5 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands to Satisfy your Partner

5 sexiest thing to do with hands

Do you remember when were you felt sexually advanced from now?

Well I think many men don’t remember that time but men always want to enjoy their sex life with their partner without any problem.

It is now time for every man to bring their hands back into the bedroom to make their sexual life more enjoyable. Hands can do lots of work in creating sensuality. Actually women want to be teased and in this situation hands will help more to build the intensity.

Well men should know that what hands can do, penis cannot do that and therefore men should use their hands to make some moves to make their partner desire.

Here in this blog, we will discuss about best 5 things to do with your hands which can really make your partner happy. So follow them carefully that are mentioned and make your partner full of desire.

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5 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands

Spread her lips

spread her lips

While oral sex, tongue plays an important role and adding your hands with it will be more beneficial at that time. If you spread her lips with your finger then it would feel her more exposed. If the level of vulnerability is more, than it can lead to height the excitement which is really exciting for many women.

In fact you should show all your sexual tools so that your partner can know you are going down and this will make her relax. If you are going to interact with her more then it seems that you will enjoy yourself more. Moreover, you can grab her and can give her a quick squeeze and this is known to be one of the best ways to connect romantically.

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Stimulate her during sex

Stimulate her during sex

It is very depressed to hear that only a quarter of women climax from intercourse alone and that too continuously. Therefore why should you not use your hands at this time?

In one of the study, 71 percent of women who had orgasm while last encounter stated that they have combined manual stimulation with intercourse. The natural sex positions which make her off is spooning and therefore try to access her genital from the front.

This position would help you more as it focused less on thrusting, bodies are super close and the amount of work is minimal. This can make you to establish a rhythm while stimulating her.

Trace her body

trace her body

Imagine that you are an artist and you are drawing on your partner’s body with your finger. By doing this, her body gets focusing on sensation. Touch her every body parts starting from her lips, her breast, thighs and everywhere which can make her feel sexual.

Try to make your fingers contact her skin but lightly. At last you can touch her nipples and clitoris and after that slowly approach her hot spots. While touching her clitoris, don’t touch it directly, instead outline her clitoris.

By doing this will really intensify the experience. Touching these body parts of her will really make her uncomfortable and there will be no anticipation.

Hold her face while kissing

Hold her face while kissing her

Generally men kiss their partners but actually they don’t kiss in that way which would make her feels more comfortable. Men kiss with their tongue but it is not all about tongue but it is also about touch.

If you hold her face while kissing then it shows that you are completely engaged on that work. While kissing, using your hands will be more memorable for her and will be a nice experience and pulling her in and kissing will be safer for her.

If you touch her while having kiss then it can make her feel that you are skilled into the sack and remember that women read more about kiss then you do.

Play with her hair during oral

Play with her hair during oral

When your partner is going down then don’t just feel relax but try to please her by playing with her hair. Women really like when their hair is brushed or touched by men as they can feel connecting experience.

It’s simple to understand that when you run your fingers through her follicles then it can make her experience more mutual and seems that both partners are in action.

…Well all these are some of the sexiest things to do with your hands. These can really make your partner satisfy and you too. But at the same time, men need to focus on staying engage with their partner for long. Here is the actual problem seen in many.

When men tend to sexual satisfy their partner, they miss the moment and they ejaculate without enjoying too much. Here you need to be aware of this condition and you should follow some best way to last longer with your partner.

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Many things are there to satisfy your partner but men lack all such things that are really important. Hands are those tools that can really make the moment enjoying and satisfying. I hope whatever I have mentioned in this blog about how hands can fulfill the sexiest things will help you to please your partner.

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5 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands to Satisfy your Partner
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5 Sexiest Things to Do with Your Hands to Satisfy your Partner
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