10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis For Improved Penis Strength & Erection

10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis For Improved Penis Strength & Erection

Getting a harder and firmer erection is every man’s dream and you are not different.

Today, most of the men are looking for the ways to enhance their sexual performance and increase blood flow to penis so that they can make their partner happy.

But the bitter truth is one in every four men seeks treatment for erectile dysfunction as per a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So, know the question is how to deal with it?

As you know blood circulation plays a vital role in penis erection (discussed below), if we can keep our circulatory system in shape, it will automatically improve blood flow to penis and thus better erection. After all what’s good for your heart is good for your sexual health also.

Why blood flow is essential for penis strength & erection?

It is an important question which many of them wants to know but most of them never want to deal with such situations. However, in sexual activity, blood flow is an important part, which gives men’s penis the strength to stay erect.

You should know that men’s penis consists of two penile chambers known as corpora cavernosa. These two chambers extend from head of penis deep in the pelvis and inside these chambers are a spongy tissue that helps to increase the size.

When men workout at gym or do some exercise then blood flow to penis in not open completely but the actual magic is seen when men gets aroused. But when such things happen then immediately, your brain sends signals to generate hormonal response to open those same arteries completely.

After arteries are opened then blood flow is more in corpora cavernosa. In this process the blood enters faster where the veins gets compressed, generating blood in penis. This entire chain allows men to achieve better and harder erections.

Here it is also important to know how much blood does it take to get hard.

Well the answer is, it varies from person to person due to age, health, how long since his last orgasm and how much excitement he has. However, on an average it was found that to make your penis hard, it almost needs 130 ml of blood.

Although if men try to become erect then it takes almost 30 seconds to three minutes but it can also become quicker depending on the situation. If a guy thinks anything unexpected or if he feel or sees anything which makes him excited can make his penis erect only in 5 seconds

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Now, when you have understood everything about how penis erection works, lets find out some simple and natural ways to stay firmer and last longer to improve sexual performance.

10 ways on how to increase blood flow to penis

Stress is the main culprit, so just relax

If you are mentally stressed in your life then be careful,,, because it can harm your normal life as well as your love life. Taking stress means you are damaging your own body without any reason especially in sexual life.

The reason is stress causes high blood pressure and reduces testosterone level. Apart from that, it also leads to poor sexual performance and desire.

So it is important to get rid of it. Simple doing some exercises on regular basis can give you relief from any kind of stress and also your overall health.

Change your lifestyle, avoid smoking, alcohol & drugs

Some changes in your lifestyle can help you stay more fresh and active in your sexual relationship as well as improve blood flow to penis. Drinking alcohol, smoking and taking some harmful drugs may damage your love life completely.

Drinking alcohol or smoking reduces blood flow by contracting blood vessels and hence men fail to achieve erection when required. If you really want to drink then drinking wine is good for health as studies suggest that wine helps to improve blood circulation.

Therefore, it is important to change your lifestyle habits and should avoid drinking alcohol, stop smoking and stop taking any type of drugs.

Change your eating habits

Whatever you eat, directly affects your body and also your sexual life. There are several foods that increase blood flow to the penis and also play an important role in your life.

Some important foods to eat include:

  • Bananas– Banana is rich in potassium, which is useful to lower blood pressure. But eating banana is also helpful in boosting sexual performance and sexual parts.
  • Root Ginger- Ginger is an useful food that helps in digestion problems and also improves blood circulation. This is eaten as raw or added in several foods.
  • Oranges– Orange is high in vitamin C and are known as natural thinners. It is also used to strengthen capillary walls and prevent plaque that causes poor blood circulation.
  • Vitamin B1– Vitamins are important for your body as it signals nervous system to move quickly. Some of the foods include peanuts, kidney beans, pork
  • Omega 3 fatty acids– The fatty acids have shown better blood circulation and support to cardiovascular system. Some omega 3 fatty acid you can find in avocados, salmon, tuna, olive oil
  • Eggs– Eggs are helpful in balancing hormone level and is rich in vitamin B. But egg also plays an important role in improving blood flow by reducing stress which leads to poor erection.
  • Beet juice– It contains phytochemical which contains antioxidant properties. It improves cleansing process of urinary tract and also helpful in improving blood circulation.
  • Plum, Papaya and green grape smoothie– This smoothie is rich in antioxidants and fiber, which is helpful in improving blood circulation.

Increase physical activities & get some sun

You should always keep your body fit and active because without physical activity, it is not possible to fight against any harmful condition. You should do some exercise, which are good for health like running, swimming, walking etc as these all are good to boost your libido.

Doing exercises strengthens entire cardiovascular system and also allows the heart to pump blood via circulatory system effectively.

Get some sunshine as health experts suggest this because sunlight helps to prevent the melatonin production in body. If there will be less melatonin then obviously there will be more sexual desire.

Pay attention to your partner

Above everything, paying attention to your partner is one of the useful and important parts in sexual activity. You should always pay attention to your partner because this is the best way to make your love life happy and enjoying.

Talk to her about some interesting facts, which make her, feel special with you. Focusing on your partners need and everything that she likes can make an enjoyable experience for both couples.

Get some practice

Not able to last longer in bed can be a frustrating situation for many men. The reason behind is that men need some practice in which they are lacking. Here best practice to stay long is doing sex.

Even masturbation is also helpful in improving durability. But also note that excess masturbation is also harmful for overall sexual performance. So don’t do it otherwise but you should focus on making it last in which you are lacking.

So here, all the above-mentioned are some of the normal things that almost every man can follow easily. In fact, these are the daily habits that men follow in their daily life. Simply you have to do little changes that are mentioned above.

Even after following the above ways, you come across the same problem in staying erect for longer then you can run for the below ways to improve your blood circulation and get rid of such unwanted conditions.

Try penile exercises & massage

There are several penile exercises, which works amazingly increase blood flow to penis naturally. They include:

Kegel exercises– This exercises recommended by many doctors and sex experts because it helps men to achieve stronger and better erection.

It increases blood flow to pelvic region and can be done easily without any difficulty. To know more on Kegel exercise, read Kegel Exercises- Stronger Erection and Greater Ejaculation Control

Push-ups– Push-ups is also an important exercise that keeps men healthy and fit. It not only increases heart rate up but also strengthens shoulders, core muscles, chest, arms etc.

Penile massage– Doing penile massages is helpful to increase blood flow to the penis. It only requires your hand instead of using any other technique. Well some of the best ways to do it are:

  • Don’t be rough with your main part and be gentle
  • Try some milking motion and move to mild stretching
  • Can use a massage oil to prevent any sort of skin irritation
  • Try to do it in warm bath or shower that will help to accelerate blood supply

Try herbal remedies

Several herbal remedies are useful in improving blood flow and help you out from critical conditions. They are:

  • L-Arginine– It enhance body to produce nitric oxide that expands the blood vessels and makes blood flow better. It improves low blood pressure and hence providing man an increased amount of sex drive.
  • Ginseng– This herb is used for treating erectile dysfunction but it also increases blood flow to penis and makes man achieve full erection and last longer. It has proved to increase libido and harder erection.
  • Gingko– Gingko is also one of the essential herbs that help to boost blood flow to penis. It increases blood flow throughout the entire body by reducing heart attacks chances and also helps to improve weak erections and make to achieve longer erection.

Try natural supplements

Whatever ways are mentioned above are the best to make your love life enjoying by boosting blood flow for improved penis strength. Still some people face problem and they want to know the ways for increasing blood to penis?

Well, many natural supplements work effectively in providing better blood flow to penile region. Male Extra is a natural supplement in the form of pill, which fills your sex desire and helps you to achieve erection at high level and is a complete answer for those men who wants to know how to increase blood flow to penis.

This is made of many natural ingredients that are 100% effective and gives men the power to stay longer in bed by increasing erection strength and overall sexual performance.

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Consult a doctor

After following all the above mentioned ways, if you are still suffering from erectile dysfunction, low erection, Peyronies disease, not able to last longer in bed or some other unwanted conditions then I would suggest you to consult a doctor for better treatment because this is the last steps that you have to take.

You should never hesitate in speaking all the difficulties with your doctor and follow the instructions your doctor give you for better sexual performance. After all, you are struggling in your sexual life and doctors help will you to deal with the situation that can improve blood flow to penis.


So as per the above blog, I have guided you with lots of important ways to increase blood flow to penis naturally for improved penis strength. Unfortunately, some methods might take some time to show you better results but don’t forget, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

So just be patient and work regularly to get better result always.

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10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis For Improved Penis Strength & Erection
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10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis For Improved Penis Strength & Erection
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