5 Ways to avoid Premature Ejaculation without Medication

5 Ways to avoid Premature Ejaculation without Medication

Have you ever come to the situation where you have faced ejaculation problem in your sex life?

What have you done to treat the problem?

If not then stay tuned and read the full blog carefully.

The common condition which men face is premature ejaculation. This is one of the worst conditions that completely spoil the love life.

So let us know about premature ejaculation and how to avoid it?

About Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common disease which people think. Generally it occurs to men when they don’t have any control over ejaculation. Due to this, their partners are not satisfied as they are unable to perform satisfying sex.

This can happen to anyone, even you can also become the victim of such condition. PE can occur in as 30 seconds to a minute and sometimes it occur before penetration. This PE can occur together with erectile dysfunction but not every time.

Men are frustrated with such situation as their relationship cannot move forward and some or the other problem occurs in between them and the main culprit is PE. This can occur to anyone at any ages but if it occurs in younger men then it is premature ejaculation but those men at their sixties and seventies, they are known as ED.


What causes premature ejaculation?

The exact cause of premature ejaculation is yet not known but it is considered as psychological or biological or emotional issues, hyperactive reflexes, over sensitive genital skin.

The causes of PE includes other factors like fear, inflammation, genetics, anxiety or due to the infection of prostate or urethra related to alcohol or some other substances. If the PE is a lifelong disease then it will have a strong biological component.

This PE can be biological due to inflammation or infection of the reproductive tract or psychological issue. When PE happens then before coming to the climax, the ejaculation comes out and not satisfying their partner.

When PE occurs and established itself then fear with the unwanted issue will automatically induce the unwanted rapid ejaculation which creates a vicious cycle.

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How to overcome premature ejaculation

Well there are several ways to treat this premature ejaculation and it should be followed properly so that PE can easily eliminated. Well without medication, also one can get rid of PE and it is by using natural methods.

However there are some exercises which are really helpful in treating premature ejaculation.

Pelvic floor muscle training

pelvic muscle

If you want to cure premature ejaculation the best way is to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This can prevent from PE. Pelvic muscles that support and help to control the penis and also have the ability to eliminate premature ejaculation.

There are many men whose pelvic muscles are weak and they get weaker when they age and this can cause premature ejaculation. In a recent study, it was found that pelvic muscle exercise is one of the effective way to treat PE than medication.

Pause start method

If the slowing of tempo is not sufficient to cure PE then one of the ways to stop PE is to stop thrusting completely during maintenance of penetration for the ejaculatory to go away.

When the sensation to ejaculate diminishes then pelvic thrusting may be continued. After that appealing the pelvic muscles when you have stopped thrusting helps to greatly decrease the sensation.

Down tempo

Down tempo

In this process, you have to slow down the pace pf pelvic thrusting and differentiating the angle and depth of penetration before the point of no return. This process when done in collection with the engaging your pelvic muscles, this process becomes very effective.

Squeeze technique

This exercise is also an effective way to cure PE. In this process, the penis is withdrawn and head of the penis is squeezed till the feel of ejaculation passes and then the intercourse is resumed. Though this process is effective but it completely requires sexual interruption and demands a cooperative partner.

Talk to an expert

It will be better that you talk to a sexual expert when you are suffering from premature ejaculation. You should know that there is nothing wrong in talking with an expert about the disease you have. This can give you an extra energy to deal with any harmful health conditions.

enlastAnother Way to Deal With Premature Ejaculation

Well there are other ways to treat PE and that is by using supplement. The supplements works very effective and that is by using Enlast cream. This is one of the natural cream which is especially made to cure PE.

This is one of the complete solution for PE as it contains FDA approved ingredients which can increase the time of ejaculation and at the same time you can satisfy your partner.



Many men suffer from lots of health conditions and PE is one of them. However without treating it, there is no other method to get rid of it. However here in this blog, several methods are mentioned which gives you perfect option to get away from PE. I hope this blog will help you to get rid of the problem and your sexual life will become happy and enjoyable.

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5 Ways to avoid Premature Ejaculation without Medication
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5 Ways to avoid Premature Ejaculation without Medication
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