VigRX Delay Spray Review – Your Secret Weapon To Last Longer In Bed!

Have you ever thought what can extend your pleasure and turn your sexual life into amazing? Have you ever tried to finish the way you want?

Don’t worry; we will guide you about it completely. Men always want to perform their sexual intercourse in an amazing way with their partners but how to double the confidence level, they don’t know?

But have you thought that you should also climax with your partner as men tend to come out quickly compared to their partners. What is that thing which can help you to maintain your ejaculation and your partner climaxes before you? Many men suffer from premature ejaculation due to which they suffer from quick ejaculation and they don’t have any control on them.

But now the thing has changed and you can experience a better sexual life with your partner with the help of VigRx Delay Spray. This is the only answer for all your questions which is not a secret but a powerful spray that boost your confidence level as per your wish.


What is VigRX Delay Spray?


VigRX Delay Spray comes out first to help men in their need. It is a male desensitizer spray which helps men to last longer in bed and is made by makers of VigRX Plus. This helps to increase pleasure and performance which you have never been to. It comprises of mild anesthetic to desensitize the nerves in penis.

There are millions of products that are used by men to increase their confidence level but somewhere they suffer. So many men also use sprays which help them to go long at the perfect time and among several sprays. This is desensitizer for males which consists of mild anesthetic that works to delay sexual performance and one can perform their sex without any interruption.


Who is it for?


You may think whether this spray is for everyone or not, but Vigrx Delay Spray is for those who really face problem while having sex as they cannot have control on their ejaculation. Even this can be used by anyone who have a confusion that they cannot satisfy their partner or either their partner is not sexually satisfied somewhere. So this spray is also for every young and adult man who just wants to fulfill their sexual dreams with their partners.


How it helps to achieve what you are looking for?


VigRX Delay Spray is one of the best sprays which can help men to achieve what they actually want in their sexual life. It has several benefits which are just amazing and some of them include:

It helps to delay orgasm

Fast-absorbing effect

Contains mild anesthetic

Reliable manufacturer

Special offers available

Has the ability to extend the pleasure

Can be used with condom and during oral sex

Works in just 10 minutes


What ingredients do VigRX Delay Spray use?


The ingredients this spray contains is natural which is a mild anesthetic called as benzocaine. This ingredient is added in the spry that makes men reach to the height of pleasure immediately. Another essential ingredient is Lodocaine which is also found in many other creams or gels. Though this spray does not contain this substance so you are assure with perfect sensitivity and desensitization.


Does VigRX Delay Spray works?


Many users just ask before using this spray whether it works or not? Well don’t worry because this spray works excellently without any issue. This is the product which has minimal side effects and it works according to your wish. Along with the use of this spray, if you do some exercises then it makes you perfect in the field.

So according to me, this product is one of the best which can be used by anyone and can make their sexual life better. So this spray really works for everyone and also it provide immediate results.


How VigRX Delay Spray works?


VigRx Delay Spray works by making sex longer. It uses benzocaine that is a mild desensitizer. When applied to penile tissue it becomes less sensitive. And this completely means your penis will move slow and steadily and this can increase the sexual pleasure for both partners. You will not ejaculate quickly and can enjoy the journey.

Many men don’t get enough pleasure which they want in spite they use several supplements. They don’t last longer in bed and come out quickly compared to their partners. But not this spray is designed in such a way where men can get maximum performance and can easily delay their orgasm and men can compete easily with their partners to climax at same time.

Ultimately everyone wants to know how to use this amazing spray? Just spray it to your penis and after that wait for 10 minutes. In between your skin will absorb completely and helps to last longer in bed. One thing to notice is while having sex; if you ejaculate early then you need to spray it again.

It completely depends on men because everyone is different and everyone doesn’t have same power or stamina. So there is no such rule how much you have spray, you understand yourself better. Those men who have interest in oral sex, this spray is for them also. Just be sure to clean with towel before you start the scene. Even condom can be used with this spray, but wear it after 10 minutes of spray.


Spray as directed and enjoy your sexual pleasure

Improve your stamina double or triple

Once the spray is applied, it almost takes 10 minutes to work and then boost performance and also improves your stamina. It works because of Benzocaine which make the nerves less responsive to stimuli. It completely helps to relax the penile membranes and after that which helps to last longer before ejaculation.

After stamina increased, sexual performance increases which is enjoyable for both partner. Using the spray, sexual intercourse will become strong and fulfilling.

Has an amazing sex

Benzocaine is often used in condoms which helps men to last long. So when it is sprayed and rubbed on skin then it provide even better and greater results. The spray work by enabling the every moments of play and it also helps to delay ejaculation which is yet another benefit to men. It comes to affect within 10 minutes and provide instant solution to last long in bed. Just needs to spray and you are ready to enjoy the moment as long as you want. With the use of this pray, your sex experience will be better for both partner.

Increase your sexual confidence

When you want to play with your partner sexually then you need to spray it that will give you sexual confidence. It will stop you from ejaculating soon and you can have a great sex with your partner. Both partner can sexually satisfy without any mood spoiling and both can enjoy the feel of love. It gives stamina to last longer in bed.

Prolong pleasure 

As it is known that after using the spray, penis becomes less sensitive so it helps to delay ejaculation easily. This spray is made in such a way where men can fully come up with their partners to enjoy the moment and they can get maximum pleasure.

Your penis will relax and this relaxation will give pleasure for longer time and your partner will be happy with the performance. Both partner can feel the relaxation and moreover, offering pleasure to your partner will also pleasure you.


Is VigRX Delay Spray right for you?


I think this product is right for you as well as everyone because it is in the form of spry but it works effectively for everyone.


Until you use the spray, you cannot imagine how it works and what benefit it provides. Those guys who have problems in their main part or have some kind of fear, for them Vigrx Delay Spray can completely help to get out of such situation. It provides imaginary results and also relationship status manages somewhere.

Never think that only you can satisfy with the use of this spray, but your partner will also sexually satisfied. This is because as you will last longer, she will also fulfill her pleasure and get fulfilling intercourse every time. This spray does not have any kind of side effects and so there is no need of any type of prescription to buy it. Use it today and give a try with your partner to see the sexual affect that VigRX Delay Spray provides.

Before & After of VigRX Delay Spray


VigRX spray is a male sexual enhancement which works for many men and everyone just wait for the results before using and after using. However its results are really effective as already stated and can be used by anyone. It helps men to remain in the bedroom for longer time and satisfy their partners. Some of the before and after of VigRX Delay Spray images are:



She was the first to notice the obvious change. Without any exaggeration, I feel and look as a completely different and new man.

From- Mark

Customer Support/Guarantee


Vigrx Delay Spray offers a 67 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

After you purchase the spray, you will get the quality which is mentioned. Not only it promises but also make men perform well in bed providing last longer ejaculation. Try this spray for 2 months and in between these two months, if you don’t get what it promises like delayed orgasm, hard rock erection and an amazing sex life then just return the product.

You will get the entire purchase refund minus shipping and handling. But after using it, you don’t have to return it as you will achieve the actual strength of fulfilling your partner.


VigRX Delay Spray offers


3 MONTH SUPPLY Regular Price: $149.85 ONE-TIME PURCHASE- $129.95 (SAVE $19.90)
6 MONTHS SUPPLY Regular Price: $299.70 ONE-TIME PURCHASE: $219.95 (SAVE $79.95)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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What if I want to return the product?
Do I need any kind of prescription to buy it?


Final verdict


If you suffer from premature ejaculation then it is obvious they you want to treat it immediately. But at the same time if you also get the way to increase your sexual pleasure then it is really better for those men who want to delay their sexual pleasure. VigRX Delay Spray is one of the essential sprays that really work effectively for males along with fast acting and instantly absorbing power. So this is the product which you should buy to have an excellent sexual life.

VigRX Delay Spray Review - Your Secret Weapon To Last Longer In Bed!
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