7 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone & Sex Drive


7 Natural Ways To increase Testosterone & Sex Drive

Are you getting too distracted or too tired while having sex?

Or while having sex you may not get the drive that it used to be?

Decrease of libido level is not responsible for Testosterone alone. For men, testosterone plays an important role and your T’s worst enemy is the modern lifestyle.

In this modern era many people are facing this problem and as a result there is an unhealthy relationship among the partners.

Here are some ways by which it boosts the Testosterone and the sex drive naturally, which are mentioned below:

  1. Get some sun!

The supplement like vitamin D is responsible for increasing the testosterone level. You can get Vitamin D naturally from the sun rays as it is a rich source of it. In a day you should make sure that you should get at least 15 minutes of direct sunshine daily.

  1. Avoid statins and eat more fish oil

The powerhouse of energy of your metabolism is mitochondria and strain makes a negative impact on it, and as a result the total testosterone level decreases.

You should eat more fish oil which would lower the inflammation as a result the testosterone level increases. It is also responsible for the ultimate building block for T along with the production of healthy cholesterol.

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  1. Relax

Your level of T generally gets reduced if the stress is more. As the adrenal hormones, sex hormones and thyroid hormones all are interconnected. The production of testosterone is decreased in favor of cortisol as it can lead to a hormone imbalance due to the stress-driven phenomenon known as “cortisol steal”.

The production of 5-alpha-reductase and aromatase increases along with the Stress and they are responsible for your testosterone break down.

You can increase your cortisol and increasing testosterone by relaxing and breathing, meditating, doing yoga which would boost your parasympathetic nervous system and as a result the hormone system enhances.

  1. Get eight hours of sleep

Testosterone levels generally decreases, if you are sleeping less than eight hours at night. According to the reports it has been stated that by taking a good sound sleep for 8 hours helps in maintaining balanced level of hormones within the body. Or else the important male hormones actually get reduced.

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  1. Take your vitamins seriously.

In this modern era we may eat a lot of food, and many of it contains low or totally miss the important micronutrients. The food that we consume should be rich in minerals selenium and zinc and Vitamins A and E, as they are responsible for the production of androgen and testicular function.

For zinc and selenium you should eat more shellfish, for vitamin A take kale and carrots, and sunflower seeds and almonds are rich in vitamin E.

  1. Avoid toxins that harm the testicles.

Phthalates and parabens in personal care products like lotions and shaving creams, and BPA in plastic bottles and on store receipts, are anti-androgens, meaning they disrupt the production and function of multiple hormones including testosterone.

  1. Stay trim.

Testosterone gets affected due to obesity and belly fat. According to the reports the testosterone level is almost half for obese teens when compared with their non-obese peers.

The main reason is that the content of aromatase is more in fatty cells which is responsible for converting the testosterone to estrogen. So it is essential to stay trim to increase the T level in the body.

3 More Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Level

Cruciferous vegetables

Well this yet another natural way to increase testosterone and sex drive. Cruciferous vegetables can help you a lot so just add it in your diet. It promotes testosterone level as a compound known as “indoles”.

So start taking cruciferous vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower etc.

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Stop smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and this is known to every man who smokes but still they don’t quit it. May be they don’t know that smoking narrows the blood vessels that affect blood flow in sexual organs. Even they have a big risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Smoking can cause direct vasopastic effect which also effect spasm in arteries to reduce the blood flow. So better to quit smoking and live a happy life.


Fat is always considered good for health but many of them don’t know that fat is also helpful in increasing the testosterone level.

This increases the sex drive so you should eat those foods that are good sources of fat like seeds, olive oil, avocados, whole fat dairy, nuts etc to increase testosterone level.

How to increase testosterone level using supplements

The above mentioned ways would help you to boost your T in a natural way. You can also use Pro Testosterone to increase your Testosterone level. It is a completely natural as it is made from the natural herbs, so there is no chance for any side effects.

It naturally increases testosterone in your body and maintain testosterone in your body. This supplement contains the ingredients that directly address the symptoms related with decreased testosterone level. It also helps in preserving your men power.


Testosterone plays an important role in sexual health and therefore it is important to keep this level in proper way. However increasing this level naturally can give your T level a boost and your sex drive will automatically increase. Whatever ways are have mentioned in this blog, I hope they will definitely rise your Testosterone level and sex drive.

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