11 Signs You Might Have Low Testosterone

Signs You Might Have Low Testosterone

Have you ever faced low testosterone level?

Do you have knowledge about how low testosterone affects your body and how to increase it?

There are many guys who just make fun of low level but there is nothing to make fun about it.

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced by body and is mainly produced in testicles of men. It increases the sperm production in men and also increases sex drive and helps to build bone and muscle mass.

In a recent study, it has been found that those guys who don’t have enough hormone they face lots of risk in their life and they can have several diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Low level of ‘T’ can be known after blood test but lots of other signs are also there which can let you know about low level of ‘T’

Generally it has seen that as men age, their testosterone level decreases and when it decreases more compared to its level then there appears many symptoms in men.

The normal range is 300-1000 ng/dL and the level comes down from this then it is considered as low T. When you face such situation then before going for any therapy, you should take control of your body by eating well balanced diet, decreasing stress level, taking some supplements such as vitamin D and zinc, losing weight and doing exercise daily.

After doing all these steps still if you are facing low testosterone level then mentioned below are 5 signs which you may consider for your low T level.

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What Are The Causes Of Low T Young Men?

There are several causes of low T in young men and some of them includes:

  • High blood pressure
  • Illegal drugs
  • High cholesterol level
  • Drinking excessive alcohol
  • Using anabolic steroids
  • Overweight or obese

In fact some other reasons are also linked with low T due to medical conditions. They are:

  • Tumors, injuries or some other conditions affecting testicles
  • Due to diabetes, AIDS, liver disease
  • Hypothalamic or pituitary disease or tumors
  • Inherited disease like Klinefelter syndrome, Kallman’s syndrome, etc

Should I Take Testosterone?

There are many men who think that taking testosterone can make their sexual life satisfactory as before. In this context, Testosterone therapy comes into existence and many of the sex experts suggest it as well. But do you know whether it is useful or not?

Well, it’s a short time satisfaction as later on, many men report that something has gone wrong and they are unable to live their sexual life as before.

As men ages, testosterone level decreases without any symptoms. But if you are going fort this therapy then you should consult your doctor first.

However, there is no clear proof that testosterone therapy is helpful in getting back testosterone as before.

When And How Should Low Testosterone Be Treated?

Testosterone replacement is only used to treat when its occurrence is natural or age related. But when a man has testosterone deficiency or a kind of hypogonadism then this testosterone therapy is very useful.

Over last two to three years, there is a high availability of high quality lab that provides good result testosterone level.

5 signs to know low testosterone level

Low sex drive– Sex drive is at peak in the age of 18 and it decreases as man ages. In between there are lots of variation comes while having sex. When men wanted to have sex two to three times in a week and suddenly decreases after one month then it can be considered as low level.

signs-of-low-testosteroneFatigue– This is a common feeling men feels due to tiredness or due to lack of energy. This is ordinary for many men and it feels like not do anything. A kind of laziness comes in mind of men and they don’t even play with their children and neither have interest on sex with their wife.

Depression– If men have low level of T then they suffer from depression. It has been seen that when the depression is cured then the level of testosterone also increases in men. Therefore depression is one of the factors which are related to testosterone level in men and it should be cured.

Weakness– It is a natural scenario that man loses their muscle mass when they age and this is another symptom of low ‘T’ level. Low level can have decrease in strength along with muscle mass that can prevent from doing many tasks. Those men who properly diet and keep their body healthy and still if they face difficult in achieving high level then it is a sign to low T.

Erectile dysfunction– The T level helps men to get and maintain erection generally for sexual intercourse. But if the level is low then it can decrease the power of getting an erection but at the same time erectile dysfunction can also lead men to suffer from such infection.

Reduce muscle mass– Testosterone plays an important role in building muscle mass but when there is low T then it reduces lean muscle mass. Also remember that some changes in muscle mass not change always in strength or muscle function.

Increase body fat– When the hormone level is imbalanced then it can affect metabolism and also the way that body burns or store fats. But when the estrogen and testosterone levels are not in balanced then body gain fatter especially in the chest area.

Bone mass loss– The testosterone level is very much helpful in producing and strengthening bone and if there is low T then it can lead to osteoporosis or a loss of bone density. In addition, low bone density also increase risk of bone fractures and even breaks.

Sexual DysfunctionLow testosterone means that sexual organs stop working as it used to be. And if this happens then it can cause difficult to become aroused or even maintaining an erection. In addition, sexual dysfunction is also a sign of heart problems; therefore, you should always seek help from your doctor along with several other underlying issues.

Mood ChangesIf your mood changes or you experience some changes then it can be due to low testosterone. You already know that testosterone plays an important role in mood and if you are feeling down or losing interest in something or getting irritated then make sure that it’s because of low testosterone level.

Therefore, if you notice any changes in your health then it should be discussed with doctor so that he/she can identify the main problem.

Feel Of Less Strong With More FatiguedTestosterone increases body muscle mass at the time of puberty and to maintain them through adulthood so as the level reduces, the muscle mass also reduces. In this situation, you will feel weaker and also have difficulty in doing any activities like weight training or lifting weights. Even this can lead to weakness and fatigue.

Ways to Treat Low Testosterone

The symptoms mentioned above are the general which men can know about themselves and if anyone suffers from such symptoms then it’s better to be treated. Though treatment of low level of testosterone includes several therapies that make men to restore the low level, but it is also necessary to perform blood test which can tell you the accurate level.

pro-testosteroneThough many consider therapies to be the effective treatment for low T level but these therapies are not safe. It can treat the disease but not for long time.

It can have several side effects like heart attacks, deaths from heart disease or strokes, so it becomes very important to know before you select the therapy.

Leaving all these therapies, best would be the treatment with natural ways which cures the low level and increase weight, decreases depression and increase sexual stamina.

Pro Testosterone is the natural supplement which can help you to come out from such situation. This consists of natural ingredients which directly address the symptoms of decrease level of T. This product not only boosts your energy level but also maintains the cholesterol levels and blood pressure and is safe to use without having any side effects.



Well, testosterone should be always in increased level otherwise it can really hamper the sexual life as well as normal life. Therefore one should focus on boosting their T level which can really give them a relief to their sexual life as well as men can live a happy and satisfying life without suffering from any health conditions.

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