Peyronies Disease Natural Treatment- A Complete Guide on How To Get Rid of Completely!

peyronies disease natural treatment

Have you ever come across Peyronies disease that completely destroys your sexual life? If the issue has come to you then obviously you will look forward to overcome the situation.

So today in this blog, I will guide you on Peyronie’s Disease natural treatment and will look for other ways as well which can help men to overcome peyronies disease completely.

But before we move to the Peyronies Disease treatment, let us look at few lines on peyronies disease.

Peyronies disease is also known as penis curvature in which your penis gets curved while erection and this formation occur due to fibrous tissue under the skin. This is really an uncommon disorder which usually occurs to men at the age of 40.

Due to this disease, there is lots of pain on the penis and even the penis becomes short while intercourse. Though there are several treatments available to peyronies disease which includes radiation therapy and surgery.

But these medications can be harmful for any one as surgery can lead to male impotence and therefore it should be done only when it is extremely required.

Generally the causes of such disease are unknown but some sort of symptoms is seen like injury in penis causing bleeding. But it has seen that maximum cases occur without any injury.

When such condition appears to men then they appears to be partially heritable. It is very important to know about the treatment for such disease and should watch it carefully by waiting some time.

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This is because there are many cases where the disease does not becomes severe as much it should be and so it does not cause much issue. The pain and erection problem decreases with time and also the bend penis comes in the original position. The treatment is very much important otherwise it can become severe which cannot be treated later.

Natural treatment would be the best to cure because anything made of natural elements are safe to use and it cures without having any type of side effects. There are certain herbs and supplements which really help to treat the disease and manage the condition.

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Some of the Peyronie’s Disease natural treatment includes:

Gotu Kola

gotu koalThis is known to decrease the problem which leads to the formation of fibrous tissue under the skin. With the use of Gotu Kola, you can manage the disease of peyronies and most importantly, it is found in many forms like tablet, capsule, and ointment form or in tincture.

Here the dosage completely depends on the age along with conditions of the patient. Though it can have some side effects and it can interact with cholesterol lowering and diabetes medications. So you should always consult to a doctor before taking gotu kola to treat the curved penis.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

l-carnitineIt is one of the nutrients which are found in certain foods like dairy products, avocado, red meat, peanut butter and wheat. Acetyl-L carnitine helps the body fat turn into energy and it is available in many pharmacies and that too without any prescription.

In one of the study, it has shown that carnitine are helpful in treating curved penis and is safer and effective than tamoxifen which is known to be very effective in treating such condition.

It has some common side effects like diarrhea and therefore before taking should consult to a doctor before consuming carnitine.

How often you should do this

You should take 1 gram tow time daily for three months or consult your doctor about the dosage of it

Why this works

Acetyl-L-carnitine is considered as more effective in dealing with all sort of issues like penile curvature. Its better to use it early to get rid of penis curvature.

Castor Oil

castor-oil1Castor oil treatment for peyronies disease is one of the helpful ways to get rid of the issue. The oil is extracted from the castor seed and this can be used directly to smooth the hard tissues in the penis and it can provide relief from the peyronies disease.

Safe to use this castor oil but it can have some common side effects like allergic reactions but very rare. The use of this oil should be used under the supervision of physician.

You might don’t know but castor oil is also used for peyronies disease. When it is applied on penis then it cures the disease and soft the hard tissue. This oil really works well and it can be called as castor oil for peyronies disease.

So all in whole, castor oil can cure premtaure ejaculation as well as peyronies disease and at the same time it can also cure other health diseases.

How to apply castor oil for peyronie’s disease

What you will need?

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of Castor oil
  • A cotton bandage

What you have to do

  • Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of castor oil on your hand
  • Ensure the oil you buy is a good brand
  • Apply the oil on penis especially on scar tissue and plaque spots
  • After that, put a cotton bandage on it

How often you should do this

You should apply this oil every night while you are on bed for better results

Why this works

Castor oil softens the hard tissues and works especially for sufferers. Almost it takes 12 weeks to show improvement and makes your penis straight. However, the result may vary from person to person. And it can take almost 2-3 weeks to show you the first difference on your penis.


bromelain1This is an enzyme and generally found in pineapple juice and its stem. By taking this prevents the fibrin to settle which is known as the main cause of thickening the fibrous connectivity tissue in penis.

What you have to do

  • Take 750gm of Bromelain
  • No other ingredient should be mixed with it

How often you should do this

It is instructed to take 750mg for three times a day in empty stomach

Why this works

It works effectively in curing bend penis because it is completely safe and don’t have side effects. Even if you want, you can consult to your doctor also.

Alternative Treatment option for peyronies disease

peyronies-deviceGenerally men are frustrated when they face such kind of diseases and in hurry decide to treat the peyronies disease by surgery process or radiation therapy.

In such situation you have to wait for some time and should work in cool mind. There are many other options available leaving surgery and radiation therapy. These ways are not much successful and very costly and wasting of time.

Best would be the use of Peyronies device which is especially made to cure curved penis. This is safe to use and don’t have any side effects. It works on penis by stretching the penis at which tiny tears are created in the tissue that produces the new cells in the space which is created after stretching the penis. These cells are permanent which reshape the penis by increasing the size of penis.

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Many men suffer from such penis curvature and this is very difficult to deal with. But here men should take preventive measures as soon they comes to know about the problem. Better option is to use the peyronies device mentioned in this blog. It is safe and effective. So don’t just wait and think, rather use it immediately to get rid of peyronies problem.

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Peyronies Disease Natural Treatment- A Complete Guide on How To Get Rid of Completely!
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