How does sleep affect your sex life?

less sleep affect sex lifePeople who have trouble while sleeping often develop elaborate routine over time. In study it has been found that men with poor sleeps patterns have significantly lower levels of testosterone which results in lack of sex drive. Reduced level of hormone can bring host of other negative consequences for young men who include reduced libido and poor reproduction. They fail to build enough strengthen through muscle mass and bone density which leads to low level of energy, poor concentration and fatigue. Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can hit the sack hard in another area like sex. Lack of sleep can affect libido or decrease interest in sex. Low testosterone levels are also linked to the metabolic syndrome which is a cluster of metabolic risk factors that boost the chances of developing heart disease, stroke and also diabetes. Less sleep can leave major and long lasting effects on hormone levels.

Combination of low energy and increased tension which is caused by lack of sleep is called “tense tiredness” that can also lead to sexual dysfunction. Those people who experience tense tiredness are too anxious to relax. Tension and anxiety are very basic to sexual dysfunction most of the time. It increases as energy decreases. It has been found that men who get less than 5 hours sleep a night for a week or longer, they suffer far less levels of testosterone comparatively to those who get good sleep at night. Low testosterone levels are associated with reduced wellbeing and vigour that may also appear as a consequence of sleep loss.

less sleepSleep loss can also make you quarrelsome and less able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Those men who have less sleep often report mood changes like increased irritability or frustration. This can lead to loss when interactions with children, spouses and friends. Less sleep duration and poor sleep quality are increasingly recognized as endocrine disrupters. Sleep is very beneficial for your overall health. Getting a good sleep at night can aid in memory recall, appreciation of loved ones and mental alertness.

When there is less sleep, it can lead to lethargy and an increased risk of certain diseases. Sex can be a great stress reducer but if you don’t have energy for it, then it can reduce your opportunities to unwind. In research it has been found that less sleep decreased testosterone levels by 10 to 15 percent. This is very big drop especially when you consider that testosterone levels in men decline naturally by only 1 percent a year as men ages. It means that if you lose your much needed sleep, you might be drastically and unnecessarily aging your sec life by as much as 10 to 15 percent. When men sleep less, they produce less testosterone. It has been proved that testosterone level plays a vital role in a man’s overall health like building health, muscle mass and bone density.

What to do when you get less sleep!

When you are not getting much sleep, then you can follow the below mentioned ways to get back on track:

  • Avoid eating at least two hours before bed
  • You should find a better solution as you can get better sleep at night.
  • Say no to caffeine like cola, coffee, chocolate, tea etc at least four hours before bed
  • Invest an eye mask if your room is not adequately dark. Always think about ear plugs if you somewhere with traffic noise or loud neighbors.
  • White noise machines can be very helpful in soothing you to sleep.

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