5 Best Exercises For Better Sex that Everyone Should Try

Exercises for better sex

Do you want to give your sex life an extra boost? Are you suffering from low sex drive? 

If yes then follow this blog carefully as here you will be guided about best exercises which are helpful in giving you better sex life.

There are many men who want to boost their sexual life as they want to perform better in front of their partner and also want to satisfy them without any fail.

But having sex uses a lot of muscles which is not generally used during the course of day. Men will enjoy more when their body is completely fit for the performance in bed and this time it will be more adventurous.

If men want to perform well at bed then they have to completely fit and this can happen by going to gym. This is because after working the whole day, men gets tired and loses their stamina.

But going for gym and working out there will increase the energy, burns fat, tones your muscle and improves sex life.

In fact in a research, it has been said that when you burn little calories per day then it will lower the risk of erectile dysfunction. Well in this article, few exercises for better sex are mentioned which can make you better at sex.

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Best 5 Exercises to Increase Better Sex life



Kegels are beneficial for men as they improve endurance along with control and also strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles and the perineal muscles. The pelvic floor muscles can be helpful in many situations like erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder and premature ejaculation.

Important is how to do this exercise, the exercise starts by interrupting flow of urine to know about the PC muscles. After knowing them, you aim should be to increase the duration of squeeze.

But while doing, don’t hold your breath; tighten your stomach or push down or thing muscles. This exercise should be done for five seconds, relaxing between each contraction.

Cardio for Stamina

Cardio for StaminaWhen men don’t perform well in bed or when they are not in perfect shape then the first thing you can notice is that you breathe heavily, gets tired and also sweat profusely.

It means that you have to change your position in which you are working and should limit few positions in which you feel comfortable or just slow down the pace. If men have high BMI then it is also harmful as it is linked with erectile dysfunction.

There are some cardiovascular exercises which include swimming, jumping rope, cycling and running that helps to build aerobic stamina and also helps to perform longer in bed.

Pelvic-Floor Exercises for better sex

Pelvic-Floor ExercisesGenerally pelvic floor exercises are beneficial and it does not require going out for gym. This exercise can be performed any time without any worry of others to notice you.

It increases the blood flow to sex organs and also makes the muscles strong of pelvic muscles in both men and in women. Only needs 5 to 10 seconds to perform the exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions at time.

It can be done any time of the day improving the performance and pleasure while having sex. Doing this exercise can tighten women’s vaginal walls for having increased pleasure in both whereas men can tighten these muscles to delay ejaculation.

Farmer’s Walk

Farmer’s Walk

Many men have faced the paralyzing forearm cramp when finger banging a chick. This can be really frustrating situation when girl is into it. Here men are unable to continue due to their forearm and finger muscles let them down.

Therefore to avoid such situation, men should use Farmer’s Walks. This exercise is done by grabbing two heavy dumbbells holding on each side. After that walk as far you can go but with proper position without putting yourself down, your chest should up.

It is the best known exercise to build overall grip strength. Practice this for 3 sets twice a week and there will not occur any shameful situation again.

Kettle bell Swing

Kettle bell Swing

This is also one of the useful exercise for better sex which is love by many athletes. It works in the muscles for becoming a better athlete. It has the ability to help the hip thrust way to glory.

In this exercise, the movement includes hips, ass and hamstrings. This help to swing a heavy ass piece of metal from between legs up to shoulder height. If this exercise is done properly, it will pump the ass and also help to generate serious amount of force in bedroom.

Well, these are the exercises which are really beneficial for men to improve their sex life. However leaving these exercises, there are also other ways to deal with.

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Well, all the important 5 exercises for better sex are discussed which are really beneficial for better sex. Practice the exercises for few weeks and you will feel very relaxed. Remember that in weight room and in bedroom, safety and technique is require first. Practice these exercises properly and don’t go for any other advanced method.

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5 Best Exercises For Better Sex that Everyone Should Try
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5 Best Exercises For Better Sex that Everyone Should Try
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