10 Natural Ways to Maintain Longer Erection She Can’t Resist

10 Natural Ways to Maintain Longer Erection She Can't Resist

Are you struggling to maintain longer erection or erection hard?

Thinking how to stay erect for longer while having sex with partner in bed? 

This is a common question which many men ask themselves.

Talking about erection, it is a funny thing which many of them know and many of them don’t. But men always wants to hold their erection level so that can have a satisfying sexual life.

But do you think that all men have sufficient erection level or strength and they don’t suffer in their sexual activity? Don’t put pressure on your mind thinking about the erection level but read further to know about it.

Why men suffer to maintain longer erection

It was found in research that almost 40% of total male population fail to maintain longer their erection level.

The reason behind this cause is many that leads to the situation. However still man don’t care and always want to have a successful sex with their partner. But in reality, they completely fails to please their partners and themselves too.

Because of failure, many men loses their self-confidence and ego and they cannot get the perfect solution. This problem can occur to men at any stage and men has to suffer to fulfill the sexual need.

This is known as erectile dysfunction where men are unable to maintain longer erection. You should also read Knowing These 5 Exercises Will Help you To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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How to get rid of low erection

Man are always in confusion about how to maintain an erection so that they can have a satisfying night with their partner.

However when men don’t achieve erection then their partner can better know about it. This is because men don’t get any way to get attracted to their partners. The problem is not with their partners but with themselves.

Men should never get depressed about what they problem they are facing related to their sexual health. This is especially for those men who always to make their partner sexually satisfy but unfortunately due to several health problem, they suffer in between.

One should try out to get out of the situation because nowadays lots of ways are available that can help men to treat their disease.

How to keep penile erection for a long time

Did you know that there are numerous natural ways to keep bigger, longer and stronger erections and which your women always dream of?

If you don’t know then learn here about how to hold erection longer naturally.

There are many natural ways to stay erect longer and it might shock many men. Natural ways does not require any medical prescription neither it works with any creams.

This can be easily found if men wish to get it. Before going for any decision, it is important to understand your own body that helps to eliminate the main causes of erectile dysfunction and provide you long term power for sexual function.

However, maintaining erection is one of the toughest thing which almost many men tries to keep but they somewhere fail to do so and therefore it is important to find out some best ways to hold your erection for longer time.

The main thing which one should know about is the reasons why penis is not becoming erect?

When discussed about using natural ways then men ask how to keep erect for long time naturally.

You should know that if your penis is in good health then your sex life would really be interesting, therefore if you are not taking care of your health then your sex life might suffer. Read here Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better? – Advantages of Having A Normal Penis.

In fact erection issue can be due to several factors like medical condition, poor eating habits, and medications or due to lack of exercises.

Even psychological problems like anxiety or insecurity also affect erection and so it will better that you get a checkup from urologist just to make sure you don’t have any medical condition.

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In fact changing some daily habit can really change the life style of men and they can have a good sexual life. These changes are really important and the best 10 are mentioned below.

Now you don’t have to go anywhere in search of how to stay erect naturally as everything is mentioned in this blog for you.

Don’t stop but read below to know what are the way by which you can easily maintain your erection level and also can help you to have an awesome sexual life?

These tips can increase the erection and it comes in handy in advance when you want to have sex because these tips will inform you in advance and well prepared.

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Natural ways to Keep an erection which you partner dream

Eat Well


Healthy diet is really essential for everyone.

If you have healthy diet then you can easily last longer in bed. Better read 5 ways to last longer in bed!

Eating much does not help you to gain extra energy for sex so it’s better that you avoid having heavy meals and focus on those foods which are good for health like heart, low cholesterol, lots of healthy fats along with those foods which are part of Mediterranean diet.

You should take eggs, nuts, garlic, onions, bananas are some of the best foods which are helpful in keeping your erection stronger and longer.

Also recommended not to eat junk foods because they consists of sugar, salt which are not useful for erection. So better to avoid such foods which can spoil your love life.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and assumption of alcohol somewhere defects human body and it also affect sexual life.

Drinking too much and smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction and also to note that those men suffering from ED, they tend to smoke more compared to those who easily hold their erection.

Taking these damages the lining of blood vessels along with your penis.

If you are taking small amount of alcohol, it can also affect quality of erections and swell prostate.

Smoking can damage the blood circulation which can result in less capacity of lungs and excess drinking of alcohol can entirely numb your system which in result can lead to impotence.

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Avoid stress

Stress in life can be disastrous and so it should be avoided as much as you can.

If something happened in past and you are still thinking of it then it can interrupt your love life. In this condition though your body is normal but your mind is disturbed and you have a chance to lose erection.

Stress can really affect nervous system and makes the blood vessels less responsive.

Stress damages almost the main part of body and reduces interest in sex.

If anxiety is high then it damages your erection and can lead to cholesterol and high blood pressure and this can also lead to heart disease.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercise is really important for everyone and doing abdominal exercises really help to hold your erection compared to belly.

Doing exercises daily can increase erection level and helps to stay erect naturally. This way is proved already and should not forget to do exercise daily. You can go through Best Exercises for Having Better Sex Life!

If you have good health and body in good shape then it will make you feel good and make your confidence level high.

You will feel comfortable with your body and have interest in sex and at the same time you will have increased sex drive. In the same time, you can work out for your penis and give a rise to it by doing kegel exercise.


Limit Your Sensitivity to Go Longer

If you want to go longer in your bed then you have do something extra which can help you.

For that you have to limit your sensitivity by wearing a condom while having sex. Many times wearing condoms can bother you so you can wear thin condoms.

And if you don’t have interest in wearing condom then you should aim on other things while having sex.

Just think some other thing when you think that you are losing your control.

This will help you to last longer and your ejaculation will be stopped and you will not lose your erection.

But one thing to add is that you should wear condoms while having sex and don’t avoid it. Only avoid when you and your partners both are committed to each other.

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Brush your teeth

It is obvious that everyone brushes their teeth daily but scientists have got a direct connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction.

It is known that gum disease is linked with heart problems and have a chance to mess with proper blood flow and proper dental hygiene can save future boner.

So if you don’t brush your teeth daily then stay it from today as it can have a bad impact on sexual health and later on it can be increase which will become difficult to treat.

Get positioned properly

While having sex, positioning in right position will help you to last longer in bed and will increase the erection size.

You should take advantage of gravity as being on top of your lady will give you high blood flow which lead to better erection.

Try to set a position to your partner at the end of bed with leg hanging over and this helps you to stand while you enter her.

Even trying doggy style helps to increase blood flow to penis and also helps in achieving stronger erection. But performing sex, you can warm up by choosing oral sex. Go through Tips to Give Her Oral Sex to Blow Her Mind.

Don’t Masturbate Too Often

Masturbating too often may harm you and if you get anytime not to masturbate then you should follow it. But the fact is that many men does the same thing.

You should have self-control on yourself and this power everyone should have. Many men masturbate daily but here it is important how you masturbate.

This things can really trouble you at the time of sex. So it’s better that you stop masturbating too often and focus on some other work.

And why to masturbate? Save something for your partner so that you can give her an interesting and pleasurable sex at night.

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Get enough sleep

Due to several work pressure, you might not get enough sleep but you should know that this can harm your sexual life.

Poor sleep and stress can have a bad impact on erection quality.

Sleeping less can decrease the flow of hormones (Testosterone) which manage sex drive and sexual potency. And testosterone can only be increased when you take deep sleep at night. Know how to Increase Testosterone with Exercise and Nutrition

So try to sleep for longer time as it will help you to be in good health position. It also provides healthy blood flow to penis, hence provide harder erection.

get enough sleep

Minimize laptop usage

Laptops are beneficial in doling office work and some other project work.

But do you know that using laptop for many hours can affect your sex life?

Yes this is true, using laptop for many hours keeping it on your lap can really harm your sexual life. The heat that you get from your laptop may harm your sperm count and also erection.

Therefore it would be better that you put your laptop on desk and after that do your work.

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Getting stronger and longer erection is a dream for many men nowadays. But nothing to worry now as you are guided with some of the best ways which can help you to last longer in bed by keeping erection level naturally.

Besides all these ways, you will get several pill or supplements. These will provide the same benefits and in fact faster way than natural ways.

These pills or supplements provide results within one weeks to months or more. They help to increase stamina, erectile dysfunction, low libido problem and many more.

All in whole, here you will get the best way to maintain erection level which will not only build your confidence but also your little part will be ready for performing anytime whenever you want without any fail.

10 Natural Ways to Maintain Longer Erection She Can't Resist
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