Foods that Increase Testosterone!

resized_happycouple1Testosterone is a hormone which is primarily produced in the testicles and it is associated with virility. The body produces testosterone in both men and in women to regulate body mass, work with other hormones and also control sex drive. In men testosterone is produced in the testes and it contributes to the distribution of fat and red blood cell production. In addition to sex drive, it helps to maintain strong bones, muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone level reaches to high level during adolescence and early adulthood and starts to decrease after the age of 30 at around 1% each year. Low level of testosterone can be caused by stress, obesity or due to bad diet and some other factors. This low level can causes changes in sexual function and also can cause depression and inability to concentrate.

Testosterone medications may be seemed to be the key to the youthful but testosterone therapy has risks. It can cause acne, limit sperm production, sleep apnea, encourage the development of an enlarged prostate and also stop your body from producing its own testosterone.

But you can increase your testosterone levels naturally through your diet. Some of the benefits of increasing your test levels will improvement in your body composition, increased libido, increased energy levels and improved sleep quality. Therefore men can boost their testosterone levels naturally by increasing their intake of some foods. They are:

oysters(1)Oysters– Oysters contain zinc which helps to increase testosterone, physical endurance, increases muscle growth and sperm production. Some other foods that are high in zinc are pumpkin seeds and chicken liver.


Garlic– Garlic is known to boosts testosterone when combined with a high protein diet for a month. It contains the chemical diallyl disulfide, which stimulates the body to release a hormone which spurs the production of testosterone.

Broccoli– If you increase the amount of cruciferous vegetables in your diet which contain broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, then it rids the body of excess estrogen which increases testosterone. It has been found that a component of cruciferous vegetables, increase the excretion of estradiol in men by 50 percent. Crucifers are also high in fiber that helps with weight control and losing weight can increase your body’s production of testosterone.

bananaBananas– Bananas boosts man’s libido which contain enzyme bromelain. They are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin that are essential for the development of testosterone.


Brazil nuts– These are high in magnesium which helps to raise testosterone levels. Brazil nuts can be beneficial to older man also who had low level of magnesium and thus had low level of testosterone than those men who have high magnesium levels.

eggs-stockEggs– Eggs are essential for optimal testosterone level as it contain vitamin D. It has been found that those men who have less vitamin D have low level of testosterone and higher level of estrogen than those who don’t have any such difficulty.

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