Is Your Current Lifestyle & Habits Effecting Your Sex Life?

Current Lifestyle & Habits Effecting Your Sex Life

Have you ever thought that drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or taking drugs can make a bad effect on your orgasm? Even more, have you ever experienced premature ejaculation while having sex? If no then be careful because you might think that drinking alcohol is beneficial but somewhere it is bad for health which many men don’t know and they fall in huge risk.

Generally alcohol is defined as a social lubricant which is known to make people talk to each other in easier way. This is true that many men take alcohol while they are talking to someone who are sexually interested. This is because they think that it has the ability to take pressure off the situation. However when you take alcohol then it can cause several damages to health which includes liver which if damaged then it leads to body’s inability to manufacture and distribute hormones. Even this can cause other damages that leads to impotence, testicular atrophy and sterility. Many thoughts are there like drinking alcohol increases the sexual hunger but at the same time it also stops the sexual performance. Though sometimes little bit does not affect much on health but excess drinking for long periods impacts a person’s ability to function properly.

How Alcohol aid premature ejaculation:

There are some misconception where many men thinks that drinking alcohol cures premature ejaculation. It helps to gain weight especially on belly area because alcohol consist of high amount of negative calorie and even a healthy men can perform sex in good way. But excess of everything is bad and here also implies the same thing where excess alcohol and drugs can leads to body weakness or tiredness. And all such conditions are not good for any men who want to perform good sexually. It is important to know that when man is sexually desired then enough blood flow is very much important to maintain an erection which drinking alcohol does not maintains. Due to this kidneys, liver and other part of body does not work properly which can lead to severe weakness and also stops in purifying the blood.

Alcoholic Men and Sex

Behind premature ejaculation, there are also some other diseases which includes erectile dysfunction and this is known as one of the common side effect which affect mental health, age and physical health. Man cannot maintain an erection as man’s ability decreases and many other like diabetes, depression, hypertension and anxiety diseases occurs in them. Alcohol can make men suffer from achieving erection and this is because alcohol stops blood vessels in penis from closing and the ability to remain in erect position. Those man who don’t drink, when they get sexual desire then their penis become erect as blood flows easily preventing back flow but long-lasting consuming of blood completely damages the blood vessels that along with penis create problems in penis also. Generally when men does not maintain erection strength then it is obvious that they are unable to perform well in bed with their partners and a bad effect on relationship occurs. This situation may depress many men and they drink more alcohol which can lead to more serious issue which seems not to be treated later.

Alcohol can mess up sex in several ways also

One thing man should know that damage can occur from many ways and they don’t even think how. It delay orgasms and also mess up with sex in lots of other ways too. As the level of alcohol increases, the brain stops working and at the same time the physical experience of sex is decreased. Due to its bad effect, even the genitals have less feeling and after drinking a lot, man select those things which is not required and sometimes put themselves in danger such as doing sex without using condom. Actually what happens is that drinking excessive makes a man less control in himself and your brain does not respond to all such situations and hence, you cannot act as a normal man.

Enduring effects of alcohol on sex

You might think that drinking alcohol affect only for that time but this is completely wrong and its effect is much long. Drinking too much increases blood sugar, estrogen levels and cortisol level as well. Because of this, your body will gain weight and blood vessels gets damaged causing premature heart diseases and erectile difficulties and it can lead to high risk of health like cancer or breast and prostate cancer. Therefore it is a complete knowledge about what affect can alcohol leads to when it comes to health and so it’s better not to drink anything which can damage your sexual health. Stop drinking daily if you are habituated otherwise later on it would really create a huge risk for life. Stay away from anything which put pressure on your body and your sexual life can become hell.

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