5 Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction!

facts-erectile-dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is an unfortunate condition which affects most men and they experience some form of erectile dysfunction at some point over the course of their lives. This disease can lead to many psychological issues as well as plain old embarrassment and because of these men who experience this conditions look for effective ways to solve their problem. Erectile dysfunction occurs due to many reasons. This disease may result from vascular disease, diabetes, neurological disease or the result of prostate related treatments or surgeries.

Symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is generally called as male impotence which maintains penile erections sufficient for intercourse. This disease can also be a symptom of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and both of them can impair blood supply to penis. Besides, there are many medications like those which are prescribed for high blood pressure and mental health conditions also can interfere with sexual functioning. Some of them which can play a major role are cocaine, tobacco, stimulants and alcohol. There are ways to treat whether you have erectile dysfunction or you are hoping to side step this condition, you should try the mentioned below steps for better health and better sex life.

5 natural ways by which you can treat erectile dysfunction:

walkingStart walking– According to the latest study, it has been found that by walking just 30 minutes a day, 41% drop in risk for erectile dysfunction. Some other research found that doing exercise can help to restore sexual performance in middle aged men with erectile dysfunction.

Pay attention to your vascular health– You should always pay attention to your health because high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides can damage arteries in the heart which cause heart attack, damage in the brain which causes stroke and also lead to the penis which causes erectile dysfunction. Therefore you should have a regular check up with doctor to find out whether your vascular system like brain, heart and penis is in good shape or it need to tune up as life style changes or it needs medications.

Eat right– Eating a diet which is rich in fruit, whole grains, vegetables and fisheat right with few red and processed meat can decrease the disease of erectile dysfunction. Chronic deficiency in vitamin B12 may lead to erectile dysfunction so for those who absorb B12 poorly, for them daily multivitamin and fortified foods will be the best.

Get slim and stay slim as size matters– Your size matters a lot so you should get slim and should stay slim because trim waistline is good defense. Those men who have 42 inch waist have 50% chances of having erectile dysfunction than those who have 32 inch waist. Getting to healthy weight and staying that health is good strategy for avoiding erectile dysfunction. Two major causes of ED are rising of vascular disease and diabetes and also excess of fat can also be the reason for ED.

Moving of muscle– Moving of muscles is important but not moving your biceps. Strong pelvic floor enhances rigidity during erections which helps you to keep blood from leaving the penis. Three months of Kegel exercise can strengthen these muscles. Losing weight, taking limit alcohol or quitting smoking will work better than just advice on life style changes.

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