6 Oral Sex Tips For Women- Best Tips to Give Her Mind Blowing Oral Sex

Tips to Give Her Oral Sex to Blow Her Mind

Have you ever enjoyed with your partner orally? But have you really enjoyed the moment?

May be you have missed the opportunity and your magical moment just missed. Well, before that you should know what actually orals sex is.

Oral sex is an important part of foreplay and this can become more enjoying than that. Your tongue can play more exciting moment because it has the ability to give women toe-curling orgasms. Oral sex is one of the best way to raise her arousal level and after that decreases the pressure you to last longer during sex.

Well those guys who don’t know how to give oral sex to their women, for them this article will help you to know how to give oral sex properly and also help you to know what your partner likes and hopes you will do.

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Everyone is different

It becomes important to know that everyone is different and this is also essential to know what actually pleases women.

So, it is very important to know about your partner desires and after that just enjoy the process of getting to know each other. Generally it happens that girls love oral sex but don’t know which will please her.

Actually what requires from you is to know your partner what she loves and you need to do exactly. But remember not to repeat the process or style which you have heard from others. It may not harm you more if you start from whatever you know but if those does not works then you should go to the next process or move.

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Best tips on oral sex for women

Well here are some of the oral sex moves which men should follow to please their partners.

The comfort zone

One very important thing which you should notice is that if your partner is not relaxed then she cannot enjoy the moment. If you really want to make her enjoy the feel you going to give her then first make her comfortable. And once she knew that she is with the right guy who is not in a rush then the time will be just incredible.

Get her on perfect position

Your partner easily knows which position will be best suit her and if you want to give her more comfortable then you can put a pillow under her butt so that her pelvis lifts up and she can feel fantastic.

After that keep her knees wide because the wider she is, the opening will be more. Here it is also important that guy should be in comfortable position too.

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Tease With Your Tongue

One common thing which many guy can use and that is by using their tongue in oral sex. Many guys ask how to give a girl oral sex, for them this is one of the best way to satisfy your women.

Slight lick of the tongue from going up and down is good but if men licks her thighs first and after that slowly begins to move down then it increases the intensity.

Just keep your tongue flat and soft and then lick up the entire clitoris and vulva. This is important at the beginning because many times your partner may not be in a mood but this can bring rise in her.

Don’t rush oral sex

There are many guys who want to perform fast by licking the clitoris fast but this an make your partner mood off and you will get nothing in return. Rather you should go slowly and also important to go flatter and software with your tongue so that she can feel the sensation and if you are moving fast then you are just denying your girl. One should show their partner that her pleasure is important for them.

You should know that oral sex is a technique which can keep your partner turn on, bringing her arousal level up to yours and at the same time she can enjoy the sexual experience according to your wish. If you know what your partner needs then you can have a good time with your partner in bedroom.

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Start from top

Actually what you need in oral sex is to start slowly and nicely. First begin from kissing her lips, neck and then slowly move down her body unless you kiss her inner thighs.

Moreover try to make eye contact as much as possible and then make a good position in comfortable way so that you can press her breast from time to time. Basically the idea of all these is to turn her on before you start your oral sex. Little bit of teasing really works well and a lot teasing can be really a magic.

Build up gradually

While oral sex, if you begin to kiss and lick then better remember to work slowly from outside. This can make her more intense feeling and she can feel you are teasing her.

Even if you do much slowly then it creates much better orgasm for girls. There are many women who are very sensitive while touch especially when tongue performs the touch.

Therefore, begin gently and just know what your women wants. Never try to rush while licking her clitoris and when she is not in mood then move gently.

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Well mentioned above are some of the useful tips for oral sex which should be followed by men so that they can make her partner enjoy the every moment.

These foreplay tips to blow her mind will help those guys who have experience oral sex but not in good way. All you need is to be flexible, creative and responsive.

One thing to notice in your partner is that she will never tell what relaxes her most so here you have to think and apply the technique which would work for her. And at last when you know what works for her then don’t leave her and just focus on what you are doing until she reaches her orgasm.

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6 Oral Sex Tips For Women- Best Tips to Give Her Mind Blowing Oral Sex
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