10 Common Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Common Sex Mistakes Men should Avoid

There is nothing like comfortable night with your partner and more pleasure when both have the same intention to love each other and to spend lovely hours between both.

But sometimes it seems that when the right time comes to enjoy with your partner, men makes some mistakes while having sex which needs to be improved for healthy love life.

Every people have different opinion regarding to have the best sex. People can have ideas of how to improve time in bed and therefore here in this article, we have mentioned some of the common mistakes men do while having sex and should be careful next time.

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Stop Doing These Mistakes While Sex

Hurting on her clitoris

After your partner opens her clothes, you have to be very careful at that time. After getting warm, your partner does not need any type of pressure on her clitoris and not even like if you putting your hand on her clitoris.

You should notice that she will guide you completely when she needs more pushing. Don’t just give her pressure, rather you can ask your partner for a favor in such situation.

Getting out after oral kisses

Never try to create such situation because this can be a spoil of mood and nothing else. If your partner is ready and has given you oral then just kiss her which she needs. Everything she will do as she went down on your one-eyed monster and so it’s time for you to kiss her. Well if you want to avoid such situation then you can kiss on her neck and should hold her tightly.

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Getting too aggressive

It does not matter a lot at the time of having sex that we talk vulgar or use fingers on her clitoris or just put pressure on her, having sex can make you feel comfortable when both partners are comfortable in the situation but it is seen that we become aggressive at some time.

But here it is important to hold the aggression back, for sometimes it may not matter but you should hold back the feeling on yourself and wait for the right time to blast.

Putting condoms at backwards

Many men just put condoms at backwards and perform sex simply without protection. This should be avoided because though you are brilliant in putting yourself at risk but you should also think of your partner safety.

Putting condom and having sex will not spoil her mood but having an unplanned pregnancy can really make the difference. So why should to do this even after knowing the result?

Making some strange noise while sex

If you have a habit of making noise while having sex then it can make your partner mood spoil and it should be avoided. Making strange noise can be harmful in your love life and can be distracting for both. Even it happens sometimes that you make noise but you don’t realize it and those people who having such problem should be careful.

Not trying for oral sex

Not trying for oral sex

At the time of first sex, women really don’t want you to go down on them but its better that you ask the thing and just check if they want it. The thing may be they want you to go down on them but they are afraid of saying the actual feeling. By asking her, she will be confirmed that you have interest on it and are excited about getting down on her inner regions.

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Avoid asking unnecessary questions

Many men ask questions related to sex after having it like how was she was feeling at time of sex or how was the sex? This questions can be really harmful for your sex life and your partner may run after listening such irritating questions.  You should just enjoy the sex and should feel great after having it and should hold her on your arms.

Stop sweating on her

Sometimes it happens that we men just work extra by putting extra load and making sure about getting off during a friendly encounter. This result to appear a lot of sweat. When we become aggressive and try to forcefully complete the job, it’s obvious that sweat will come and this may hamper the complete enjoyment. Though we try several sex positions moving from one after the other, your partner will come across the sweat as well.

Spend time with your partner after having sex

Spend time with your partner after having sex

Generally after having sex, men tries to go out of bedroom but you should stay with your partner and should not leave her alone soon after sex. Moving out of the bedroom is not the right thing to do. Spend some time with her for at least 5 to 10 minutes and if possible then stay with her until she goes to sleep and after that only move out from your bedroom.

Get influenced by watching porn

It’s a common thing we men watch lots of porn and many of us try the sex positions we see on porn with our partners. The positions seems easy but not becomes difficult while trying it and this may spoil her mood. Instead of having a satisfying sex, the sex time will turn into a horrible and irritating situation. So its better that you treat your partner as a lady and try sex that is comfortable for both.

How to increase sex time?

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Sex mistakes are common and many guys make it while trying their level best to satisfy their partner. Avoiding such thing to occur is one of the challenging things, but it should be done seriously so that you and your partner don’t have to spoil the mood in between. Take Male Extra which works best in such situations and give you extra power to have a satisfying sexual life.

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10 Common Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid
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10 Common Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid
Know about common sex mistakes that every men should avoid to make their sexual life happy and interesting. Some mistakes can lead a serious issue so better to know them
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