there is a possible dose-dependent relationship, which means that having more sex increase the life span.

#3- The chances of Heart Disease Lowers with Sex

As we all know that many people are affected with heart disease and this disease may also cost you your life. So it is important that you should eat a healthy diet, and keep the cholesterol level low and sodium in check, in order to keep your heart healthy.

Sex is an exercise and helps in increasing your heart rate and improves the flow of blood. According to the research report it has been found that by having sex more than once in a week reduces the risk of fatal heart attack by half.

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#4- Sex helps you to have a good sound sleep

If you are unable to have a good sound sleep and even the chamomile tea or other remedies are not helping to your cause, then having sex may help, especially if you are unable to sleep due to stress or anxiety.

It has been found that people who have gets engaged in the love making scene frequently are to handle stress better. Moreover during orgasm, endorphins are released in the bloodstreams which have a sedative effect that help you to fall asleep easily.

#5- Sex helps in boosting your mood

When you are feeling down then the last thing that you want is to intimate with your partner. To lift your spirits the perfect medicine is by being close to your partner, both physically and mentally, and in this way this increases the well-being along with confidence.

#6- Sex helps you to keep your body in perfect shape

To keep your body in perfect shape, you may perform exercise; skip meals to avoid adding more calories to your body. According to Harvard Medical School, research report it has been stated that having sex with your partner helps in increasing your heart rate along with more intake of oxygen and as a result you burn about five calories in a minute.

#7- Sex Protects Your Prostate

According to the research report published by JAMA it has been found that there are many categories of ejaculation frequency that are related to the risk of prostate cancer. People who have ejaculate more than 20 times in a month has lower risk of prostate cancer.

So when it comes to protecting your honey from the second most common cancer diagnosis in men, and if you are engaged in frequent sex then you can keep yourself free from prostate cancer.

#8- Sex Improves Complexion

When it comes to skin care, you should forget the facial. Sex helps in promoting the formation of elastin, and at the same time improves your strength integrity as well as appearance of the skin.

Sex helps in improving your skin by stimulating the collagen development. During sex, the body produces hormone known as DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) that boosts the immune system and helps you make your skin healthier.

So, all these are the best eight ways which can work out for you to improve your health by having sex. Apart from these, there are other ways also to improve your health in sexual life and that is by taking pills or creams.

Yes, this is very much true because several pills and creams work to enhance sexual performance and provide men with extra energy and power. Among several, VigRX Plus is in the form of pill which works effectively to boost sexual life. Sex is something which should be enjoyed fully and in between if you cannot stay for long then nothing can be interesting.

So its better to use some pills so that your love life become happy and you can satisfy your partner without any interruption. This is suggested so that you can have a better sex life and you can achieve the benefits that are mentioned in this blog.

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Well, everyone wants to enjoy their sex life but many of them are not aware of the health benefits of sex. After reading the above blog, I hope you have come to know how sex can improve your health and also how to last longer in bed by taking pills.

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8 Ways How Sex Can Improve Your Health?
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8 Ways How Sex Can Improve Your Health?
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