51 Best Ways to Spice up Your Love Life


Sex is one of the important part of life which almost everyone enjoy and want to do it exciting with satisfying moment. But in a long term relationship, the long term can get little bit dull. After finding every day a new adventure, somewhere in their life they feel that there is no extra to do in the bedroom and the signs comes like people have becomes bored with their sexual life to just become tired after working long hours and don’t have energy to summon up. But you as a couple should take initiative to make your sex life enjoyable along with your partner just to keep the relationship buzzing.

Well here are the best 101 ways to boost your sexual life where each step will take you through simple logical ways important to achieve sensual bliss and affectionate between you and your partner. Once you follow the steps, your sex life will move quickly to a joyous intensity which many people dream of.

  1. Create the right environment

This is the first section which tells you about how to create the best environment for intimate love play. This can be done by playing music and mood lightening and moreover you will get further instructions where you can get ways to mood up your love life. This can help you get enlightened in your love life and importantly you will have great sex.

  1. Reminder of naughty calendars

This is also one of the interesting factor which can boost your love life. You can set up alarm reminders on your partner’s phone which will pop-up a naughty messages while they are at work. This can help you as well as your partner for sexual intercourse and your life will become interesting.

  1. Surprise her by giving flowers and cook meal for her

You can make your boring days more excited by buying her bunch of flowers and making a meal for her. This will attract her towards you and your lazy Sunday will become amazing. You can set up popcorn along with drinks and set up everything before her favorite program begins. Both you can serve the breakfast in bed to her and your day will start with an amazing start. Furthermore if you really want to get into the mood then throw some sexy lingerie what wicked things you want to do with her.


  1. Erotic positions

You can talk about sex positions with your partner if you want to get up in the mood. This is not about the exercises but some of the best positions which guarantees you to create amazing new sensations. This can bring a much needed variety to your love life and will become more interesting.

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  1. Communicate

When lovemaking invokes an action images then communication is very important. It becomes very essential to share what you think about your partner and what is going on your mind. Due to this reason after several years, the couples are still in a thought about what is the thought of their partners about the ultimate sex and pleasure. Everything goes on guessing and what should have happened five years before might not get now also. Therefore communication is very important to share what is going on each one’s mind and should make your love life better.

  1. Don’t watch TV at time of love play

If you want your love life happy then don’t put your TV in the bedroom. Or if you have then remove the TV and its remote, by doing this your partner will be your entertainment and both of them can spend time. What you need is her attention and not allowing her to watch her favorite programs. Everything depends on you and you should do it seriously.

  1. Give each other a pet name

Many of them call each other with some pet name like baby or boo but if you have a nickname then it represents you both only and this gives an extra laugh. Even studies have shown that calling your partner with a nickname is a sign of strong relationship. Though others don’t know what it affects but if it means to you then it really matters a lot and in a positive way.


  1. Give a day to your sex

Just decide one day to give your whole time to your partner. Switch off your phone and even don’t check your email. Just stay in bed all day at your home or rent a hotel room. This will surely help you to get rid of all worries and tensions of office work and you will enjoy your life with your partner, only thinking of each other bodies and having sex enjoyable.

  1. Make a touching date

Make yourself free one night and after having dinner, take off your clothes after going to bed leaving your underwear. Just make some list of touch like massage with fingertips, kiss with lips, squeeze, scratch, tickle, kiss with eyelashes etc. Then move your first step and one by one begin your move to touch each other. One important thing is to avoid having sex or touching the skin beneath underwear. You can skip some of the lists but make sure you don’t do sex, only little massage on the entire body.

  1. Do your house work in nude position

One thing which can make your partner attract towards you is by doing your work in nude positions and your clothes will also not get dirty. This will help you in the sense that your partner can admire you while doing some other work like dusting or doing dishes.

  1. Try for a showy interest

You should try to look for your partner when she is showy to you, means she wants to show you something which can attract you towards her, even your partner can walk past the lounge in dressing gown or getting braless when she see you might help you to make your love life more enjoyable. Her quick flesh can indicate her mood and can attract you so you should always be attentive.

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  1. Anticipation

When you leave for work then give your partner a kiss and just keep quiet when she whisper something on your ear. This anticipation will make you excited at office and you will be in hurry to reach home. You can even call her in between office hour and tell that you will come ASAP to have a romantic night. Intimate her about your occurrence so that she can get excited to have you in the evening and can spent awesome night with you.

  1. Put your six pack into the table

While you have your dinner, you can spread your dinner by taking her hand on to your stomach by clearing about your six pack. Though you might don’t have abs of steel but you can clear her the picture. Doing this can help you to make her mood and your partner will take interest, making your love life more awesome and enjoyable.

  1. Make a special treat

One common thing which you can do to attract your partner is by giving her a special treat. Surprise her with her favorite foods of childhood or the snacks which you both have shared in the first date or something that reminds her your love. Though she is in a diet but there is always a little room for some snack to go inside and you can offer her. This will help you a lot thinking about the two of you and it will be an awesome time for both.


  1. Bet on card games or on board

Betting on some games will help you surely to make your love life more interesting. It is always the best thing when you have to lose something. Make the game little bit interesting by declaring prizes such as the loser will be a slave for a day or have to do what the winner want or has to provide a three hour massage.

  1. Turn basketball into a contact sport

You can play together with your partner and there is a saying for couples “those couples who play together, they stay together”. So there is no harm in trying playing games with your partner. While playing you can rub your partners butt against you when she is trying to steal the ball or you can give her a kiss while she tries to shoot. This will help you a lot in making your love life better and interesting.

  1. Have fun

You should make your life full of fun by fulfilling things together or by doing some leisure activities which you and partner enjoy. You can take a glass of wine or can read books together which can make you both feel passionate. If you are not sure where to go outside for date or to spend time then laughter is a great medicine to make each other happy and enjoying. Spend some time with your partner and make your love life better without any worry.

  1. Buy a new pillow, not for looks

You can buy a new pillow and this should not for looks but for use. Place it under back or at booty which can give you a sexual experience. Due to this the angle of body changes which allow for different sensations which you love and this will make both partner close to love happen.

  1. Take a spontaneous vacation

You should go for a spontaneous vacation which means without planning, go outside and enjoy. After you finish the work on Friday night, just grasp the time and drive. Search for some best motel according to you after reaching the destination and it will be more funny and interesting if you decide to sleep in the card as this will give you the real feel of adventure.

  1. You can conquer the stuff once

Many man know that if their partner tries to push the elevator button then it make some sense which becomes important for man. Many of them have experienced this and they have seen the difference. If this is done by your partner then think that she wants something which can make both of you to love and come close. Just keep silent at the time and don’t spoil the mood, only watch what happens.

  1. Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset can be one of the ways to make your love life more interesting. Go for hiking on a mountain or if you can’t go to mountain the climb a small hill and take your partner along with you with a blanket and a chilled bottle of favorite wine. Sit there and have a good time spent as this can give an extra benefit of love making and spicing your love life.


  1. Read the body language

You may not know but partner may admire you for some reason and what she feels is little bit different from you. So if you want your partner look at you then you can make her attract by well dressing up, straightening your tie, your shirt, pulling your socks, pulling your sport coat into alignment and try to look good for her. Try these for few days and you will see that your partner will come close and you will feel the she is in you.

  1. Play the role of photographer

Take a camera of best quality and make your partner stand similar to a model and then shoot a photos of her. Direct her how to stand as other models do and say as she takes interest in you. Your partner should follow exactly you say and this can help you to come closer to your partner.

  1. Know your kissing types

You may know that there are 7 types of kisses and each of them have different meaning. If you kiss her on lips then it simply means passion or “I love you” or “I want to date you”. If you take it quickly then by touching one another’s lips then it simply implies friendship. Due to this, kisses play an important role in understanding between both partners.

  1. Have a water fight

When the weather is too hot then water fight is one of the best way to cool down. It does not matter whether you are in wrestling with garden hose or in a sniper mode, by doing this you will have a few laughs and according to the experts, laughing is really helpful in one’s sex life.

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  1. Share yourself for a better sex life

There are many couples who just want to have a great erotic life with a deep emotional bond. They want to enjoy both of these pleasures and with the same person. So you should stop worrying or thinking less about lingerie and think more about revealing yourself.

  1. Never take assumptions

You may know that everybody respond is different from each other. So never assume that your partner can do exactly you have seen others to do. May be you like the move but your partner does not like and this can spoil the mood. But some moves are there which your partner like and she always want the same move from now. So when you are doing something, it’s better that you ask her how she feels, what does she needs today.


  1. You can leave your shoes on

Getting to bed with shoes wearing can make you and your partner little bit saucy and makes the mood. Even your partner wear high heels and gets into the bed then it will look really sexy as her legs will look longer and also good for attracting. This move can really make both couples happy and really spice your love.

  1. Phone sex

Though phone sex is not so a good thing but when you both partners are not at the same place or cannot spend time together then this is the best option. But before dialing the number, make sure you dial the correct number and then ask the old-age question which can really matter a lot to your partner.

  1. Leave a trial of chocolates

You can try several ways to make your love life interesting. Instead of trying breadcrumbs that leads to Hansel and Gretel back home, you should try to give some rose petals or some chocolates which can make a good impression and your partner can attract towards you.

  1. Give her chills

If you want your love to have some extra flavor then get some ice-cubes into bed. Just hold a single ice cube and trace it on all sensitive parts of her body or you can put the ice cube on her mouth while foreplay until it gets melted. This cool sensation really helps to heighten the pleasure, make her wake up and her mind will be in a mood. Add some extra ice chips to return the flavor.

  1. Show affection against each other

You should never limit your love expression only when you are about to have sex. But you should show her how much you are attracted by showing a little bit extra factor. When you are outside, hold her hands, touch her thighs, kiss her and give a nice hug. This is really helpful because the more affection you show her outside, the more sexual connection between both partners will become stronger and also easier to lead in the bedroom.

  1. Locations, locations & locations

Try to show your love where you have not done normally. This can be helpful if both of you change the place and visit those place which you have not yet gone and try to have sex at those places. This will be more fun and enjoying and if you are not going outside then make some changes in the bedroom or in different parts of your home. If you make the place odder then more excitement you will have.

  1. Show how much you love her

One important thing which almost every man wants is that they want to show their partner how much they love her and in fact want to know how much they are loved by their partners. Let her know how much desire you have for her by texting her some naughty texts and what you wish to do when you reach home from office. Messaging her in random time will really feel her excited and she will be in a mood waiting for you to come.

  1. Add some props in the mix

You can spice your love life by experimenting with different tools like whips, handcuffs or whipped cream. There is no need to go outside if it looks too threatening. You can both ask each other about what type of tools you want like to have in the bedroom. Discuss among each other and make it little bit more personal.

  1. Wake her with a kiss

When you wake up in the morning, let your partner also wake up along with you but make her morning more enjoying and exciting by kissing her. Don’t put alarm to wake her up instead give a sweet kiss. By doing this, your partner will feel happy and an automatic smile will dial up on her face.


  1. Make up secret language

The way you talk to your partner or a language that you speak with her may bore her so try some other way and do a secret language talk or with funny code words. This way of communicating with each other can really make a difference and even this language will help you when you want to escape a party and want to spend lonely time.

  1. Go berry picking

This step is cheap but its fun and this is one of the old fashioned romance which one should love to do it. Select the berries and eat while picking, feed each other and make a pie together with those ones which you don’t scoff on way home.

  1. Relax

If you are not relaxed then it can really affect your sex life. Stress is one of the factor that can spoil your mood and your sex life can be ruined via both physical and psychological means. Everyone don’t have the same life to enjoy but steps can be taken to make the mood. So if you are not relaxed then make your evening enjoy with music, have a sensual massage and take a couple of bath.

  1. Make it emotional

If men speaks to a women in romantic way then it can really good for relationship and many women just want this type of method because this is a part of sexual arousal. Men as grew old, the sweetness decreases and therefore it should be maintained to get a healthy love life. If you feel something better for your partner then tell her as this can help your partner to feel desired and this will increase the passion against each other.

  1. It’s nice to be nice

You should always take to your partner in such a way so that she can get you what you want, means she can understand you in better way as passion begins with the way you start to talk. Its common that many couples just forget the ‘special feeling’ word when they get busy in their life but if you want to keep your love life exciting then it’s very important to keep each other more exciting and desired.

  1. Get in the shape

If you want your partner to satisfy then you should also have good muscles as sex is bodily function. If your health is good then you can perform well in bed rather than those who don’t have good health. Cardiovascular health is especially important and therefore its poor condition affect the health. Even having high cholesterol can lead to erectile dysfunction so if you don’t have good muscles then go out for gym and practice for better health.

  1. Stroke the ego

If you are complementing your partner like ‘you are too hot’ then there is no harm in that. Just say anything which can make her attractive towards you and make them feel they nothing is best than her and many times it is true. Everyone in this world wants to be loved and so if you want to make your love life more interesting then don’t get shy and continue complementing your partner.


  1. Adds a new sex position

Having sex with same person, you start to develop a way. Go for some other sex positions which includes doggy, cowgirl, missionary etc. In fact the order is also exactly this only. If you are bored about the same position every time then try some other position as your partner will also love the way you do sex and both of them will enjoy and one step ahead of making your love life interesting.

  1. Visit to a toy shop

Find some time and go on for shopping to an adult store and purchase some interesting toys for your partner which she loves. You can get lots of such as furry handcuffs, blindfolds etc which can really make your night dazzling and your will spice up your love life.

  1. Dirty talk

This topic has no end and you can take it to a high level which completely depends up to you. There are some couples who gets bored with these types of talk but there are also some who take interest in this activity. Don’t be shy or afraid in talking dirty because words has the power to be erotic and stimulating. So just go on and you may get few words which can leave you and your partner extraordinarily inflamed.

  1. Plan for a date night

Though you have in a relationship but it completely neglects that you cannot have date nights. You can go outside for movie, have dinner or can visit to a concert. Do something extra which your partner loves to do and that is the way you can build memories and can make your relationship strong.

  1. Don’t live in each other’s pocket

Yes, this is extremely important to love your partner and should spend time with each other. But just think that if you are always with your partner then how can she miss you or make her love more exciting. So it is essential to maintain your uniqueness.

  1. Have a quickie

You should wind up something without any plan at once. May be your partner is busy in washing the dishes and your kids are outside playing in the garden then juts grab the time and drag your partner into the bathroom and do your evil way with her before kids assume you have disappeared.


  1. Get saucy

One thing you can do very easily is to sprinkle warm sauce with raspberry topping and add some lashings of whipped cream just for late night bedroom desert. This can help you to make your love night more interesting, though in this process something might get messy as you will use old sheets which you don’t care often.

  1. Say five good things about your partner

Try to give your partner at least five complements every day. Stop arguing or complaining about anything which you don’t like and try some positive thoughts about your partner and tell them. This can be anything like appearance or some tasks which she has done very well. Doing this regularly will surely help you make your love more spicy and exciting.


Just forget what you have done till yesterday and try to follow the above mentioned steps from today if you have never try to make your love life interesting. Not all but following some of them will definitely help you to boost your sex life and there will be a huge difference from now onwards.


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