10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis

increase blood flow to penis

Are you facing low blood flow to penis and want to increase blood flow to penis naturally?

Don’t know how to boost flow of blood to penis?

Don’t worry, just read further to know more.

Generally when men ages, their erection level decreases and they cannot get enough erection strength. However this is one of the major problem that men get. Though men try out lots of ways to boost it but unfortunately they fail.

How blood flow to penis?

You should know that cavernous artery’s blood flow regulates erection strength because it is the main part of penis. The problem occurs when blood flow get narrowed while producing erection.

You should know that your heart pumps blood flow for long time whenever brain sends signal. So if blood pressure is normal and if blood flows to penis without any issue then obviously your sex life will become happy.

But when you face problem in blood flow then going through natural ways to increase blood flow to penis will surely help. However several methods are available that can help you to boost blood flow to penis.

Natural ways are instructed because they are the best ways to cure any health problem. However in this blog you will get 10 ways by which blood flow will increase and your sex life will become awesome.

Increase Blood Flow to Penis Naturally

Diet and Weight Loss

Diet and Weight Loss

If you are overweight then it can be a serious problem or your sexual life. Obesity can damage interest in sex as it lowers erection strength and it is seen in many guys. So before thinking of how to enjoy sexual life, think of how to maintain your body well. Eat good foods to keep your body in good shape and should treat your body with respect.

ImportantFoods to Increase Your Penis Size and Erection Strength
Penile Exercises


Penile exercises are really very much effective because it strengthens kegel muscles and corpora cavernosa. If these becomes stronger and bigger then it will become easy for penile arteries to dilate and helps to achieve erection.

Some of the penile exercises which includes are kegel exercises, jelqs and stretching which are proved to be effective in many ways. But performing these exercises without professional guidance can be harmful. So better would be to consult a doctor before doing such exercises.

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increase-physical-activityIncrease physical activity

Physically maintain your body does not means that you have to go for a gym and work hard there but it means that you should keep your body in perfect shape by doing some of the daily habits like going for a walk, sit ups and push-ups everyday once a while. If you are engaged in any cardiovascular activities that is enough and some of them includes running, jogging, cycling, skipping etc. Perform this exercise for 30 minutes every day and your body will be fit and at the same time high amount of blood will flow to penis, hence eliminating erection problem completely.

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Penile Massages


Doing penile massages is helpful in boosting blood flow to penis. It only requires your hand instead of using any other technique. Well some of the best ways to do it are:

  • Don’t be rough with your main part and be gentle
  • Try some milking motion and move to mild stretching
  • Can use a massage oil to prevent any sort of skin irritation
  • Try to do it in warm bath or shower that will help to accelerate blood supply
Stress Management


Chronic anxiety and stress not only harm your body by causing high blood pressure but also affect testosterone level. So managing stress level completely depends on you because it is a key factor which is completely on your control to increase blood flow to penis.

Well some ways are helpful in getting rid of such stress level like spending time in garden, doing meditation or playing with your kids etc.

People are so buy in their life and work that they don’t get enough time to relax which leads to high stress and this should be avoided so that when you are in bed, you can have a havoc on your sex life and satisfy your partner.

Reduce salt intake


Everyday your body needs 2300 mg of sodium in minimum amount. This helps to keep the body in balanced position. However this amount is easily achieved in our daily home cooked foods that we eat.

But actually the problem arises when you depend on chips, frozen meals, soups etc. All these foods have high amount of sodium and when high amount of sodium gets into your body then your kidney comes at risk. And if this continued the kidney becomes helpless to bear the load and hence fluid retention starts abnormally in body.

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Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

It is always instructed not take alcohol or tobacco as these have negative effects in body. Tobacco decreases the blood flow by contracting the blood vessels. By this way a person who smokes does not achieve erection as non-smoker achieve.

You should also know that prescribed medicine also have bad effect on health so taking herbal drugs is really beneficial and more importantly, it would work easily when you consult your doctor once before taking any drugs. Avoiding alcohol intake and tobacco use, your blood flow will increase to penis and your sex life will be happy.

Try Herbal Remedies


Well boosting blood flow to penis can work by taking herbal remedies. There are several herbal ingredients which can work effectively for maintaining god maintained body. Some of them includes:

  • L-Arginine– It enhance body to produce nitric oxide that expands the blood vessels and makes blood flow better. It improves low blood pressure and hence providing man an increased amount of sex drive.
  • Ginseng– This herb is used for treating erectile dysfunction but it also increases blood flow to penis and makes man achieve full erection and last longer. It has proved to increase libido and harder erection.
  • Gingko– Gingko is also one of the essential herb that helps to boost blood flow to penis. It increases blood flow throughout the entire body by reducing heart attacks chances and also helps to improve weak erections and make  to achieve longer erection.
Enjoy the Sunshine

Everyone has a hormone named as melatonin that makes people insensible. In fact it also decreases the interest of sex and so it becomes important to maintain this melatonin level.

Going outside from home and sitting in sun is a great way to manage the level and also essential to get some sun in winter. By doing this, the melatonin level will decrease and interest for sex will rise up.

Take Vitamin Supplements


If you feel weak then it can cause bad effect on your health. However by taking some good supplements like ginseng and vitamin B12 can help you out of the situation.

Taking these supplements make you stronger and at the same time you will have more confident and your sexual life will be better. If all these methods don’t work then take some L-arginine based supplements such as MaleExtra which naturally fill your sex desire and helps you to achieve erection at high level.

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Well everyone wants to have enough blood flow to penis but with proper way. If something goes wrong then it can be risky for sexual life. So whenever men face problem with their sexual parts, they first think how to cure it or if the problem is with penis then how to increase blood flow in penis.

Though there are lots of ways which can help men to come out of the situation but going for natural ways to increases blood flow will really make the difference. So it will better to treat low blood flow to penis naturally.

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10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis
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10 Best Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Penis
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