How to Increase Your Semen Production Naturally

increase semen naturallyDo you have low semen volume and do you want to increase semen production? If this is true with you then you are not alone in this field. You will get many men who have issues with semen volume and they think if they have increased level of semen then they could enjoy more powerful orgasms and produce and ejaculate larger semen volume. If you have more semen volume then there is no doubt you could able to enjoy more as it intensify orgasms and along with that, the sex will be more pleasurable for you as well as for your partner. It is common that all men want to enjoy sex and if they have more semen then it also helpful in increasing male fertility. In fact you will get lots of ways to increase your semen volume and that too naturally.

Some of the natural ways to boost your semen volume are mentioned below:

Exercise your legs

leg-exercisesWhole body workout is very effective for increasing testosterone production and also flow of blood on your body but the most important exercise is your leg workout as it is good for your semen production. Leg and thigh exercise enhance blood flow to genitals and testicles and if there will be more blood flow then there will be more supply of oxygen along with some other nutrients which is important for better semen production. Also instructed not to do cycling as this exercise can affect your semen production that can lead to sexual issue.

Drink more fluids

drink waterThe first and the most important thing that you should do are to drink more and more fluids through out the day. If there will be less water in your body then it can result in dehydration and it can totally affect your body fluids in which semen is also included. Therefore you should take lots of water and along with that, you must also consume fresh fruit juice. If you want to boost semen production then pineapple juice is known to be proven remedy. Moreover you should stay away from soft drinks, alcohol and coffee as they are meant to reduce semen volume.

Control Stress

control stressIf you are mentally disturbed and if you take stress in your life then it can have a bad effect on your body. Constant stress can increase your cortisol hormone in your body. Cortisol and male sex hormone testosterone does not mix up with each other. It means that if you have high cortisol then you will definetly have low testosterone level. This can lead to poor libido, low semen volume and also have sexual dysfunction.

In fact some of the best ways by which you can control your stress is meditation, yoga, prayer etc. Even deep breathing also helps you in relaxing stress. Even some natural herbs like ginseng are also known to be effective in decreasing stress and green tea also helpful to reduce stress and calm your nerves.

Try some natural semen pills

semenaxMoreover you should also try some natural enhancement pill which is helpful in increasing semen volume. Semen pills are made of natural ingredients which not only helsp to boost semen production but also improve overall sexual function. One of the best pill is Semenax which is very powerful and helps in increasing semen volume after using for few months. Even this can help to build your ejaculatory control. This pill is clinically proven and as it is made of natural supplements so it does not have any side effects. Even this semen pill is recommended by doctors too. Therefore if you wanty to increase your semen production then just use the Semenax pill as this can help you completely get rid of semen problem.

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